Beyond the Self – Phantom Work Part Three


by Lorenzo



Beyond the self lays all else. Beyond your suffering, beyond the delusions of daily existence, beyond the thoughts which tell us what they do, but rarely have a kind word of success as we may wish to hear and experience.


Self-Help is the big distraction here. It is my-self which has kept me in that cage of unhappy times. Why would I seek to help that part of me get stronger? A rhetorical question, I would not.


It has, that old self, knotted me by habits, beliefs, old ideas of what is and is not possible. All the garbage that stank up my daze are what the self brought up…as is thrown up; a vomitus torrent of stinky past regret and most other peoples ideas of what my life should be like.


Imagination, will, intent and inspiration all come from someplace beyond my self. The best parts of me are loving, honest and ready to do what must be done, or undone, to allow the best I can be to exist as free.


phantom: [noun] something apparent to sense but with no substantial existence : apparition. something elusive or visionary. an object of continual dread or abhorrence.


Phantom work/play then is going beyond what you can hold, as the definition says, something at present with ‘no substantial existence’, and yet, can be felt, event tasted for me at times.


What am I missing? What have I given up?  Where is the best of myself I allowed to slip away by agreeing to whatever limitations were passed to me as necessary or mandatory, even ruled or lawed into this illusionary existence most call reality? All good questions and all worth exploring.


I have seen, the answer to these are solely for me to find for myself, as yours are for you. Only we can find our phantom parts our missing bits. And, if we are lucky, diligent and forceful in the best of ways, entice them back.


Please enjoy Part 3 here of my 3 part, so far, series, Phantom Work  – Beyond the Self.





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