Celebrating Slavery


At the Recombinant Royal Crowning



by Julian Rose



The Coronation of King Charles 111 will be remembered, if indeed it is remembered, for the pronouncement by the Archbishop of Canterbury a few days before the event, that people watching on television and on the streets should pay homage to the new King by shouting their pledge of support at the moment the King makes his Coronation Oath.


The Archbishop’s recommendation, as published in the mainstream press, states:


‘All who so desire, in the Abbey, and elsewhere, say together:‘I swear that I will pay true allegiance to Your Majesty, and to your heirs and successors according to law. So help me God.’


The extraordinary irony of this call is based on the fact that the Coronation Oath is the moment when the King is supposed to pledge his unstinting commitment to protecting the liberties and traditions of his people and nation.  Particular relevant under the current vicious attacks on civil liberties.


The Archbishop thus deftly reversed the roles. By placing the emphasis on the people pledging their support to the monarch, rather than the monarch pledging his support to the people, he gave Charles’s highly controversial leadership role with the World Economic Forum, a significant boost.


The WEF’s ‘Great Reset’, as we well know by now, is not about supporting human liberties and national values, but about totally destroying them and dismantling the Nation State in favour of a technocratic and robotic New World Order.


The head of the Church of England thus publicly introduced a treasonous and satanic element into the royal ceremony which seemed to perfectly fit the actuality of the sinister power game in which royalty, the church, corporations and government are so deeply engrossed.


The ritualistic Coronation ceremony which took place on May 6th, exhibited all the usual well rehearsed promotional paraphernalia that one expects from this show piece of British military discipline.


As the entourage of royal celebrities and foreign dignitaries made its way down The Mall, the crowds lining the route celebrated their slavery to the globalist agenda via mindless, almost hysterical adoration of many of its chief proponents. Coupled with an unhealthy and perhaps sub conscious homage to the British class system.


Royalty’s wealth is built on the exploitation of ‘the working people’. Yet, Charles is held to be a ‘people’s king’ because, in carefully choreographed publicity exercises he can go to the pub and enjoy a pint with the locals.


‘The firm’ that manages royalty knows a great show is a welcome diversion from the ever increasing strictures of the surveillance state; the sliding economy; the crumbling National Health Service; the political sleaze and endless rhetoric of lies that come from Westminster – all of which are anesthetized by a grand spectacle.


Not to mention the tragic increase in ‘sudden deaths’ amongst the 80% of the British population who decided to take the weaponised ‘vaccine’ and the overall sense that Britain is sinking into oblivion – and more literally – into the Atlantic Ocean.


A great ‘outer show’ nearly always disguises an equally great inner lack. A loss of direction and meaning and a beguiling deception perpetrated on those who actually see royal figureheads as ‘great people’ serving the nation and upholding its honourable traditions.


Oh dear, how much further from reality can things go?


British royalty has a way of richly endorsing crimes against humanity, provided they serve ‘the cause’. Charles’s mother, Queen Elizabeth, bestowed a knighthood on Klaus Schwab at Davos in 2006, via attendee Jack Straw, a British parliamentarian.


‘Arise Sir Klaus, and do thy deadly deeds with the blessings of Her Majesty.’


Just as was done earlier for George Bush, General Norman Schwarzkopf and most recently (by King Charles,) Pascal Soriot, director of AstraZeneca.  All individuals at the very forefront of large scale adventures in mass murder.


There is a low vibrational, primitive and insidious darkness that underlies the fake regal demeanour of modern royals. They are all in service to the court of Mammon, while outwardly displaying the facade of ‘good Christians’.


It is this dark hypocrisy that was being celebrated at the Coronation ceremony on May 6th. Exactly the same ‘shape shifting’ artfulness which is being practiced by all members of the ‘elite club’ which presently controls this planet.


The adoring crowds waving their plastic red, white and blue flags along the ceremonial route from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Cathedral could only see the superficial splendour and not the deception.


How long will it be before the greater part of humanity learns to recognise the difference between the seductive play of the Satanic and the true expression of responsible statesmanship?



Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, a writer and international activist.


He is President of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside and author of ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind’ See www.julianrose.info



He is co-founder of The Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology https://hardwickalliance.org/  and President of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside. Julian is a strong defender of pro ecological and traditional small farmers and successfully led ‘The Campaign to Save Real Milk’ against two UK government’s attempts to ban it.  To find out more and to learn about his books, visit www.julianrose.info


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