A Path to Wisdom

by Wade WJ Smith

We have for many generations been taught to pursue intelligence over all else. Being ‘an intellectual’ was and is still perceived to be somehow superior in our society. Our intelligence or intellect is derived from a collection of physical experiences within our reality.

Our five senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing are the tools we use to survive in our physical three-dimensional reality and are responsible for the collection of experiences and opinions we all have developed throughout our life. Intelligence is a physical pursuit to understand how something or some system of things functions. We interpret our surroundings with our outer five senses. I make a point of calling them outer senses due to the fact that everything you experience through them is outward. When we use our eyes, we look outward into the world, we do not turn our eyes into our head and look at our brain…do we? What you touch, smell, hear, taste or feel is outside of you, how you interpret it is within you. These five senses keep us alive and show us how to survive in our outer physical world.

When we use our intelligence to understand this physical reality we begin to divide and dissect the world around us in order to understand how it works. We believe possession of information makes us more valuable to society. We believe being smart is the highest aspiration of social order. We strive to become a knower of all things, an intellect. Through this intellectual self-identity arrogance is cultivated. We believe we are smart and we are able to quote with ease the enormous amount of information we have stored. From the books and teachings of others, to the endless endeavour of dissecting life in hopes of understanding our outer world.  We announce with great arrogance… I am an intellectual.

We must see beyond this physical 3D life in order to know wisdom. We make endless deductions about life from our outer experiences and it is only when we turn inward to perceive life in another vibration that we begin to understand what it means to be wise. In my opinion our inner dimensional wisdom shows us there is no right or wrong, there is no up or down only our one-sided perceptions of reality. Inner wisdom teaches us to be free from the mind’s necessity to define or categorize something or someone as right or wrong. We have all heard people say there is some lesson or positive result to even the most painful of experiences. This is an example of using inner wisdom to embrace all things and to search for the hidden gem of wisdom that exists in every situation. It is our choice to recognize it or not. Defining something as right or wrong comes from the intellect of our mind. The Practice of allowing all things to be free from your judgement and to be boundless in possibilities requires wisdom. Boxing things together or labelling things can be convenient and helpful; however, allowing all things to be free of judgement and labelling, is an act of great wisdom. Many of us come from a mindset of western understandings that we all must fit into a category or segment of humanity. Intelligent thought divides us up into segments of society with great judgement attached. Educational systems throughout the world have dedicated their curriculums to intelligent teachings. When we follow the mind’s intellect its nature is to always dissect and divide in an attempt to understand. Under close examination we see intellect is of a discriminatory nature. The intellect, or mind, is always identifying with a certain mindset and therefore intelligence will always lead us to separate humanity into races, religions and classes of people: the fuel for the division and splintering we are experiencing in today’s world.

There is a much deeper wisdom within that most of us are not even conscious of. When we consume food of any kind our body instinctually knows how to turn that into our physical body in a matter of hours and days. A person cannot accomplish this transformation by way of the intellect. There exists an inner wisdom that facilitates this transformation without any thought from you.  We breathe in and out every second of everyday even as we sleep without any thought from our intellect. In fact, the minute you lay in bed and try to control your breath is the moment we lose our natural rhythm of breathing. I am not saying be unconscious of your breath but rather be conscious there is a deeper wisdom of knowing that resides within each of us. Most of us have never been conscious of our true nature as wise unconditionally loving beings. Wisdom guides us in ways our books and teachings of outer physical experiences cannot. All the information you have gathered is like the food for the intellect and has been collected by way of our five senses. These five senses are not capable of perceiving all things and can only perceive things thru a comparison to others. If you pick up a piece of paper or even a grain of sand your senses can only perceive one side at a time. You cannot see all sides of the object at the same time.

If your experience of life was nothing but sadness then that would be all you would know, only thru a comparison or experience of happiness would we know we are sad. What we perceive with our five senses is a distortion of the complete reality. Our experience by way of the 5 senses is crucial for our basic survival however if we are to understand the true nature of our existence these outer senses are not sufficient. If you could debate with a bat over which is day and which is night there would without doubt be a disagreement. For the bat darkness is day and night is a time to rest and recover. The truth is that there is no day or night, as I see it, only a construct your intellect identifies with as day or night. Wisdom is knowing that you and the bat are only perceiving a reality that is based on what is necessary to survive. If your only aspiration is to survive this life then your five sense will be sufficient. If you want to connect to the complete nature of our existence then one must turn within and open to other dimensions of life. If you want to be conscious of the fundamental frequencies of energy that are within us, that surround us and govern all dimensions of life…we must turn to the wisdom within us. Merge with your inner self free of judgement in a state of unconditional love. The outer physical perceptions have paved the way to war and endless suffering. In the name of religion, culture, gender and caste we continue to dissect and fracture our world into pieces. A surgeon can dissect a heart to see how it works but we will never understand the body or being entirely this way. If a person wants to really know someone they love it is not done by dissecting the person but rather by fully embracing that person, saturating oneself in dimensions that we cannot prove exist within the limits of our five senses. Profound wisdom can only come from within, when we begin to perceive life in another way or other dimension we let go of the intellect to embrace wisdom.

I would say that the most sophisticated technology on the planet is the human being. We recite endless sports statistics and entertainment facts and we are responsible for creating the technology everyone seems so eager to mindlessly consume. All of our time is focused on learning to use our smart technologies, and yet we spend next to no time becoming conscious of the true wisdom that lays dormant within us all.



Wade W J Smith is a motivational speaker and wholistic healer focused on empowering people to live the life they dream of. Wade has spent many years travelling around the globe sharing his passion for life and encouraging those he meets to search for a perspective that best supports their inner wisdom. Wade can be contacted by email at grandejay@gmail.com



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