An Heir of Transcendence



“We are not who we are programmed to be.”


In Our Beginning


Howsoever we may assimilate ourselves into society, we are an expression of universal energy, unique to the resonance of our soul.  It is all we are before we are born into three-dimensionality.  During our birth, we experience a traumatic energy schism that segregates us from our spirit and the universe.  From infancy to childhood, we are still in flow with our soul.  That is, until we are conditioned by control, egocentricity, fear, insecurity, self-righteousness and vanity.  We are then besieged by institutional, hereditary, personal and social programming via education, entertainment, ideology, lineage, media, politics, religion and science.


The Beginning of Our End


By the time we enter early adulthood, most of our institutionalization is complete.  Once this takes root, our personal and social programming commences.  We are even awarded for our conformity with certificates, degrees, doctorates and licenses; compartmentalized into careers and tethered to a pseudo-social paradigm.  Our pride and prejudice take precedence.  We enroll in the rank and file of humanity, charging into the simulation of an interactive, virtual reality.  We fill the empty spaces of our lives with activities, amusements, attachments, beliefs, dependencies, dramas, professions, possessions, status and wealth.  Unbeknownst to us, we have sealed the fate of our enslavement.




Sensual Simulation


Our lives are a sequence of circumstances, transpiring in a sensory artificiality.  This is the true reality we refuse to accept or understand.  We assign meaning and value to our encounters, feigning sanity with our social triviality.  We perform roles of personality, steeped in frequent confusion, delusion and illusion.  We amuse, dispute, gratify, fantasize, patriotize, romanticize and traumatize ourselves to escape a social normality that does not exist.  Then we wonder why we cannot relate with others, while we fail to experience relativity with ourselves.  The happiness and fulfillment we believe we have is a projection, enacted in a sensual simulation.


Crashing the Program


If our conditioning is not apparent in this new era, we have entirely enslaved ourselves into society with our personal delusion and oblivion.  Our reliance on external gratification, meaning and self-worth assimilates us into vicious cycles of acquiescence, compliance, dependency and lunacy.  We are eagerly devoted to our captivity, deciding to follow the regime of authoritarian entities and organizations, rather than pioneer our personal path to freedom.  The origin of our emancipation is our willingness to observe, clarify and dismantle our virtual tethers to society.  We must crash the programming of our sense-based existence to embody our soul.


“Humanity is a program in the simulation of social reality.”




All Things Shiny and Bright


Everything in our social reality is a holographic projection.  The scientific communities are aware of this eventuality, yet they neglect to report its proven evidence.  It does not serve the authoritarian agenda for societal control.  In essence, their funding would be revoked.  Money sponsors the matrix of reality.  Humanity is exploited and victimized by its conditioned dependence upon and obsession with monetary currency.  Our personal power originates from our soul; and our energy flows where our attention goes.  Therefore, the simulation stimulates our reactivity to extract our essence.  It is our engagement in society which enables our enslavement.


On the Threshold


Seldom do we express our soul amidst the chaos and dysfunction of society.  We may have fleeting epiphanies, insights and even the semblance of transformation.  Yet, it is impossible to observe and experience universality within the insular bubble of our egocentric existence.  Our necessity for control, order, routine and security confines our consciousness.  Occasionally, circumstances may remove us from our comfort zone to encounter life beyond our anxiety, doubt, fear, ignorance, insecurity and oblivion.  However, when we are on the threshold of universal discovery, we often yield, retreating to the refuge of our personal delusion; within the illusion we interpret as reality.




The Path Least Travelled


Most draw their distinction from society as an utterance of ego.  Few create this diversity as an expression of their soul.  Humanity has a propensity to sacrifice its universality for a peripheral occupation in the simulation of social reality.  We are an energetic expression of omni-dimensionality.  Yet, we condemn ourselves to a three-dimensional existence, sentenced with a life of dichotomy.  Our personal programming conditions us into social mimicry.  We are eternal beings with infinite possibility.  The path least travelled is our unique opportunity to discover and explore our creativity, diversity, relativity, transcendence, transformation and universality.


Universal Currency


The currency of the universe is energy.  Our soul is its unique expression.  The synergy between the universe and our soul is universality.  Our intuition conducts this energy to the centers of our being.  The omni-dimensional energy torus in our heart center synthesizes our universality in an infinite flow.  The frequency of its revolutions establishes the energetic signature of our being.  Our heart center transmits this energy into electrical impulses, inspiring our neural pathways.  This is translated into energetic signals, which empower our body.  The omni dimensional expression of our being is the manifestation of our universality.




An Heir of Transcendence


Social reality resonates on a dense-vibrational frequency.  It is engineered to enslave us into intellect and instinct.  We enable this dynamic with our engagement via our attachment and reactivity to social stimuli.  Our symbiosis with social reality alters, distorts and manipulates our being, diminishing our universal awareness into the primordial duality of sensualism.  The universal energetic shift of the new era empowers us to observe our enslavement, transform our experience and transcend the matrix of society.  Our collective birthright is to cross the threshold of human history and become an expression of universal mystery.

“Life is merely a program in the experience of transcendence.”