Tomorrow’s Bloom Today

“The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were.” – John Keats.

What do you say to that folks?

The conclusion that nothing short of a complete shift in paradigms for humanity is what’s called for to ‘save the day’ is continually reaffirmed for me whenever I interact with any and all human beings, myself included.

We’ve been bred, brought up and conditioned to accept, and thereafter embody and propagate, the world views, perspectives, beliefs, judgments and other thought forms, concretized and abstract, that pen us into a perceptual enclosure from which there is no escape. That’s not to say we can’t be free, only that freedom, being antithetical itself to the system is of course disallowed by that matrix of control presently dominating and feeding off of human consciousness.

In other words, as has often been quoted, one cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. Nor can we change things by fighting the existing reality: To change something, we build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. Thank you Einstein and Buckminster Fuller respectively.

We are surrounded by examples of tremendous human creativity and inspiration following those exact principles mentioned above. We have within ourselves not only the exact same creative power and potential to transform ever facet of our realities, but have, alongside the very real duty to do so, a life or death choice facing us to either continue along the officially and institutionally sanctioned – government approved – socially engineered- path of degenerative artificiality and separation: where you, yours and everything else are property, product and resource of whatever statist or religious cult you presently bend over for…or we could come up with something better ourselves.

Humanity has accepted and agreed to the Paradigm of War as its way of being alive, relating and doing business amongst ourselves and everything else around and inside of us. Even a cursory examination of the deeds and state of Mankind proves this rather obvious statement. The omnicidal approach, method and philosophy of so called ‘modern man’ is highly suspect, completely contrary to intelligence itself, and antithetical to not only Life, as a cooperative experience that perpetually generates abundance, joy and harmony for those that participate in the experience (as though that weren’t enough), but to Creation itself. That’s quite something to war against, not too smart as there really is no way to come out the winner: don’t believe the hype.

I’ve written about this theme in most of my editorials, and it’s the topic of the majority of my conversations with people outside of this forum as well: where first the unconscious beliefs folks (mine included) have used to construct their reality are brought to the surface for revelation and examination, and then, so empowered, the possibility that we begin to claim authorship over that very terrain becomes manifest beyond mere potential into actualization through the very effort of creating that awareness from its absence. This is a very real discipline and modality for effective personal evolution. I practice it and it works.

And yet most prefer their bondage to indulgence, their slavery to the propaganda of state sponsored security, their bottom feeding blindness to all that exist above. They seem only too happy to continually murder their authentic selves for their own thirty pieces of silver, their raped piece of Mother Earth’s pie: a mother who offers Her abundance freely, whom we have been convinced to perpetually war against.


Evolution is not what we’ve been led to believe. Darwin was a diseased loon. In many ways it’s survival of the most cooperative. And although Life goes far beyond mere survival (survival being a War Paradigm term, and meme, intended to infect consciousness with fear, and its conveniently concurrent belief in the myth of scarcity), in our present situation the reality of survival applies only too well. You get what you intend after all. Yet still our natural instincts of self-preservation are for the most part quiet, subdued, co-opted by the force-fed nonsense of our civilization and our own endless folly.

We have only to look to Nature for example, its beauty and interconnectedness, it’s majesty and mystery, to realize how far we have fallen off the Path of Heart, how far we are from the garden of our own Eden, and how to return to our own natural greatness.

Waste is not natural. And so let us today continue to use our past as the fertilizer for tomorrow’s bloom, allowing for and encouraging our growth together, in joy and harmony with all of Life.

What do you say to that folks?