Autism – No-Brainer Weapon of the Police State

Could the ultimate aim of vaccination programs be to cower people into submission? 

In the Middle Ages, the burning question of the day was how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.  Today, we don’t have to debate how many neurotoxins can float on the tip of a needle. We just flip open the vaccine insert and count them all. Mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, 2-phenoxyethanol, benzethonium chloride– the list goes on and on.

People are known to suffer seizures and convulsions after taking vaccines. No word yet on how many pro-lifers are having fits over the discovery that viruses in vaccines are grown in cell cultures from aborted human fetuses. And it is anyone’s guess how many animal-lovers and vegans are sickened by the spectacle of all those lab animals tortured and killed to produce a single vaccine.

The vaccination superstition was exposed in a book by that title in the early 20th century. Here we are in the early 21st century and it is still going strong. To this day vaccines are true to their semantic roots (vaccine, vaca, cow). The cow pus used back in the day is now bovine serum. The science on which vaccination is based is as grossly flawed as it ever was, and its clumsy attempt to mimic natural immunity is the miserable failure it has always been. Its claim to wiping out infectious diseases is nothing more than a bald-faced attempt to hog the credit for what advances in sanitation, nutrition and healthful living had already accomplished before vaccines came along.

As for the voodoo practitioners in white lab coats and stethoscopes around their necks, they have to browbeat and brainwash their patients into getting sick from illnesses which have documented associations with vaccines– allergies, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, SIDs, kidney disease, miscarriages and the like. Who are these people who cause mothers to fall under their spell in order to inject the bloodstreams of children with such a witch’s brew of toxins?

Are they doctors?

Or is the right word for them witch doctors?

No link between autism and vaccines. The refrain bounces around in the echo chamber of the media. For those of us who have done their homework, it is like saying there is no link between sex and reproduction. Believe it or not, there were pre-scientific tribes that failed to make that connection! Inflammation of the brain, or encephalopathy is a well-known result from being injected by vaccines, just as a swelling belly is a common but not invariable result of sex. Given the irrefutable evidence for this chain of causality, the claim by mass media and orthodox medicine that vaccines have nothing to do with autism sounds like the fantasy of the Virgin Birth.

If parents would rather not blight their children’s future, the wise course is to abstain from vaccinations. Even this healthy instinct of self-protection is under attack by those who would ban vaccine exemptions. After carefully planted stories of a measles “outbreak” in Disneyland circulated in the media, the same kind of pseudo-science that once made California the mecca for forced sterilizations pushed to make forced vaccinations legal here. As if the odds of contracting a fleeting childhood illness in Fantasyland can compare with the all too real epidemic of ruining your child’s life with autism.

We’ve all seen protestors surrounding abortion clinics, trying to stop mothers from going in and letting the doctors kill their fetuses. Why aren’t swarms of protestors blocking vaccine clinics and pharmacies? Why aren’t they handing out lists of toxic ingredients provided by vaccine manufacturers? Shouldn’t they be talking mothers out of going in and having their children injected with substances that attack their bodies and brains?

For that matter, why aren’t armies of mothers camping out in Washington or Sacramento, bringing lawmakers up to speed on the century-old research of a Nobel Prize winner in medicine who showed that hay fever, asthma, anaphylactic shock and other inflammatory allergies, like the current deadly epidemic of peanut allergy, are reactions to bits of undigested proteins floating around in the bloodstream from vaccine injections?

Oh, I forgot. They have been turned against each other by the myth of herd immunity. The rage they should be directing at those who demonstrably damage their child’s health with false promises of immunization is being directed at those who are too smart and educated to fall for the lies of vaccine propagandists! What a diabolic stroke of genius!

At the end of WWII, the civilized world was up in arms at Doctors of Infamy who performed horrific experiments in the name of science. When the media blackout on vaccine truth is lifted, it will be obvious to everyone that the doctors who pressure parents to vaccinate are no better than Nazi doctors. When that day comes, journalists, bloggers and internet trolls who push the Big Lie that vaccines are safe could be tried under the Nuremberg laws for aiding and abetting crimes against humanity. Can’t you just see the ghost of Heinrich Himmler smiling over those who hail vaccines as one of the 20th century’s greatest achievements… despise the holocaust they wreak on children’s health? It was he, after all, who saluted a group of high-ranking SS for writing a glorious page in history…despite the mounds of corpses they left in their wake.

How many ears must some people have before they can hear the encephalitic cries of children whose brains are exploding from all the neurotoxins bombarding them? How can vaccine-pushers and vaccine-enablers turn a deaf ear to these high-pitched scream, torn from the depths of little bodies arching to escape the effects of heavy-metals poisoning?

Does the fear for the loss of their careers eclipse their compassion for parents whose world comes crashing about the ears? Obviously some very powerful interests are calling the shots here– literally. Are they bringing so much pressure to bear that otherwise decent people override their journalistic ethics, their Hippocratic oath, and spread the scourge of autism in a defenseless population with indiscriminate jabs of a poisonous needle. No one comes out smelling like a rose here. Either honorable doctors are scapegoated as villains and stripped of their medical credentials. Or otherwise upstanding members of the medical community are turned into liars and accessories of brain murder.

When Galileo was forced to recant his theory the earth moves around the sun, he muttered under his breath, ‘But still it moves.” Vaccine zealots can pontificate Vaccines are safe all they want. But brains still swell. Bodies still go into convulsions. And children still die.

The statistics are frightening. A few decades ago, autism was so rare it was virtually unheard of. As the vaccination schedules were beefed up, it started to grow exponentially. Before you knew it, it was one in 500 children, then one in 150. Then 1 in 100 children. Then 1 in 50 children– or 1 in 35 boys. In the next decade the numbers are projected to go up to 1 in 10. If this trend continues, 1 in 2 children could be autistic by 2030 or 2035. This is not a public health crisis. This is a public health catastrophe.

And it is happening because the medical mafia conspires with the media to murder the souls of our children. What Hitler gave the orders for this mental holocaust? If a mind is a terrible thing to waste, who gave the CDC and Health and Human Services the power to trash children’s minds? Who is compelling good people to commit atrocities that must surely prick their conscience like a sharp needle, if not go against their every moral fiber?

And for what? The usual explanations are twofold. First there is the profit motive. Vaccines are big business for Big Pharma. Not just for the billions they reap from the actual cost of the vaccines. But from a business model that makes the vaccine-sickened and vaccine-injured their customers for life.

Then there is the covert depopulation agenda imputed to the power elite. Americans are gulled into sacrificing their children to vaccines by invoking the fable of herd immunity to appeal to their altruistic instincts. Meanwhile, the oligarchs are free to go about the business of efficiently “culling the herd”– that is, trimming the population through dangerous, often deadly vaccines.

It hardly seems adequate as an explanation. Most vaccine victims aren’t dying– their brains are being scrambled. And what about the gargantuan cost of taking care of them? The financial drain on the public treasury outstrips any profit motive. Who in their right mind would add billions to the welfare budget by systematically expanding the pool of vaccine-injured victims who must be compensated and provided for to their dying day? Yet that is what the legislative push to ban vaccine exemptions will accomplish. How can society possibly pay for the care of this swelling population as autistic infants turn into teenagers and autistic teenagers turn into adults? What kind of method is there in this institutionalized madness?

And then the answer comes like a bolt from the blue. What has been the most alarming fallout from 9-11? The proliferating signs of a police state– the Patriot Act, NSA surveillance, erosion of the Bill of Rights, extrajudicial detentions and killings, etc. Certainly there has been a concerted push in the first decades of the 21st century to lay down the infrastructure of the police state. Exhibit One is the ruthless militarization of local law enforcement. But repression from the top down has its limitations. People are better informed today, they are more aware, more questioning, especially armed with an education from Google University. How do oligarchs cement their grip on power, much less expand their privileged position, in the face of a deepening unease among the general population that the invisible government, with the aid of the visible one, is out to intimidate and enslave the American people? To be sure, they could keep chipping away at our civic right to speak out. But wouldn’t it be easier to just cripple our natural ability to do so?

Ask yourself, how do you stop people from speaking out?

You could pass draconian laws to silence free speech.

Or you could mandate a toxic cocktail of vaccines that robs a whole generation of children of the ability to speak.

How do you stop people from mobilizing together to stand up for their rights?

You could outlaw the right of assembly, or alternately, use riot squads of police to break up Occupy movements.

Or you could just initiate a forced vaccination program that aborts the ability of defenseless babies to develop into fully functioning social animals and degrades their capacity for normal social interactions.

How do you roll back the growth of political movements that hold our government accountable and return power to the people?

You could inflate the threat of terrorism and stampede people into surrendering their hard-won freedoms by submitting to round-the-clock surveillance and outrageous invasions of privacy.

Or you inflate the threat of disease and overload the immune systems of our children with toxic chemicals that turn back the developmental clock and cause them to regress to basket cases that require 24/7 monitoring and care.

The striking thing about autism is that it throws children into a kind of mental prison from which they cannot seem to break out. Here is one M.D.’s description of the first child he saw with autism way back in 1989: “I studied this four-year-old carefully. I could see intelligence behind his eyes but an increasingly high level of frustration was building as it was clear he was trying to communicate verbally and nothing intelligent would come from his lips, just like an old-time phone switchboard where all the wrong wires were plugged into all the wrong connections. The frustration overwhelmed him, and he lost his composure.”[1]

To the average person this seems too heartbreaking for words. To those invested in expanding their police powers and capacity for world domination, it is just what the doctor ordered! Who needs Guantanamo when you can use vaccines to lock up children in a mental prison and throw away the key?

Who needs to shut down the freedom of the Internet when you can inject a four-year-old with a vaccine and scramble the internal connections in his nervous system so that he can’t even communicate properly?

Who needs to break up public assemblies and mass demonstrations when you just front-load a vaccination schedule that nips our children’s attempts at social communication in the bud and hopelessly isolates them in their own private world?

Dictators dream of gaining so much power that they can tower over people like large-than-life gods and cause them to regress to the level of helpless little children. Wouldn’t you know it, vaccines have the power to make that dream true by permanently arresting the development of children into functioning adults.

No wonder the media goes out of its way to drum home the message that vaccines don’t cause autism. Once it becomes general knowledge that that is exactly what vaccines do, there goes their crucial role as a secret weapon in the arsenal of the police state. No one must know forced mass vaccinations are a continuation by other means of the totalitarian agenda launched by 9-11. No one must know they are the latest attempt to roll back the constitutional freedoms and rights hard-won over the last two centuries by wrecking the mental and physical constitutions of our children and disabling their right to be independent persons in their own right.

A responsible, articulate, socially conscious people that can think for itself– isn’t that the greatest threat to a totalitarian agenda? What better way to eliminate that threat than by a mass vaccination program that cracks down on the ability of future generations to mature into responsible, articulate, socially conscious human beings?

Aren’t we a society that respects the freedom and dignity of the common man? What better way to make a mockery of our society than by routinely regressing children en masse to a point where they must be kept in diapers in perpetuity!

That Big Pharma, doctors, media and government watchdogs are colluding to spearhead a frightening epidemic of autism makes perfect sense. Just look at the word that stares out at us from the word vaccine– cow. The ultimate objective of vaccines is to cow the American people into submission. Imagine that a tiny minority has the opportunity to boundlessly expand its power to call the shots– and it can do this without firing a single shot. All it has to do is give each up and coming generation the shots that will arrest it in an infantile state of powerlessness from cradle to grave.

Do you really think it could resist the temptation to jump all over this opportunity?

Neville Raymond@epochchanger

Everyone is pro-vaccination –
until a flu shot paralyzes their friend
or the MMR injures their child
or the DTaP kills their granddaughter.
Vaxxers are converted to antivaxxers
not by Jenny McCarty or Andrew Wakefield
but by the horror of vaccine injury and death



[1]The Big Autism Cover-Up, Foreword

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.


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