Abundance Through Freedom

By Lorenzo!



I love being free. So much so my last video was on that very topic. Of course, part of being free is having free-flowing abundance. If you ask anyone about what they feel freedom is for them, this would be key, in that, we all require abundance, in one form or another for a happy life.

Be it an abundant supply of food, land, daily time for personal explorations and then the ‘currency’ to pay for or trade, as in, as much as we may have ‘heavenly ideals’ about a perfect life, in these days of commerce and commercial trades, some form, or many forms of… call it money, or credit, or cash, call it what you will, a system of ‘offer and acceptance’, value for value, seems to be unescapable in our modern daze.

So, instead of going to the over marketed  ‘law of attraction’  or some such, let’s look at the hard tacks of ‘making/creating’ a living for ourselves. I have found, the best I can do, is to have found something I love, something which is beyond a simple need, and that gets to the heart of what is in demand, and to somehow, offer and relate that to others through sharing self-empowering products and services, information and knowledge.

A balance I would say between what my heart wants to offer and what the world wants to accept.

Naturally, there are many unhealthy ‘high demand’ options for work. Some go that way. I tried it as a stock broker to simply make the ‘cash’  but the stress almost killed me, and so, I had to figure out a way, many ways really, lots of trial and error, to make the days pay and also to keep my heart happily beating along to the music of my own personal sovereignty.

Here is the good news: the more this world appears to become more challenging, crazy and less loving, the more in demand are the solutions to succeeding through those daily challenges.  I feel, at least it’s been that way for me; my life was, shall we say, ‘directed’ by the mode of the day, such as programmed through,  TV and Newspapers, family and the influence I allowed from others in my, much too long school years, to become, hmmmm, let’s say another drone or cog in the machine, dirtied through contact with a generally inhumane way of being. Said schooling, belief systems, provided deranged information, distorted options, weird relationship and family advice and downright predatory career guidance. All the related avenues of exploration provided by those tv and movies, so-called friends and family, no matter how well-meaning, lead me down the road of becoming unloving, unfriendly and full of fears and unhappiness. I became filthy with it. And so I had to find a way to clean and clear out old habits, thoughts, desires, emotions, addictions, to truly see the actual potential and choices both inside and out, for myself.

With little choice remaining if I wanted to feel ‘good’,  I pioneered my life, in relation to the desired outcome, ie, Freedom. Now, over the years, I saw, if that was the way for me, well, probably it’s not that different for many others too. Finally, if there is one overall thing I’ve learned in the more than decade of helping with our New Agora and now our New Now, it is that the desire for personal freedom is in high demand, never been higher really, and thus has the potential for becoming, perhaps, the biggest growth industry of them all.

And there are so many ways to look at freedom. endless options to help enhance our lives. To mention but a few off the top of my noggin: Health Freedom, Emotional Freedom, Freedom to Travel, Freedom of Expression, Energetic Freedom, Families with Children Freedom, and one of the least properly explored, but most important in my opinion, The Freedom of Imagination, and then the Freedom of Courage to act on those inspirations which are entirely unique to the individual.

Imagine that! Imagine all the potential possibilities,  products and services related to the above. Coaching, Content Creation, Innovations and Technologies, both in form and function. The pioneering alone into what hasn’t been done before is mind boggling.  How long has it been since we were truly free?  There are Inside explorations, outside challenges, food production, light, water and energy. Fundamental explorations into the highest technology in our very own hands, and I’m not talking apps or A.I.s of anything unnatural either! I’m talking about Consciousness and Awareness, Human creativity and the Endless abundance of our Power to Love, to be kind to one another and encourage each other to greatness.  Now that’s a business plan with the greater return.  It is literally endless, the potential demand for freedom-based services and businesses, and what is sorely missing in these modern times.  Supplying that demand is the way of the Future and the future is here right now.

The more people see how unfree they are, the more the awakened will demand freedom. And if they are not sure how to accomplish that, well, we will be there to help. Simply put, for those who know and understand how business works, to fulfill a demand is the first step in creating abundance for oneself and others.

I have been lucky enough, with a ‘shite load’ of hard work, (and so much help from others over the past many decades that I could write a book about it in gratitude) to be able to both create a life of abundance while offering others a platform to do the same. Our New Agora, of which I am but a small part presently accepting my moment in the spotlight, was intended for that very thing: to offer self-empowering solutions to those willing to both make the changes required of them to accomplish that very thing.

Perhaps all this was a long way around saying:  you don’t have to sell your soul to the devil to make a living, you’ll get cheated in the end anyways ~ Love, the power of Creation if you prefer,  knows and returns that authenticity and help will be rewarded in kind. Through a simple flow of currency. You do get what you give, or so I’ve found; and if you give sovereignty, respect, the chance of a chance to others, with the intention of abundance to and for any willing to do the hard work their own selves is demanding of them to grow up and up, well then, that’ll just make the best of all possible worlds, and is possibly even the reason we’re all in this place together.

Our current online platform the New Agora, presently offers insights onto these our many Worlds’ stages of growth, as well as loving alternatives to empowering mainstream’s daily nonsense. Our readers and viewers, and contributors of all kinds will, through our upcoming New NOW print Magazine, get tactical and hard-form opportunities to share information on all things Freedom related and to maybe even do some strategic sharing in the weird lands of the sheeple farms.  Our Virtual, yet Live, (amazing how that works but ,I guess we can call it multi-dimensional then)  Freedom NOW Festival, coming in the not too distant future, invites anyone and everyone interested to participate and grow their own abundance while we do the same together, pooling resources and knowledge, sharing wisdom and inventions, and well, there rest is up to however wants to join in the fun.



Happy to share more, Feel free to Reach out with Questions, Suggestions or Comments.  lorenzo@newagora.ca.



Today is a great day to be Abundant!





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‘hitch hiking down the fractal road of things to be’

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