Calling In Balance: New Age Versus ex-New Age Extremes

By William Emmerson


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Intent of writing

What is stronger than fear? I’d say hope… You see, hope can be one of the most powerful motivating forces that awakens an unprecedented level of empowerment within an individual, but it can also be used to ensnare and manipulate to the point where someone loses their sense of self in order to “be saved”, or to escape their pain and discomfort. Both the topics of fear and hope are central to understanding how the New Age and its opposition functions.

To begin, I want to say hello to my readers. It feels good to be able to express what is the most pressing topic for me at present, so thanks for joining me and taking the time to tease and provoke your mind .. I am using this piece as a way to generate discussion and to hear your personal experience. To understand where you are at in your own journey of deeper innerstanding, and the frameworks you utilise to make sense of why we are here, and where we are going next – in order to make sense of our lives and give it some sort of meaning.

I only ever write from direct personal experience and observation, and do not present any of my ideas as “fact”, but as concepts that can be pondered upon and explored within yourself to see whether it resonates.


New Age vs. anti New Age

It is not difficult to witness the ever increasing levels of polarization that exist within society, where if an individual is not careful and discerning they fall right out of one Matrix trap, and into another. Individuals waking up to the corruption and evils of this world start searching for answers from modern spiritual doctrine and ancient esoteric wisdom. They can add channeling, light language, calling in guides, psychedelics and so on and so forth to their repertoire in order to understand themselves and the world around them. This, however, can be dangerous in the sense that it is taking an individual away from themselves and getting them to shift their power to something external, something outside of themselves. And if done in an unbalanced, un-discerning way can lead them out of the frying pan and into the fire, so to speak.

Just as the individual starts to question authority, they are then conveniently given another version of this authority in the form of a spiritual guru, guides, angels, “ascended” masters, reiki energy energy etc etc which is very often false white light that can knock an individual off their own path – as confirmed by many practitioners who deal with people harmed by the New Age in their own energy work sessions. These mechanisms form the perfect tool for dominion over individuals in order to pacify and distract away from real and important issues at hand.

In my eyes, the New Age is mostly an ungrounded and illusory fantasy land, where individuals are living on “hopium” and toxic positivity in order to avoid having to face any kind of darkness that exists within this Earthly realm (or within themselves for that matter). Conspiracy theories run rampant through the community, keeping people passive and distracted, whilst they try and figure out whether experimental jabs contain nanobots or hydras, or how many events are planned and controlled by a ruling faction of the population  – something we’ll probably never know the exact truth of in our lifetime.. Like most conspiracy theories, we’ll never know the full extent of what is really going on. It will only drive us into endless loops, where we will go mad in the search for “truth”. It may also convince us that we are insignificant victims with no control over our own destiny.

Then… There is the pendulum swing phenomenon that comes into play once someone has awoken to the false truther, spiritual awakening. Only to realize that they were blinded by wishful thinking and bypassing. Once someone has left one state of being and transitioned into another, they can often find themselves acting out extreme forms of behaviour associated with this new shift. And since hope is stronger than fear, the “hopium” from the New Age dissipates, and the person is left like an addict in withdrawal. Their crutch has been removed. It is often easy for an ex New Ager to fall into a deep depression of kinds, trying to work out what they can trust or believe in after they feel so betrayed and abandoned. To me the latter is almost as detrimental as former New Age beLIEfs. Quite frankly, yet another trap set up by the controllers to take individuals away from themselves, and to get them to hate and constantly judge the world we live in and the others around them.

They begin to label absolutely every spiritual practice or state of being as a deception. We can call this the “Anti New Age” movement. What I have noticed from people who have started waking up to the fact that 80%+ of modern and ancient spirituality has been hijacked, is that they feel incredibly deceived and abandoned not only by their government, and most of mainstream society, but now they have lost all trust in their spiritual community. This can lead to negativity and paranoia, where an individual begins judging anyone spiritual as New Age and false. It is as if the joy has been sucked out of the individual to the point where the person, rather than being New Age “love and light” fake happy, is instead miserable and almost nihilistic in nature. This is because they have rejected any possible positive aspect of spirituality and our inherent Godly nature.

These topics were first discussed by Tena and Karen of Beyond Quantum Healing, and you can find the video here: – I feel it is really important to credit these practitioners, since they are perfectly “on the money” when it comes to explaining what is going on with our planet in a way that is balanced and heart-centered. This is done without being overly woo woo, or on the other end of the spectrum, doom and gloom. Check them out if you’re interested, their work has helped me immensely in my journey for balance over the past few months.


                            Symbol of scales is made of stones on the boulder

Credit: Styf22 


In the past I would focus on problems, without ever going into how I think we can move forward and provide solutions. This is where I believe we can shift feelings of fear and victim-hood, into a sense of hope and empowerment. After all, this is a big issue I find with both the New Age and anti-New Age movement. No one really provides solutions that actually serve. Both sides tend to get stuck in a rut with a lot of bypassing and avoidance and without any true progression.


To combat these issues, I will offer several steps for achieving balance:


Knowing thyself – inner exploration

Coming back to thyself – removing external distractions

Connecting with nature – nature is pure and incorruptible

Connecting to the subconscious mind – for answers and hidden knowledge

Connecting with heart & light energy – grounded and within YOU

Discerning whether a movement or belief system takes you away from yourself

Searching for an anchor of hope within YOUrself


I am going to be exploring these further in future writing to avoid making this article far too wordy, so stay tuned.


                                            3d render image of a maze.

Credit:Vasil Dimitrov

My story & wrapping things up:


My own personal story involves being funneled from the New Age into this anti-New Age movement. Searching for something to hold onto, becoming too transfixed on the system and its “controllers”. Questioning the reality of this world to the point where I had lost enjoyment in the simple things in life. I started to reject and pick apart absolutely everything. So this writing is confirmation of me coming out the other side of this trap. Sending you the message that it is possible to recover from the deception and feel hopeful in a grounded way. However we got here – as there are multiple theories to explain this – we must not forget to enjoy our lives in the process. Otherwise we lose sight of ourselves and begin to focus too heavily on things that do not matter, or things we cannot control or change.

We can find balance by taking the true, grounded aspects of both New Age and anti-New Age principles, and stripping this down. It then becomes undeniable that we are spiritual beings, and our soul is having a human experience in a physical (and often limited) 3D body. But our soul essence will always be there, untapped and loyal to us. What I am getting at is that once everything has been stripped away, once there is nothing left to rely on, no external saviour programme, no hopium false white light high, nothing to save you but yourself – the only way out is within. The individual is finally ready to discover their true power.

It is evident that there is a powerful benevolent and supportive force that is running through the cosmos, as much as a dark and nefarious one. This is the premise of this piece of writing. To reinforce how it is essential to bring balance into one’s life rather than picking a side or taking things to extremes. Furthermore, to transform fear into hope, but in a grounded way. We need to strip away the many layers of the onion of consciousness and remove external influence. But to become bitter, cynical and downright hateful is never a good position to be in. There IS something more to this world than negativity and control.

The more inner exploration we do, the more real we become. All this stripping away is incredibly liberating, but also scary at times. We must try not to lose hope. Because now we have the chance for balance and an innerstanding of what needs to be done. From this place we will then know that the only real thing left is our soul, our spirit, our essence. No guides, no safety net, no hopium, no nothing. Just you and I grounded in hope for the present moment and for the future.


Credit: Marek Piwnicki


So what is your story when it comes to making sense of yourself and this world? Did you fall into New Age or anti-new age territory at any point?

How do you generate a sense of hope, in the most grounded way possible.. Please share your techniques to help others 🙂

Thank you for reading, and I hope this article helps guide you towards your true spiritual power.

-William Emmerson




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