The Ultimate Art Of Letting Go

by Jan Kasparec


I would like this edition to be special. Let it be a Prayer. A good-bye letter to all that we lived through and that does not serve us anymore, so we release it with Gratitude and Grace.


I wish you the Merriest Christmas and end of the year season ever!

2019 has been a challenging year for many. For me, it has probably been THE most challenging year of my life, emotionally, perhaps with exception of my first year in the army. But back then I was 19 and I could take beating after beating and still keep the fresh foolishness of my youth pumping hope in my injured heart. I knew that one fine day I will leave that hole behind and all my tormentors in the cemetery of past that I won’t ever go back to. Now I’m 40 and as I reflect on the roller-coaster year that almost passed, I can’t help but say:  what an amazing opportunity for growth!

Letting go of someone you truly love is much harder than being hated on, beaten and abused, at least for me. Only pure heart that loves unconditionally can do that and still shine. I am still a humble student of such great virtue.

I want today’s newsletter to be special. It is the last newsletter of 2019 after all. I would like this edition to be a Prayer. A good-bye letter to all that we lived through and that does not serve us anymore, so we release it with Gratitude and Grace.


“Shaman- Inner Fire.” Many celestial portals are open now until beginning of January, take advantage of it and set your intentions for a bright future! May this special time of the year be filled with appreciation for all we have, for all the people we love, including those who left us, and for each and every breath on this luminous human journey.💙 And may you find the courage within to be the shaman who faces and transforms the inner demons rather than blaming them to the outside world and people in it. Nothing but LIGHT at the other side, that much I can testify. Love you all. Be BLESSED 💚



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The 2019 Good-bye Love Letter

To every challenge I encounter, I thank you. I recognize the opportunity for growth and I willingly take it, knowing that all obstacles on my path are divinely placed. May TRUST be the the only weapon I carry and LOVE be the magic shoes I wear to keep me going no matter what.

To all the people who thought or spoke ill of me, I honor you. I have most likely done the same and I forgive both of us from my heart. I saw the part of you that resonated with the part of me that needs the loving awareness so it can be seen, accepted and transmuted from pain to freedom, because the pain is based on false belief and I don’t need to drag this heavy bag of illusions around anymore. I let you go without grudge or remorse but with Grace and Gratitude.

To all the people who we loved and who left us (and vice versa), in physical form or in ending of a relationship, I wish you nothing but love, and I thank you infinitely for all you have given me, wherever you are, be blessed. May the past turn into wisdom, may only good memories be remembered and cherished, and may we all find the true Purpose of our lives with people who hold our hand and share the same vision. And if our destiny has not yet been fulfilled, may the doors open and welcome us back in reunion, in Divine Timing.


“Buddha of Truth”, oil on 52×64 inches canvas, sold. There are 7 animals in this painting – red panda, night butterfly, two snails and 3 sleeping bats. I put the bats there because for me, they challenge the status quo, and that always needs to be challenged. The greatest enemy of our society is complacency of our minds, how easily and readily we assimilate “outside truth” (TV, press, internet, schools, parents, masters, teachers, friends, gossip etc.) as our “own truth” without any actual inner experience of it, without a second doubt. We seek everything outside of ourselves, and preach things we have not even touched. Society we created lives in Status quo and it’s a fine time for whole humanity to break it and have a major upgrade of the way we think and assimilate “truth”. Literally everything we’ve been taught at schools, told by media and governments is either a twisted half-truth or an outright lie. God Bless it even that had a divine reason. But self-critical thinking through direct experience is THE ONLY SOURCE of truth. You find that within. That is the moon, not the finger pointing to it. Bats have bad rap, for no good reason. They are loving and cuddly creatures, and they are messengers of good fortune. Question, always, what everyone blindly agrees with, even the most fundamental things that seem “obvious”. If everyone hates someone, give him/her a chance, and see for your own. Show the middle finger to Status Quo. Be your own truth. Ignorance is our enemy, and that lives only in human mind. Matrix is the best movie ever made and it has far deeper meaning than what most think, and this line will stay forever with me: “The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.” Don’t know how to look within? Start with that thing that everyone says they “can’t” or “don’t have time” to do: sit alone in silence and darkness every day, and learn to tame your mind. Do that every day, and you will tap into a source that will shatter all that you thought true to this day. And at the other side of it is nothing but good news, nothing but GREAT NEWS. Peace   


To the ego, to what is not true in us, I bow to you. Without you, I would not know where to begin on my journey to Light, and frankly, it would be a boring ride. Sitting at the bottom of your lows made me crave the nectar of Truth I saw high above so much! You are the constant itch, a thorn in my side, background noise I didn’t know could be switched off, until your constant racket made it unbearable and pointed me to the dimension deep within, where Peace and Joy reigns, unperturbed by desires, the endless success rat race, fear of death and any other dis-ease. And that was priceless! Thank you, you will be there with me in 2020, but I won’t take you too seriously anymore.

To all the pain, physical and emotional, I bless you. I understand that I wasn’t the greatest listener of the Universe as it talked to me and guided me in every moment, in every encounter, in every decision making. I know that there is nothing but Loving Intention and Greater Purpose behind everything that happens to me, and pain (or a gentle smack from Divine Mother) was the only option to make my deaf senses hear again. I nurse it gently now, I slow down, I contemplate and as I heal, I attune my God-given Intuition and my inner Radar to your messages. May we all have the Courage to act on it, even when our minds scream the opposite. Deep down, we all already know.

To the Year Ahead of us! To Great 2020! May we be the Shamans who will transform all that shows up into the fuel of our Ascending, come what may, with unshakable Trust in the inherent Goodness of it all. May we Love fiercely and without fear and expectations, even when Love is not returned. May we laugh, dance and sing if not every day, then at least every week! May we bask in our inner happiness and pass it onto everything and everyone we meet! May we be courageous, authentic and always speak our truth, while knowing when silence is a more compassionate choice. May we feel the inexhaustible abundance of the Source within us and thus bring the abundance to our lives and our beautiful planet Gaia.

May all the beings on Earth be Happy, Live in Peace, Abundance and Happiness, and may the living Kindness manifest.
Thank you for every step on the path, thank you for each breath.

I love you
I forgive you
Please forgive me, I’m sorry
I thank you.


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Thank you so much for everything. I truly appreciate the emails and messages filled with inspiration and gratitude from many of you.

We are all in this together!


2020 Boom Shiva!

Much Love,



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