An Act of Inrising



“Fist in the air, in the land of hypocrisy.”


In Protest


When we protest with aggression, it gives authoritarian entities and organizations the necessary justification to respond with violence.  Once we succumb to our hostile inclinations, we play into a totalitarian game we will never win.  Even peaceful demonstrations can be interpreted as violent by the opposition.  The spark in this fragile, social dynamic is our emotionality.  Our negative reaction to the existence of inequality and injustice is when we abandon our personal power.  It is difficult to observe this in ourselves, as our egocentricity is also activated in these circumstances.  When our biased entitlement distorts our intention, our cause is lost.


To Feign in Vain


Most of us fail to live or die by our convictions.  We may be moved enough to raise the torch of truth for fleeting moments, yet our lack of commitment makes our stand futile in the face of contemporary regimes.  Personal routines, societal diversions and everyday survival preoccupy us from manifesting the vision sparking the movement.  As we mature, our demonstrations for or against social platforms is a feigned quest to present ourselves as “woke,” in a society that has wagered its identity for amusement, consumerism, desire, intellectualism, politics, religion and science.  Ultimately, we feign our protest as an illustration of egocentricity.


“Cause blood still flows in the gutter.”



Fever Pitch


I am not a “conservative” or “liberal” person.  I do not subscribe to dualistic, social paradigms that strategically manipulate us against each other and ourselves.  My expression is empowered by transcendence.  Yet, as we race toward another controversial and simulated election season, tragedy, trauma and triviality rears its viral insanity upon all who fall victim to its vicious cycle.  All who intend to hold political positions of artificial power are as devious as the elitists who animate their puppet strings.  The media is a social weapon, waged to trigger the volatility of our emotional response, enslaving and infecting us with its madness.


Rallying Cry


Recently, we have witnessed millions gathering in the streets to personify their positions.  The 1960’s ushered in a new era of protest, exhibiting demonstrations as a method for enacting social change.  However, the initial intention was never achieved, simply because it lacked the clarity, focus, longevity and purpose necessary to fulfill its vision.  This antiquated strategy echoes in our feigned and frivolous uproar, dying like a fleeting trend instead of living as an enduring movement.  As the ebbs and flows of our protests rally our feigned and futile cries, the intended change is never fulfilled.  The louder our proclamations, the greater our egocentricity.


“Movements come and movements go.”



Antiquated Paradigm


Whether motivated by inequality, injustice, politics, religion or otherwise, protests are engaged with obsolescence.  Taking to the streets and chanting, howling and yelling with aggression, destruction or violence is a futile strategy to enact a societal shift.  Authoritarian entities and organizations have efficaciously enhanced their methods to prevent social demonstrations.  However, protests have not evolved.  Therefore, no matter how much news, noise and unrest are made with the current trend, nothing ever changes.  Most give up.  Not to the agencies they fight, yet to their own apathy, indifference and ideology.


System of a Down


Institutional authoritarian regimes, i.e. corporations, elitists, governments, media, religions and private agencies employ elaborate agendas and strategies to proliferate inequality and injustice, all for the purpose of acquiring profit and power.  Their security system against populus uprising is equally sophisticated to protect their investment in the viral deception.  Their actions and behaviors breed the reaction of our protest.  These administrations rely upon the emotionality of our response to debase and destroy the credibility of our common stand for equality, justice and peace.  Their strategy is provoking and turning our anger, fear and insecurity against us to achieve their endgame of control.


“Who pulled schemes on the dream and put it to an end.”



Vortex of Causality


A protest is a reaction that occurs when social inequity intensifies beyond tolerable standards.  When observed, people congregate and motivate around a popular controversy.  Yet, the sheer nature of protesting is contrarian, thus counterproductive.  The focus of the movement is abandoned when its emotionality, ideology, inspiration and vision is wagered for the instant gratification of an egocentric orgasm.  Even when a demonstration is intended as peaceful, it is distorted and propagandized as violence by the authoritarian institutions imposing the sociopathic agendas that cause the protest.  It is a social vortex of cause and effect.


The Price of Egocentricity


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  In my honest observation, society is the epitome of lunacy.  Our personal interpretations exist as individual delusions in the illusion of reality.  We do not establish perceptions, we adopt psychoses.  Then, we attempt to impose these neuroses on others to conceal and defend our fear, indifference and insecurity, while we shame and condemn all who share diverse viewpoints.  We conflict with others because we are at war with ourselves.  We sentence our souls to our selective oblivion.  Our being, consciousness, evolution, relativity and truth are the price we pay for our egocentricity.


“You better beware, the retribution with mind war.”



Evolution of Rebellion


Protesting is an external, social engagement; one we exhibit which segregates us from ourselves.  Everything we encounter in social reality is a catalyst to seize our attention, consciousness, empowerment and energy.  Our reactivity to environmental stimuli is how we acquiesce these elements of our personal power.  When we fail to be balanced, centered and present within, we misguide our awareness to where we direct our attention.  This is the vicious cycle of humanity.  The evolution of rebellion is shifting social uprising into personal inrising, transforming our existence from egocentricity to universality.


An Act of Inrising


For more than a decade, we have been in the flow of a universal, energetic shift.  When the world shut down over a virus, it was our opportunity to discover and create relativity with our soul.  We are in the Era of Transcendence, an extraordinary age when we may explore, experience and embody our universality in ways the authoritarian regimes of social reality have desperately attempted to oppress and eradicate.  Protesting is a demonstration of diversion, which syphons our awareness via our reactive emotionality.  The act of inrising is shifting our focus within to empower our consciousness, establish our equilibrium and transcend duality to become the expression of our soul.


“Wake up!”

(All quotes taken from the song “Wake Up” by Rage Against the Machine.)

Songwriters: Tom Morello, Timothy Commerford, Zack M De La Rocha, Brad J Wilk.