Sticks and Stones

         After listening to some of Santos Bonacci’s work (whom I happily recommend) I, Lorenzo, had a huge heart opening and then an epiphany on what we share in the paper and how we share it.   To be brief, my interactions with people, who for one reason or another have misunderstood what we’ve tried to communicate with words, images and ideas, have underlined for me how absolutely ‘wrong’ it is to do anything in anger. I’m of course including myself in that pile.   A bit of a no-brainer for some, but when you are truly passionate or otherwise immersed in a reality you find yourself defending, a perspective outside that point of awareness often seems to threaten that very reality we find ourselves defending. And around and around we go.

As I understand it everyone is having their own personal challenges with life, love and identity, be they man, woman or somehow caught in-between, with each doing their best to direct themselves towards that essential inner transformation calling to them from their own centre. Sure we’ve all heard it plenty of times before: anger is fear and pain expressed, and there’s usually a reason for it and healing crying out to happen. We have been through a fair share of it ourselves as loving people who cannot stand idly by while they or others suffer around them.

And so I empathize with how some folks might feel hurt after having found a ‘friend’ with the New Agora, who then later ‘betrayed’ them (even if not true as that crazy voice in their head tells them) by saying, or portraying through the paper that somehow they are ‘wrong’, or ‘no good’, or somehow not worthy or deserving of love. I know. I’ve got the same voice in my head. We’ve all been there many times, whether it was a truthful perception at the time or just an imagined one on our part, it hurt, lots and lots. What could be more sensitive then one’s very own identity?

So be careful of labels. To heck with them! After all, none of them fit your magnificence nor can contain your totality. You are your own creation

And to be clear: we love all our readers. We feel each one participating along with this endeavor of ours that we share together and are proud of the company.

We intend is Freedom, with Truth as our guide, and the experiential knowledge that Love is who and what we really are. The rest is mere artifice.

Lorenzo & Fredalupe! 

Letters to the Editor

Good morning Fred,  

I recently picked up a copy of your April edition of The New Agora   from our local library.

When I got home and had more time to flip through the articles, I was impressed with what you and your team are doing! Then I closed your paper and put it on my lap. I started to examine the front cover. I immediately saw that you were trying to portray a “bad” side and a “good” side, or health, unhealthy, or “right, wrong”…then the transgender human caught my eye…and started to wonder why were they on the bad, unhealthy, wrong side?

What was the idea or vision behind this cover?

Sincerely,  Rachel Dunn

Good morning Rachel!

I’m glad you enjoyed the paper. Whereas your question is concerned probably best to ask the artist himself as he is the creator of that particular cover. His contact info is in the paper and online.

My take on it is a little beyond the obvious and fun juxtaposition and duality of the painting. Whereas the well documented tampering and manipulation of the human species (endocrine and hormonal disruption and general disgenic (eugenic) pollutants, as well as social and cultural engineering programs, etc., it’s a long, long list) is concerned, however, I see it falling squarely in the not so great for humanity pile. It seems to me that the ‘idea and vision behind this cover’ is fairly straightforward.

There’s a great and constant distraction away from the very real and present dangers facing all the peoples of the earth. While so much attention is purposely focused on accepting the human situation as it is, little is left to question why this situation is as we find it, with even less left to do anything about it.

Us all hurtling together in an untenable direction following someone else’s insane and inhuman agenda ain’t my cup of tea no matter how much lipstick, panties and lace you dress it up in.

I’ve known so many troubled people in my life and though it’s perfectly human and quite admirable to make the best of a bad situation, I feel we can do so much better for ourselves and each other that one must wonder and hopefully question why we aren’t all at it, already. I know I am and have been doing so for as long as I care to remember. How about you?

Thanks again for asking questions and writing me and of course for reading the paper.

Also my name is Fredalupe, not Fred. Good name for a swaybacked horse, not so much for a flamboyant bon vivant!

Sincerely, Fredalupe!

Robert David wrote:

I read the paper and often get a few extras to hand out to friends. I handed it out to a gay friend who gave it back because of the pic of the man in the dress on the side with the pharmacy. Is the New Agora homophobic? It would appear so. Anyways, I’m sure you lost a few readers with that. Just sayin.


Hi Bobby!

The New Agora isn’t homophobic. Just because there’s an unhealthy looking man in an ugly dress and silly shoes doesn’t mean that that person specifically represents homosexual folks. Why would it? Heavens. Possibly the person in the image is representative of folks who just can’t dress well, have bad taste and don’t like to stay fit?

There’s so much literature and studies done on endocrine disruptors, genetic manipulation through GMOS, insane vaccinations, the huge drop in human fertility and the rest of the pollutants playing havoc with all the natural systems on the Earth (including us) that I wonder why folks don’t naturally jump to that conclusion instead? Possibly it’s because they’ve been socially engineered not to see what’s plainly in front of them and above them, inside them, and so on. Perhaps your friend might want to read the paper instead of just judging us from his or her own lack of information and particular bias?

I personally feel compassion for every human being on the planet, and all the rest of the living beings too. I also couldn’t care less where anyone puts their privates, as long as it’s welcome there. Basing your entire identity on where that might be seems unhealthy to me and somewhat forced and strange and entirely suspicious of someone else’ agenda. However when an incredibly evil civilization purposefully warps all life to suit their transhuman (anti-human, anti-life) plan causing untold harm and devastation to innocents everywhere then I do have something to say. We print powerful articles about Fukushima and geoengineering and get no responses. We share what we know about the catastrophic decline in male fertility and tremendous rise in infant mortality on the west coast due to radiation of all kinds: no one lets out a peep. Throw in a funny fellow in a dress and then everyone’s talking. Show a woman’s nipple same thing. Outrage, offense, revolution! It’d be sad if it weren’t so funny. Losing a few readers from oversensitivity and plain silliness is going to happen, I suppose. Everyone losing their happiness, health and lives to ignorance is far worse. Just sayin.

Thanks for taking the time to write me.

Cheers, Fredalupe!

In conclusion, and as Lorenzo and I offer a perfect example, we’re in it together whether we like it or not, through good times and the other kind. Truthfully, we’re all in it together, making of this shared world of ours what we can. Here respect is the perfect guide. Best to remember that we are created from love regardless of what our imagined and real differences seem to say in this society of painfully polarized and perplexed people.

I feel quite different myself and have since first arriving here. How wonderful! How terribly lonely at times. Yet how wonderful! C’est la vie, mes amies. Strange and mysterious, just like us.

So let’s not allow that old saw of divide and conquer to mess up our harmony. We have far more in common with each other then we can ever be convinced otherwise, I say.  Drop offense for the childishness it is. Dare to be your authentic self. Brave past the mundane, the square, the artificial. Toss it all over your shoulder. Be simply free.

Love, Fredalupe!

The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.Maximilien Robespierre