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Bridging Worlds with Simon Haiduk


A Therapist’s Tale with Jane Calm



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Episode 2  | Bridging Worlds w/ Simon Haiduk| In this episode host, Matt Xian is joined in conversation by artist and musician Simon Haiduk. The two recount their early psychedelic experiences and discuss artistic expression as a form of integration. Simon also shares stories from his travels to spiritual locations across the world as the two discuss the importance of community in the modern era.















Episode 11 | A Therapist’s Tale w/ Jane Calm| On this episode host Matt Xian has a conversation with Jane Calm. Jane is a Therapeutic Counsellor with a background in the counterculture. Jane shares her views on relationships, upbringing, spirituality and plant medicine, shedding light on her journey along the way. The two discuss the links between happiness, fulfillment and success, archetypes, and the use of psychedelic medicines, like MDMA, in therapy.