A Simple Choice




“There is a vital distinction between being human and human being.”


Across the Great Divide


Ample evidence exists in the alternative, mainstream and social mediums to reflect the cruelty, deception, manipulation, prejudice, supremacy and violence within contemporary society.  These characteristics can be best observed in the societal conditioning of belief, heredity, ideology, lifestyle, opinion, politics and theory.  The social reality we enable with our engagement is a dream within an illusion, within a nightmare.  One from which most never awaken.  The duplicity of our daily encounters and our linear awareness, perception and understanding enslaves us into the sophisticated matrix of social reality.


The Cost of Oblivion


Some say oblivion is bliss.  Until the escapism in which we enroll is overpowered by the reality we attempt to avoid.  Whether it is amusement, education, entertainment, media, politics or religion, we cannot evade the truth of ourselves, even amidst the mayhem of the current reality.  Oblivion has become our pastime.  We embody obscurity to desensitize ourselves from our traumatic encounters in society.  It is our evasion of accountability and authenticity with our actions, behaviors, emotions, thoughts and words.  Ultimately, we detach from our heart and soul, allowing ourselves to invoke and project the toxicity of our unconscious malevolence.



Something Wicked This Way Comes


We need to look no further than current events to take a pulse of humanity.  With the extremity of radical interpretations and perceptions, it is evident society is in a dark age of arrogance, competition, control, entitlement, fear, judgment, negligence, superficiality and vanity.  The selective lifestyles we enact, be they preoccupied with the trivialities of career, consumption, disease, domesticity, routine, wealth, tradition and toxicity, bring us closer to our premature demise.  Every morning we awaken to the possibility of a new experience.  Yet, we tend to hop on the human treadmill headed for oblivion.


Viral Information


We do not “know” anything.  Our selective perceptions and realities blind us to what is really happening in the world.  Institutionalized information via education, history, media, politics, religion and science, conditions us to abide by what authoritarian entities and organizations enforce and impose.  When someone challenges these societal programs, the indoctrinated cry “conspiracy theory!” and demean, discredit and destroy all who deviate from the social norm.  The information we consume is like a virus, infecting our instincts, thoughts, perspectives and emotions.  It is our weapon to defend our fear, insecurity, obsession and vanity.


“Truth is a foreign language, spoken by few and dismissed by many.”



Reality Colored Vision


We invest only in what supplements our selective agendas, comforts, narratives and realities.  Amidst the numerous horrors and tragedies occurring in society, we engage in the “busy-ness” of our lives, as if nothing is happening.  We choose to deny the existence of abuse, death, disease, hate, genocide, inequality, injustice and war in defense of our superficiality to safeguard ourselves and our family.  With our conditioned perceptions, we invent fairy tales to whitewash the malevolence of social reality, then impose them on our children to avoid the trials and tribulations of the truth.  Our self-righteousness supersedes our conscience.


The Dream Within the Dream


Reality, as we experience it, is a holographic projection.  Its primary purpose is to discourage, disempower and distract us from the truth.  We engage in a societal simulation.  Everything in our daily encounters is an illusion, engineered to enslave us into a matrix of social psychoses.  Our belief in the charade makes it our personal delusion.  Our inauthenticity, irresponsibility, and self-righteousness enable our linear captivity.  Wealth and vanity are the dangling carrots to ensure our engagement, and the proliferation of social reality.  Every day, we sacrifice our souls upon the altar of society for a fantasy of fame and fortune.



The Stand We Feign


Whatever reaction we select to focus our contempt upon the numerous social injustices we encounter, our protests wane with the absence of our vision, devotion, intention and expression.  We may stoke the fires of our feelings and thoughts on social media to project our fleeting disdain with a variety of global inequities.  Yet, the fulfillment we desire and the difference we intend always misses the mark.  In essence, we fail to land our purpose, simply because the longevity of our commitment is compromised by our desire for instant gratification.  The stand we feign is diminished and distorted by our personal agenda, ego and vanity.


Vicious Cycles of Reality


With the influences of our social conditioning and selective perceptions, our unconscious engagement in the paradigm of reality establishes the vicious cycles of our individualized matrix.  We are confined in a digital, interactive network defined as society.  Our oblivion to the full scope of its artificiality enables its existence, as well as our enslavement in its virtual program.  It is what we choose to believe is “real.”  Everything we encounter in social reality is stimuli designed to provoke our reactivity.  Our personal power is acquiesced when we engage.  We focus our attention (energy) on the dream to evade reality at the cost of our truth.



The Entitlement of Life


We are born into a three-dimensional construct and conditioned with a two-dimensional awareness.  We are an expression of universal energy.  Yet, our relativity with our soul is wagered for social conformity.  As we mature, we learn all the nuances of how to distort and manipulate the societal system to serve our selective desire.  We call this success, massaging our egos and pride while the world burns down around us.  We could not care less about what happens to the rest of humanity.  We simply want to be amused, deluded, exalted and gratified.  The watermark of our madness is the exhibition of our entitlement.


A Simple Choice


Generations of social enslavement have brought us to this vital era of vision, epiphany, revelation and transformation.  Relativity, truth and understanding are more prevalent than ever.  The current universal energetic shift is our opportunity to empower and embody our unique expression.  Within the domains of business, finance, health, media, politics, religion, science and war, we are conditioned to be victims of society.  Social reality is a simulation of artificiality.  Our oblivion to its influence seals our inevitable fate.  The choice is to remain enslaved by our artificiality or create freedom by empowering our universality.  The former ends in finality, while the latter begins in eternity.


“Choosing not to choose is a choice to live in oblivion.”


– Iam Saums


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