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The wisdom of Eagle Elk 1851- 1945

“When I was a boy I heard the old people tell about a great wicasa wakan (a spiritual man) who did wonderful things; and his name was Wooden Cup. He had a vision of the Great Mysterious One, and that is how he got his power. He could make fire with his fingers, just by touching the wood; and he could see far off into the days that were going to be when babies that were not yet born would be walking with their canes.

He saw it and he said it.

A strange people would come from the sunrise, and there would be more of them than bison. The bison would turn to white bones on the prairie. The mother earth would be bound with bands of iron. The sacred hoop of our people would be broken by the evil power of the strangers, and in time we would live in little square gray houses, and in those houses we would starve.”

He said it, and we have seen it.”

Creating Fire

36974288_m-150x150If you are a gassed avid reader of my articles you will already be up to speed with what I’m going to talk about and, the understandings that go with it.

We’ll start with Wooden Cup – He could make fire just by touching the wood with his fingers.

The intellectual hive mind cannot grasp the understanding that a fire can be started with a finger. They have no intuitive awareness and think shamanism and energy modulation is superstitious bullshit or an act of quackery.

So how did Wooden Cup start a fire with his fingers?


Pyrokinesis is the ability to set a fire with your mind and control it. There are many documented accounts of pryokinesis in troubled teenagers, and many accounts of spontaneous combustion in human beings – when a body is consumed by its own multi- dimensional connection to the Source fire.

I think that through long esoteric training Wooden Cup had the ability to connect his earthly fire field to the Source fire. In other words, he joined his 10% solar plexus fire field to 90% Source fire, and allowed it to pass through him with intent to set the wood on fire. (See my articles The Occult Sun Part one and two)

Lightening is an aspect of fire and from that we can conclude that Wooden Cup was a Heyoka- a thunder dreamer and a practitioner of elemental reality.

The elements

We as physical beings are made up of earth, water, fire, air and space. Therefore if one Source field can be accessed: Wooden Cup’s finger fire, so too can the power of earth, water, air and space be harnessed. We can become the storm – the lightening, the tornado and the hail. This is shaman’s road – the ability to create energy modulation events at will.

Thunder dreaming


The heyoka or thunder dreamer has the power to turn things around – he makes us laugh when we are sad, can call the rain in times of drought, and can control the direction of a storm. He becomes the wind, the tornado and the hurricane; and the swallow and the snake are his messengers. His direction is west where the thunders live and his colours are black and white showing us the nature of Duality.

In Lakota thought and philosophy we learn that there are two roads a man can walk – the east/west road of suffering, or the north/south road of spiritual connection. (See Crying for a Dream).

Elementally the east/west road is the element of air(heart) opposed to the element 0f water(emotions, attachments and desires) – the north/south road is earth based physicality that transforms into oneness with the spiritual fire that exists within the mirror world or elemental realm.

The fifth element is the space field that surrounds the two roads in a circle.

medecine-wheelThis is the symbolic meaning of the cross within a circle. The cangleshka wakan or medecine wheel can befound all across the world carved into stone and etched onto the walls of caves and sacred rocks. It is a symbol of a spiritual truth and esoteric understanding about the nature of the construct we call reality.

At the centre of the cross the tree of life flowers within the sacred hoop, and the space at the centre of the cross roads is our connection to the Source field – our compromised multi-dimensional awareness.

The flowering tree is the quiet mind that Krishnamurti talks about, and the power source of Don Juan, Castaneda’s spiritual warrior.

The thunder dreamer can enter this space, a space where duality does not exist, a place where there is no judgement, no conflicting thoughts or emotion – just oneness and an intention to modulate an energy event. An image in…..

Impostor Consciousness

The are many ego centred people who call themselves thunder dreamers but are afraid of what they pray to. These are impostors and pretenders….. because in the quiet mind of the true heyoka there is no duality, and therefore no fear or judgement. He walks in many worlds while they talk and walk in one.

The contrary

When a person is immersed in duality – full of judgement and conflicting thoughts, and tries to modulate the elements…… disaster happens. He can be struck by lightening, killed by a hailstone, swallowed up in an earthquake, swept away by flood, or destroyed by a tornado. Through his lack of understanding he will attract to himself the thing he fears.

Becoming the storm – the flood – the flow

If we are serious about becoming spiritual warriors capable of elemental modulation, we have to become one with earth, water, fire, air and space. We have to train our minds to transcend the third dimension of the I – that wants this or that to happen.

Praying for something

How many times do we say or hear ‘I am praying for this or that?’

When we pray for an outcome it means that we are in a state of loss on some level of our being – this is the matrix game and in a duality we win some and we lose some. We have no control over the outcome of our prayer.

A shaman does not pray for something to happen – for him it has already happened and is about to manifest. He doesn’t pray for rain. He feels the rain upon his face and his toes squelching in the mud. He hears the roaring of the wind and is one with the storm and knows that it is coming. Image-in.

Image- in

In my last article, I talked about manifesting a coloured feather using visualization or image- in. Once we can do that we can move on to other things. We all have to learn to crawl before we can run!

We have to practice shutting up the voice in our head that tries to distract and claw us back into its game, and take back control of our thinking.This is crucial if we want to take ‘affairs’ to a higher level and be capable of modulating elemental energy events.(see my article Prisoners of the Voice)

Death dealers


It would appear that there is a conspiracy to destroy our world and it is gaining power and momentum as we begin the new Grand Cosmic Year…..the new world order touted by the satanic secret government that runs the human farm. Regulations that protect the environment are being trashed in the name of greed, and it is clear to those who have vision, and understand the laws that govern this construct that very soon the planet will compensate for the damage inflicted upon it according to the law of balance. Extreme weather events are already happening. Volcanoes and earthquakes are increasing in frequency and magnitude and the hundreds of thousands of fracking wells and pumping operations across the world are being hit by earthquakes…it’s just a matter of time before the earth plates crack and swallow up the land. See www.youtube.com/user/dutchsinse

The sacred tree

“Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.” Sitting Bull.

Sitting-BullCome and join me at the space where the four roads meet, and let the sacred tree flower within the hoop of our hearts. Let us drop judgement and conflict, and enter the silence so we can listen to the voices of the wind and water – touch the earth and feel the sun upon our face.

Let us walk the road of life…..and take the protection of all that is sacred to another level….









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Written by ethompson

Elva Thompson was born in England in 1947 and moved to Rosebud Lakota reservation in 1987. She is the author of the Heartstar Series; Book One: The Key made of Air, and Book Two: The Gates to Pandemonia. Her other interests include organic gardening, ancient phonetic languages, sonic sound and their application in the healing arts. She is also a medical intuitive and teaches sonic re-patterning using sound, colour, and essential oils. Elva Thompson is on Amazon Author Central @ amazon.com/author/heartstar