A Great Life – Beyond Belief with Harald Kautz & Lorenzo!



What makes our lives the way they are? What makes them great? Probably notions such as sobriety, currency, faith, truth and love are all a part of any answer, however different for each other they might be.  Perhaps they all begin with belief?

Next question: what is belief?  Where does it come from? How does it effect our day to day choices, actions or inactions?   How much does belief determine ‘deep down inside’ what each of us understands as possible or impossible for ourselves?

It can get confusing ‘rattling’ around inside your head for the answers. Looking for truth in that maze of ‘facts’ passed along by so many dubious sources in life: T.V., parents, entertainment and especially schooling, can quickly get one lost or worse. As far as sharing honest and authentic specifics about a life lived in authenticity we often have to look elsewhere.

All of those ‘so-called’ sources of life wisdom mentioned above have become cesspits of propaganda filled top the brim with by the manipulators of society and their armies of repeaters, those that share only what advances their agenda of conformity and worse, all to keep us, through our complicit agreement, in a cage literally created out of our own thoughts and beliefs.

A belief founded without one’s own experiential participation is, in my estimation, next to worthless.  We must, in my opinion, question all belief to see what it honestly has to ‘say’ for itself. In other words, not to simply believe anything, but to find out the truth for ourselves.

Though abundance, happiness, and love are all possible one must test the meanings our beliefs have attached to them and hence our perceptions and actions in making them so.  I would say we must vet all beliefs that may still follow us around, chained to our ideas of what is and is not allowed, permissible, condoned, encouraged, what is and is not possible, what is and is not freedom.

Cherished ideals, while shiny and comfortable, can become shackles to our imagination and thus limit us in relation to our desires to be free.  As ‘golden handcuffs’, they may shine and in certain light, as we squint, look ‘valuable’ even chic, but deep in the darkness of our sorrow, they are still just that, handcuffs that bind our ability to create and grow. Let truth be the key that unlocks those ‘handcuffs of belief’.

I very much enjoyed my recent talk with Harald Kautz. Certainly, this is a man who in many ways has lived, and is living, outside the box of life’s offered limitations. And as a man who has been attracted by the unknown and the mysterious possibilities of human creations his entire life, I’ve found new wisdom and inspirations from our latest talk. Developing a new friendship with Harald, we continue our discussion on what living in this ‘funny and crazy’ world is like these days, while expressing potentially wise courses of action for any who may wish to live free and see what can be, instead of what is merely allowed by the underlords of limitation.

Cheers Lorenzo.



Harald Kautz is a private researcher based in Germany, that has been rewriting the narrative of quite a few topics of interest over the past years, like introducing vortex science to free energy, decent scientific terminology to Wilhelm Reichs cloud busting and some background knowledge about transhumanism and black magic into the fruitless discussion whether these are chemtrails or contrails. Over the last year he has more and more focussed on the healing of our spiritual body, with the goal to undo the 25.500 years of social engineering of mankind we suffered from since our expulsion from paradise, to enable us to return to the divine blueprint humanity carries it itself since its creation. He is into media science and creative writing, medicine, quantum and scalar physics, shamanisms and clinical psychology, being one of the few remaining polymath of modern times.




Once again a big thanks to Phoenix Ennis for his Art



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