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It’s All Playing Out: Taking a Closer Look at a “Leaked” Email from PMO’s Office From 7 Months Ago..




A reported leaked Government Email back in 2020 which many claimed was false is now appearing to be reality as everything it said has already come true in 2021.

This is what’s going to happen to you if you keep complying with mask mandates and obeying restrictions.

Protests will do absolutely nothing. You are all being laughed at by the ones in power.

What has to happen are physical arrests of these criminals, physical repercussions against the corrupt cops and politicians. That’s the only way to take back your rights, freedom and your country.

As a Vaccinated Trans human, you will have No Rights ….PERIOD!

The Governments plan for you is straight forward – Get Vaccinated and own Nothing.

All your debts will be paid and you will be given a modest Universal Income to buy some food and beer ….that’s it!

Those who refuse to co-operate will be sent to Detention (Concentration) camps until they comply.

This is The New World Order and you will apparently get to like it.

Get ready for The Great Reset.

Rocco Galati



What kind of world do you want to live in and see? What are some characteristics of it? Let us know in the comments. Putting your own plan in place for what you want to see in your own life is imperative. Just start imagining.

Many people thought this was fake news when it first started circulating, but now that we have about 7 months of experience we can see things have pretty much taken shape as according to the email.

The more light and exposure that these plans get, the less likely they are to go through. Believe that. I

n the coming months we will be seeing people, not just politicians, but government health officials, high ranking officers, members of the press, societal figure heads and more, be held accountable for their incompetence, deliberate and over-reaching abusive use of power, over not only Canadians, but humanity as a whole.

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