Child Testifies About WiFi at Her School Giving Her Microwave Sickness – a Medically Recognized Illness



By B.N. Frank

Microwave Sickness is not new or uncommon. When it becomes disabling, it is referred to as Electromagnetic Sensitivity.  It is caused by exposure to sources of Electromagnetic Radiationwhich is sometimes referred to as “Electrosmog.” Exposure is cumulative and no one is immune, though some tolerate it better than others.



Unfortunately, Microwave Sickness is often misdiagnosed.  Replacing WiFi in schools with wired internet protects all children from unnecessary exposure to harmful radiation which could make them sick and/or disabled.  That’s not unreasonable, right?







Activist Post reports regularly about biological and environmental risks from all sources of Electrosmog.  For more information, visit our archives and the following websites:

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