A Man’s Role with Cambell (Spiral Up) & Lorenzo!



A Man’s Role. Three small words. A Lifetime of actions. Where do we get the ideas for our lives?  Role models, rules, beliefs, feelings of right and wrong. T.V. and other Media….well they sure had an impact on me. Mostly with an erroneous image of what a man is, of what is possible for him, most related to strange ideas of sexuality, monetary success and above all the foolish notion that a man needs to battle other men to win his just rewards.


Hmm, seems sticky to me. A real man, in my opinion, ‘battles’ himself to assure that his integrity comes to the forefront, and is always, and I mean always, as in that each and every choice informs him on his actions, keeping the most high of treasures safe: his moral standing on life, love, family, community and especially Freedom. Without that compass he can become lost and is easily tricked into taking up arms for the goals of others, at times contrary to his own good, goals unaligned with his best ‘interest’, by which I mean, his personal Sovereignty and general wellbeing.


The monsters of fear are all around us, sometimes inside us. A man should keep an eye on them, always, while at the same time questioning his motives with the aim of understanding himself, his actions and what it is he wishes to create in the ‘short time’ he gets here in his life.


Please enjoy this short cut from a longer chat we had, once again, with Cambell, this time on his channel Spiral UP.   Links below for further explorations, as well as to the complete chat.




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Full Spiral Up Interview Below:


We hope you enjoy this from our continuing series with our good friend Cambell from AutoDidactic and Spiral Up, on the role of men in modern society. With further explorations on masculinity, society, challenges and the attacks that come from both the inside and out, we look through our personal experiences and what it takes, in our opinions, to be a ‘real man’ in these funny, funny times.



And for further studies mentioned in main chat.


Aquatic Ape Theory:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7sykmrNCMs


The Anatomy of Belief and Evil:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmBhXZUBQhA



Spirituality or Integrity:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgQWGLtrjhQ




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