Until We Are All Free

By now, gentle reader, you’ve surely seen the heading that accompanies The New Agora banner. The bold and challenging statement “Elect to Govern Yourself”. Alongside of it reads “Leading The Print media Evolution”.

By the later we are underlining the simple fact that while most media has been compromised by the kinds of powers that do not have everyone’s best interest at heart, we at the NewAgora are making a bridge from those that do to those that will it to be so.

By the first we offer a surprisingly simple and powerfully effective truth that not only brings to light exactly what ails the present state of humanity, but also what heals that most sorry condition. When asked what on earth we are talking about I usually prefer to leave it to the reader themselves to figure it out, trusting in that reader, their understanding, their intelligence, their courage of spirit, their innate desire to be free, to lead them to their own potent conclusions. In this day and age that’s a pretty tall order. Often times, the conversation that ensues following the question of what it means to elect to govern oneself usually, but not always, goes along certain common lines: the fear of a world without the imposed force of an outside ‘government’, and the fear of not continuing to pay into that same, so often proven, criminal ‘government’.

Personally, I find the very idea of being governed (ruled, steered) insulting. Make no mistake, what governments are about is control. Control, control, control, and unless you enjoy living life with a collar around your neck chained to someone else’s ideas and beliefs, regardless of their merit or worth, regardless of your conscious consent or agreement, regardless of your intelligence or maturity, regardless of your feelings or humanity, regardless of theirs, you are putting someone else above you on a pedestal made of your own submission. This makes you a slave: a willing, compliant, obedient slave.

All the pontificating and justifying and crying about the wolves in the night doesn’t detract from the simple proof mocking you before your very eyes for all to sees without a shadow of a doubt: such a system, based neither on love nor justice nor natural law simply does not work. Corruption is everywhere, everywhere! Government as we now know it is nothing more than a legalized mafia, with the threat of violence it’s only so called power. Those same wolves, of whom we are warned and supposedly protected from, are actually running the show, and they are gleefully feasting on the lives of our children, our brothers, our sisters, our fathers and mothers. Those same predators have convinced their prey (that’s us) that they know best; and with dumbstruck nodding of our heads, with our signing on the dotted line without reading the fine print, we have placed our fates into their bloody taloned hands. Legal and by the book, by hook and by crook, they’ve ‘governed’ us right into a hell of our own making, a prison cell of our own shaping.

We’ve been bought and sold for so long we’ve even adopted their way of thinking, of consuming our own Mother after raping her for all she’s worth. We’ve given our consent to be fleeced, our agreement to be led to the slaughter. All the while they ridicule us in our gullible stupidity, in our pathetic quivering folly. Buyer beware we are told. Buyer Beware. Truer words not often spoken.

Let’s face it: humanity is infested with a parasitical form of ‘life’. It is everywhere in our so-called culture. It is in fact that very same culture of which we speak. Our obsessions prove it. Our habits prove it. Our ‘government’ proves it. Our insanity, everyone out for themselves mentality, proves it. Our desperate, selfish, separate, lives prove it. Our diseases, our cancers, our disbelief, proves it.

Humanity, true, loving, creative, abundant, each one gloriously different from the next, proves something else entirely. We, the truth of our hearts, put the lie to our present reality. We are in truth a loving people. We are in truth antithetical to war, famine, greed and all the rest of that long exhausting list of so called ‘human frailties’ we have been conditioned to believe is our true heritage; that very list is the same one that coincidentally we need to be guarded from by the strong arm of ‘government’ and it’s attendant thuggery called police. It’s true that in this present day many of us have been infected with the same psychopathy prevalent in the ruling class, be it through the social programming of every media and scholastic institution that they fund or outrightly own, or their manipulation of resources that keeps opportunity scarce, or just them making evil fashionable. It’s also true that the decades of genetic interference that the human family has endured through the fouling of our waters, air, and food stocks, alongside of the ever present pollution of every facet of our life here on earth, has seemingly stacked the deck in favour of our imminent extinction, or at the very least of our lobotomized compliance with our so called ‘masters’ designs.

And yet here we still are, speaking with one another, joining together with Truth as our guide in this New Agora we are building together, an agora constructed of awareness, unafraid of the incredible challenge of opening our eyes to see through the lies, the masks, the veils covering our greatness. This is the perfect time to rise up of our knees, and become the hero unchained, together invincible. This is the perfect scene for our entry into the play set before us since birth, unafraid and eager to wield change as the instrument of our own deliverance, to accept the power and responsibility of electing to govern ourselves into a world of freedom and joy. This is the perfect moment for you to be; to smile that special smile reserved for the righteous, knowing that our happy destiny is unavoidable, and that all this, all these years of unimaginable suffering and terrifying toil have brought us all together, no longer separate and alone, together with a unity of purpose. Your happiness is my own, I am you and you are me, and I will not rest until we are all free.


In Lak’ech Ala K’in