Bee Propolis:


Effective remedy for radiation induced oxidative stress and inflammation.


What’s going on here?


By Glen Halls


  • Propolis is the saliva-wax bee product which helps seal cracks in the hive.
  • Propolis contains over 300 active health compounds and is an ancient remedy.
  • Bee Propolis along with honey and pollen would only be as strong and effective as the number, variety, and health of the flowers in their diet. Monocultures are harmful to bees.
  • Propolis was identified as an early effective remedy for ‘Covid’. Was radiation involved?
  • Would propolis be effective now vs the apparent RSV epidemic? Possibly the result of chemtrails, radiation, and spike protein damage and not pathogens per se.?


Bee Propolis has been shown to help relieve oxidative damage from radiation


A friend reminded me of a video interview from Dr. Klinghardt from very early on in the plandemic, about the same time Shiva started doing live videos to educate the misled masses.  Dietrich Klinghardt has long been considered one of the true world authorities on Lyme disease. ( a pervasive parasitic/bacterial infection)


Klinghardt was in direct contact with Doctors in Wuhan in those early days, exchanging ideas.  In addition to the high dose vitamin C protocols Klinghardt and colleagues were reporting that Bee propolis was surprisingly effective in treatment.


This always struck me as curious in that bee propolis is particularly effective at combating the effects of radiation.  Could radiation have been a factor in the so-called “Covid” plandemic?  Could radiation (particularly Ionizing EMF radiation from cellphones, cellphone towers, and wifi) be a factor in the current explosion of serious respiratory disease?


A little background, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt has for decades been a force in helping people with naturopathic and alternative treatments for Lyme. The traditional medical establishment turns people away and really has no answer for a systemic, holistic disease like Lyme.


Dr. Klinghardt has for decades been a leading clinician in the natural-holistic approach to treating lyme disease


Actually the mysterious origins of Lyme disease ( named after Lyme Conneticut) bare striking similarity to some of the  ‘gain of function’ research by Fauci and the gang now becoming mainstream news regarding the origins (and patents) on the so-called Covid virus through dark-allied projects in Amercian Universities and Military facilities.


Lyme disease (Borrellia) is thought to have originated from the Plum Island bio-weapon lab just of North Eastern Long Island, as either escaped, or released gain of function pathogens, and was not even officially medically acknowledged for decades.



Bee Propolis is sometimes called ‘bee glue’ and is actually an ancient health remedy with superior immune boosting properties.


Bee Propolis is sometimes called ‘bee glue’ and is actually an ancient health remedy with superior immune boosting properties.  Propolis is a mixture of bee saliva and bee wax and is the ‘sealing compound’ for small cracks in the hive.


We all know the health of a bees is under assault globally ( the subject for another article) , but one thing that really limits the health and immune strength of bees is a monoculture diet.  If bees are feed single crop flowers, just almond flowers, or just beet juice, their resiliency and immune strength will be far less than ‘ancient bees’ grazing on diverse flora.


Propolis, like bee pollen, would nourished and ‘informed’ by all of the different flower species the bee visited. The more variety in the diet, the greater the potency in the pollen, the stronger the systemic immune support power due to the variety of compounds in the honey, pollen, and propolis.


Bee propolis along with honey and pollen are ancient healing remedies. Propolis contains over 300 natural healing compounds.


Bee propolis, conservatively, actually contains over 300 natural compounds, including amino acids, coumarins, phenolic aldehydes, polyphenols, sequiterpene quinines and steroids.   One of the most studied bee propolis compounds is Chrysin (primarily anti-inflammatory/anti-oxidant)


So, one of the reasons bee pollen would be effective for radiation, is that radiation damage causes a whole cascade of systemic health effects, not just a single problem.   Because propolis contains such a large range of compounds, different components can serve as healing agents to multiple systemic failures and imbalances caused by the radiation damage.


So what is ionizing radiation?  Ionizing radiation is a form of energy that acts by removing electrons from atoms and molecules of materials that include air, water, and living tissue.  Ionizing radiation can alter molecules within the cells of our body.


That action may cause local acute harm in the form of skin or tissue damage, or more long term eventual harm, such as cancers.  One familiar example of ionizing radiation is that of x-rays.   X–rays are “ionizing,” meaning that they can and do remove electrons from atoms and molecules in the matter through which they pass.



Ionizing radiation damages cells and tissues but also generates a complex, systemic cascading effect of damage, including impaired immune function.


Ionizing radiation affects the whole immune system in different ways.  To quote one article: “ Ionizing radiation interacts with the immune system in many ways with a multiplicity that mirrors the complexity of the immune system itself: namely the need to maintain a delicate balance between different compartments, cells and soluble factors that work collectively to protect, maintain, and restore tissue function in the face of severe challenges including radiation damage.”


Whole body exposure to ionizing radiation such as gamma radiation has been experimentally shown to exaggerate inflammatory responses and to increase the release of biochemical mediators.  So not only is there the actual initial damage, but the immune system’s response becomes altered and re-calibrated.


So I want to go back to Dr. Klinghardt and his comments in the early days of so-called Covid. Why would propolis be so effective?  Perhaps it was effective because many of the symptoms attributed to ‘viral’ causes were not so much ‘pneumonia’ as ‘pnuemonitis’, which is inflammation caused by irritants, such as radiation.   I would not be the first person to suggest or note that high levels of Covid infection tended to occur in areas of high wifi and/or 5G radiation.


Which leads us the present situation.  As many articles and common-sense observation have noted, most of North America and certainly where I am in Central Alberta has been absolutely bombarded with chemtrails since the end of August.



Chemtrails and smog. Alberta has been bombarded since August. Chemtrails along with ionizing radiation may create inflammatory lung disease.


Even today in Edmonton, Canada, we have altered weather patterns and continual smog alerts, so much so that the school children have been kept inside.  The air is thick with chemtrails, bombarding us all night long.  There are few patches of sunshine here and there, but mostly it the sky, and the air, is a grey haze.


Certainly, for those in my healing circle I recommend not even going outside on those days, and I very often will recommend a strong licorice root tea or other known anti-inflammatory to assist.


Dr. Shiva gave a great lecture video on the good effects of curcumin on lung inflammation. (you can get curcumin in liposomal form for even better effect, or as Shiva says, just cook it for a while in warm milk and drink it in the Old Indian ways, a simple way to get that ‘liposomal coating’ for better absorption. )


What resulted this fall is a huge uptick in what has been called RSV ( common respiratory virus that usually causes mild, cold-like symptoms.) Most people recover in a week or two, but RSV can be serious, especially for infants and older adults. RSV is the most common cause of bronchiolitis (inflammation of the small airways in the lung) and pneumonia.


Certainly an increase in colds and flu and the seriousness of colds and flu can been seen across the board in people who have had their immune systems virtually dismantled by the bioweapon injections and boosters.    But I believe there is more. I believe what we are seeing here is primarily respiratory inflammation (pneumonitis), not infection per se but perhaps complicated by infection, which is the result of continued bombardment of chemtrails in the air, along with increased ionizing radiation in the form of 5G.


Can Radiation effect the lungs? Yes.  According to recent research, “Clinical and experimental data are used to describe the acute and late reactions of the lung to both external and internal radiation including pneumonitis, fibrosis and carcinogenesis. Acute radiation pneumonitis, which can be fatal, develops in both humans and animals within 6 months of exposure to doses greater than or equal to 8 Gy of low LET radiation. “ ( In fairness they are talking about higher dose acute cancer-type radiation treatments here)

Ionizing radiation can damage the lungs in many ways. Lymphatic drainage, gas exchange, and inflammation create a chain reaction of modifiers.


One thing they discuss though is that the ‘drainage mechanisms’ such as the lymphatic system are compromised, which can further exchange the ‘gas exchange’ properties in the lungs. Remember the main function of capillaries in the alveoli. If you cannot exchange these gases properly, you will have too much CO2 and not enough oxygen, leading to shortness of breath.


Another article states: Ionizing radiation can impair the integrity of the blood brain barrier (BBB), allowing more toxins into the brain tissue. Another article concludes that negative effects of ionizing radiation are amplified by other pre-existing risk factors for chronic bronchopulmonary disease.” They are talking mostly about smoking, but we can include atmospheric pollutants, and vax-induced spike proteins to this predisposition.


Many will of course cry conspiracy theorist at this, but I actually own an EMF field meter (you can get them on amazon for 50 bucks) and have tested the radiation coming from the hockey-puck transceivers on the top of the lamp posts.  What I observed was not a steady stream of higher amplitude readings but rather intermittent ‘spikes’. Consistent but intermittent spikes into the ‘red zone’ of reading.



Do cell towers cause ionizing radiation biological damage to human cells?


Does 5G (cell tower) radiation or wifi radiation actually cause cellular and tissue damage or inflammation.  According to the Government and most published research, no absolutely not, never, no no no, no way, not at all.  You will be punished for even suggesting this nonsense.


So we look to the published and unpublished research by serious people.  In the Letter by Dr. Martin Pall, Emeritus Professor of Washington State University, (2019) he notes that government ‘safety guidelines’ do not actually discuss or predict biological effects of cell tower and wifi EMF radiation.


He also notes that the ‘pulsations’ which I myself notated on my own EMF meter, are not factored into their guidelines,  and that most of the “Trust us it’s safe” research out there cites these safety guidelines as proof, even though they are flawed and thus fraudulent.


Pall then attaches a letter which gives research by a group of independent research scientists on the biological effects of EMF radiation, all of whom were personally attacked via ‘character assassination’ for stating the truth.  Please check out the references and follow up for yourself, but among their cumulative findings are:


·         25 different reviews on lowered fertility in humans and in animals;


·         29 different reviews on neurological/neuropsychiatric effects;


·         24 different reviews on three different effects on cellular DNA – effects known to produce mutations;


· 15 different reviews on apoptosis (programmed cell death) – important for producing both infertility and neurodegeneration;


·         25 different reviews on oxidative stress/free radical damage, important in causing most human chronic diseases;


·         15 different reviews on endocrine (that is hormonal) effects


·          16 different reviews on excessive intracellular calcium (thought to cause almost all of the other effects);


·          39 different reviews on cancer causation;


·          9 different reviews on cardiac effects on the electrical control of the heart.



Of those the one I am referring to today is the Oxidative stress/free radical damage of EMF radiation, which, I hypothesize, in convergence with chemtrail bombardment, is actually the root cause of the huge uptick in respiratory illness we are seeing today.


So I wish to quote or summarize Dr. Klinghardt from that video interview ( see references) He describes a ‘perfect storm’ of an attack on humans basically 4 fronts: Chemicals/metals in the air ( specifically aluminum) , Glyphosates in the food chain, Fluoride in the water, and, EMF radiation from wifi and cellphones, all working together basically to kill humans slowly through chronic inflammatory disease.


Klinghardt has his own take, to which I actually concur, that this perfect storm is even more specifically targeting the pineal gland. That would be for another day as it gets into more esoteric science but the Pineal Gland is more or less regarded as a kind of antenna for higher dimensional or higher consciousness energies.



A  perfect ‘by design’ storm of fluoride, glyphosates, cell phone and wifi radiation, plus chemtrails, may impair the pineal gland and cause chronic inflammatory disease in humans, lowering life span.


This all brings us back to Bee Propolis. Propolis is noted for its efficacy in combatting the oxidative and inflammatory damage of radiation in particular.  One article states regarding gamma radiation,  “Propolis extract preserved the intestinal integrity and largely protected against the changes induced in the histology damage score and all parameters measured, possibly as a result of the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action of its caffeic acid content.”



Bee propolis has shown to limit the oxidative damage from ionizing radiation and speed recovery


Another study notes that propolis, in combination with thymoquinone from Nigella Sativa ( or Black Cumin Seed)  is particularly good against radiation damage.  “The findings obtained in the study might suggest that propolis, caffeic acid phenethyl ester, Nigella sativa oil, and thymoquinone could prevent cataractogenesis in ionizing radiation-induced cataracts in the lenses of rats”  ( Sounds like Propolis might be good for the eyes)



The combination of bee propolis and black seed oil and thymoquinone are really good at combating the oxidative damage effects of ionizing radiation


Another article simply concludes “The use of propolis has a significant protective effect against the adverse effects of oxidative stress-related lung injury caused by ionizing radiation.”


This brings us back to the early days of “Covid”.  Why would propolis be so helpful? Could it be because radiation was involved? and I feel that many of the covid symptoms were in fact radiation-induced lung inflammatory symptoms.


Could it be that the present wave of ‘RSV’ (mislabeled) infection and so many people with bronchitis and respiratory disease not only stems from vax-impaired immune systems, but from that perfect storm of metal-laced chem trail bombardment simultaneous with ionizing radiation from cellphone towers and wifi ( turned up)?


This is just conjecture as I do not have hard evidence for this. But, I do know that many friends in respiratory distress these last couple of months have not been given antibiotics, but rather steroids to bring down that inflammation in the lungs. (which in fairness could also be caused, or co-caused, by pathogens such as bacteria or parasite) I also know that they have successfully recovered with the aid of herbal anti-inflammatories.



Licorice root may be very helpful for lung inflammation.


Most commonly, I recommend licorice root.  I would add propolis to that recommendation. Try to find a local organic source, and ask what the bees are fed. Ideally, they are free range over clover, flowers, and wildflowers in an area where no glyphosates or other herbicides/insecticides are used.  Hard to find.  Perhaps it’s time we all started growing our own?



It is so hard to find healthy organic bee populations. The time has come for us all to create our own local organic source via backyard bee boxes.


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