112 Kids Get Wrong COVID Vaccine + 21 Studies Proving Vaccine Mandates Not Science-Based + More


Every Friday, VAERS publicizes vaccine injury reports received as of a specified date.
Two children in Texas were mistakenly given adult COVID vaccine dosage.


Since 2019, more than 320 toxic substances have been detected in U.S. drinking water systems.

immy Dore discussed the recent bombshell report in The BMJ on Pfizer’s Phase 3 COVID vaccine trial.
Kim Iversen discussed recent inaccurate reporting surrounding court rulings on vaccine mandates, and also broke down how the U.S. Supreme Court might rule on the issue.


Individuals should decide whether to get the vaccine based on their own assessment of risks in consultation with informed medical professionals.
Why is all-cause mortality higher in 2021?

Austria to Put Millions of Unvaccinated People in COVID Lockdown + More


Thousands of Double-Jabbed Over 50s Have Died From COVID in the Last 4 Weeks​​​​​​


Community Corner: Watch Footage of Worldwide Walkouts


Children ‘Bathing in Radiation’ at Schools, Experts Say. Here’s What Parents Can Do.​​​​​​



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