10 Current Trends of Operation Coronavirus as of October 2021






  • THE STORY: Operation Coronavirus continues to be played out worldwide, as people choose principle over paycheck by quitting their jobs and doctors find synthetic lifeforms in the COVID vax.
  • THE IMPLICATIONS: These COVID trends show the unmistakable pattern of advancing tyranny. Now is the time for humanity to rise up to stop the permanent implementation of control infrastructure.


COVID trends October 21

10 COVID trends in October 2021 include people quitting over expanding vax mandates and doctors finding synthetic lifeforms in the vax.




Here are the latest COVID trends,

following on from 10 COVID trends in August 2021 and 10 COVID trends September 2021. The situation is escalating as the NWO (New World Order) agenda plays itself out in a predictable fashion, step by step. Governments around the world, especially those of the English-speaking nations of the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, are suspiciously desperate to get every single citizen vaxxed – including the vulnerable such as children – no matter what it takes and no matter how much they have to bribe, blackmail, cajole and coerce the public. It is a time where the surreal has become real, where long-established legal and cultural traditions are being trampled underfoot. It is a time of out-of-control governments and disempowered people. It is a time where every single person must decide whether he or she prefers conformity, social approval and (in some cases) a paycheck, or whether he or she prefers freedom regardless of the price. Here are the latest scamdemic patterns and COVID trends.

COVID Trend #1: Implementation of Control Infrastructure Continues

To those with open eyes, it has long been patently obvious that the COVID scamdemic was an elaborate and clever ruse to usher in a control infrastructure that is intended to be permanent. Why would ruling bodies, from Canada to Israel to France, from California to New York, invest so much in vaccine certificates or passports with digital QR codes, if this were temporary? Why would Australia invest so much in building COVID quarantine camps for “ongoing operations” if this were temporary? Why would Canada invest so much in COVID isolating centers if this were temporary? Why would Victorian premier ‘Dictator Dan’ Andrews let slip he’s very happy for the Mickleham quarantine center for the “next pandemic”?

This is designed to permanent!

The structure of a future Orwellian surveillance state is being assembled. It is incredible that some people are still so asleep that they literally cannot see the architecture of control that is being rapidly constructed right here, right now, under their noses.


COVID Trend #2: Unvaccinated People Banned from Supermarkets and Grocery Shopping

Arch NWO insider and war criminal Henry Kissinger once said, “who controls the food supply controls the people.” The agenda of control is advancing methodically. First the carrot, then the stick, then the whip. The NWO controllers know that the idea is to eventually target people’s ability to obtain and/or grow their own food. They know that people may ignore their unlawful edicts and mandates, but only if they can remain independent. If they make people dependent on them for money and food, then compliance becomes far more widespread. A key goal in the ultimate agenda is to make it impossible for the unvaccinated to live a normal life, including getting food, so that then they cave in and get the shot. It was only a matter of time before they introduced this, however as with many things, they are trying it out in a few places first to test the public reaction. Earlier this year a mayor in the Philippines tried to stop the unvaccinated from getting food (and recently their tyrannical leader Duterte threatened to arrest those refusing the vax, as well as suggested vaxxing people in their sleep).

However, this is the first time to my knowledge that a rich Western nation has tried this. There is now a law in Hesse (a state in Germany) that allows all businesses, even supermarkets, to ban unvaxxed customers, even for groceries and other essentials.


COVID Vaccine Life Form


COVID vax contents

Numerous COVID vax contents have been discovered which resemble synthetic substances or lifeforms.

COVID Trend #3: Numerous Independent Doctors Find Nanotech & Synthetic Lifeforms in COVID Fake-Vaccines

The horrific contents of the COVID fake-vaccine, whether Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson, is starting to be exposed by doctors and scientists around the world via microscopy analysis. The photographic evidence is stunning. Whether it’s graphene, PEG, nanometals and parasites, or luminescent nano superconductors, or self-assembling nanobots, or tentacled creatures, anyone can now see what is in these witches’ brews. The transhumanistic world of nanotech and synthetic lifeforms is here.

COVID Trend #4: Millions of People Quit or Get Fired, Leading to Systemic Staff and Supply Shortages

This one is a natural corollary of a COVID trend I pointed out earlier – the firing of many workers to create intentional understaffing. Some such as James Corbett have referred to it with language such as the “controlled demolition of the economy” which brings to mind the 9/11 false flag op, but this time played out in the worldwide economic arena. There are literally millions of people, in the US and Australia, quitting their jobs or allowing themselves to be sacked – everyone from 9/11 responders to heath workers to firemen to policemen.

When the NWO controllers orchestrate a scenario to terminate people en masse, not only does it put stress on those that have lost their jobs, and not only does it put stress on those businesses and organizations to run properly and meet customer demand, but also destroys the smooth functioning of the worldwide supply chain and economy, leading to generalized chaos around the world.


Staff shortages, stock shortages, supply shortages – all by design. The scheme is to create such disruption, stress, suffering and panic that people more willingly accept The Great Reset in all its forms, whether that be mask mandates, vaccine mandates, vaccine certificates/passports, biometric IDs, carbon allowances, climate lockdowns, internet lockdowns (cyber pandemic) and more.

The carrot/stick approach of blaming the unvaccinated is again being used as US Treasury Deputy Secretary Wally Adeyemo said that shortages will continue until everyone is vaxxed.

COVID Trend #5: Vaccine Mandates Expand (Including Eliminating Tests)

Another obvious trend is the expansion of vaccine mandates. Canada decided to lead the way in tyranny by forcing a vax mandate on all federal workers, plus all travelers over the age of 12 on plane, train or ship. California put a vax mandate on all its state workers and all its prison workers (although that was temporarily put on hold by a judge).

Part of this COVID trend is the elimination of the testing option – which was always planned. They roll out a new system, wait for the pushback, tell people “it’s not so bad, because if you don’t want to get vaxxed, you can always get tested” then quietly get rid of the that option. It’s the same pattern of control where government programs are first voluntary then mandatory – the frog-in-the-boiling-pot tactic or as David Icke calls it the Totalitarian Tiptoe.

COVID Trend #6: Tyranny Against the Unvaccinated Escalates

The NWO manipulators are attempting to make the unvaccinated the new untouchable caste. Recently, a Canadian town banned unvaccinated couples from getting married while Colorado State University threatened to arrest unvaccinated enrolled students if they set foot on campus.

Australia takes the cake again though. In the Northern Territory, a large state-like region in the north of Australia that contains the city Darwin, workers face $5,000 fines if they refuse the jab.

COVID Trend #7: Are Planes Making Emergency Landings or Crashing, Due to Out-of-Control Vaxxed Pilots?

This COVID trend is more in the speculative realm and requires more investigation, but nonetheless we must ask the question: are vaxxed pilots developing impaired judgement from the COVID vax which is causing them to mishandle the plane midflight? Stew Peters reported that a vaxxed Delta pilot died in flight, and that an emergency landing was required. Check out this embedded video below also:


COVID Trend #8: Lawsuits Start to Mount

Fortunately, there some people who have found their intestinal fortitude and have started to push back. A group of federal workers has sued the Biden Admin; among other arguments the lawsuit includes an appeal to religious exemptions and to natural immunity (vs. vaccine-acquired immunity). Many military groups are also filing suits against the US Federal Government too (for example here). Although this is a good sign, it is unwise to put too much faith in the Judicial Branch to reign in the Executive Branch; after all, this is literally asking the government to reign in the government. Some judges are deeply programmed with scamdemic propaganda, such as this judge who prevented a father from visiting his daughterunless he got vaxxed. Other judges remember inherent rights, such as this judge who ruled that New York must allow religious exemptions in its healthcare worker vaccine mandate.

COVID Trend #9: Texas Becomes Hotspot for Vax Mandate Battle

Texas has become a hotspot for the COVID vax mandate, and the wider freedom vs. tyranny, battle. Southwest Airlines is headquartered in Dallas and recently got a swathe of bad publicity due to its mendacity over the real reason for its cancelled flights (the pilot/worker walkout over the vax mandate). Although initially Southwest said it would force the vax on its employees, its CEO just backed down and stated he will not fire employees who refuse to get vaxxed. Texas State Governor Abbott issued an executive order prohibiting vaccine mandates by any entity (with the hope of it becoming law) so the legal battle will hinge on whether the State or the Feds have jurisdiction (time to read the 10th Amendment if you haven’t already done so). ZeroHedge reports that there is chaos in Texas as employees who were fired for refusing to get vaxxed demand their jobs back.

COVID Trend #10: Taiwan Media Reports COVID Vax Deaths Outnumber COVID Deaths

Those paying attention to all the COVID vaccine side effects (blood clots, Bell’s Palsy, Guillain Barre syndrome, convulsions, seizures, heavy and irregular menstruation, infertility and sterility, autoimmune disease, spinal cord inflammation, brain inflammation, heart inflammation, loss of muscle control, paralysis, stroke, heart attack, permanent RNA/DNA genetic modification, becoming magnetic and death) know that for some time the COVID vax has been causing more death than any fatalities attributed to COVID itself. Just look at the shockingly large increase of deaths due to abnormal mystery causes since the COVID vaccinations began. Nonetheless, it was stilll surprising that this Taiwanese media outlet announced that deaths following vaccination exceeded the COVID death total.

Final Thoughts

The NWO agenda, amplied via the COVID plandemic, is being played out worldwide in a calculated and methodical fashion. These COVID trends plus the others I have highlighted from previous months show the scamdemic patterns. It is up to all of us to stay informed and aware of this advancing agenda. Although it may be disheartening to see the rate at which the agenda is being cemented in place, remember that the NWO is no match for an aware, determined group of people standing in their power and refusing to comply with tyranny.


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