Canadian Universities Complicit in Forced Human Experimentation

Key Points:

  • Mandatory vaccine policies at post-secondary institutions are clearly intended to coerce students to accept an experimental medical treatment.
  • These institutions have betrayed not only the students but all of humanity.
  • There is no medical or legal justification to discriminate against those who choose not to partake in this human experiment.


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“Educational institutions have no business pressuring, influencing, forcing, compelling, coercing, nor extorting students to assume an Emergency Use Authorization only inoculation as a term of attending.”
– Rocco Galati, Constitutional Lawyer


The University of Waterloo, Wilfred Laurier University, the University of Guelph, the University of Toronto, Western University, Seneca College, Fanshaw College and other institutions of post-secondary education are imposing unconstitutional vaccine mandates as a condition of enrolment in the full university/college experience.

The policies of these institutions are clearly intended to coerce students to accept the use of an experimental medical treatment. These actions reveal their complete disregard for Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, codes of ethics of medical and scientific research, and international agreements on human rights such as the Nuremberg Code and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Forced Human Experimentation Universally Condemned

These universities and colleges are complicit in forced human experimentation, a practice that was universally condemned following WWII, and the disclosure of human experimentation upon non-consenting individuals by the Nazi regime.

Governors and administrators of such policies would be advised to consult with students and faculty in their own departments of science and history to better understand the impact of coercive and tyrannical measures imposed under the guise of ‘the greater good’. History and science are replete with examples of systemic abuse perpetuated based on ideologies and in violation of fundamental human rights, principles, and ethics.

Vaccine experimentation upon the vulnerable is not new. In a videotaped deposition, Dr. Stanley Plotkin, considered “the godfather” of vaccination due to his involvement in the development of numerous vaccines revealed the common practice of testing experimental vaccine products upon our First Nations people in residential schools, children in orphanages, children, and adults in third world countries, and on mothers and their infants in prisons.

It is absolutely unconscionable that today’s institutions of higher learning are ignorant of these past atrocities and would participate in imposing experimental vaccines upon today’s youth. In doing so, they have betrayed not only the students but all of humanity. Institutions like these have abandoned the most fundamental principles of a free and democratic society. This violation of our most fundamental rights and freedoms cannot be tolerated.


In the words of Ontario Pastor Henry Hildebrandt – “Freedom taken away from one of us is freedom taken away from all of us.”





Forced Vaccination Constitutes Bullying and Discrimination




The forced prescribing of any medical treatment as a condition of enrollment constitutes bullying and discrimination. These universities and colleges contravene their own discrimination and harassment policies by making an arbitrary, unlawful, and the medically unsupported distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated students.

This violation is especially egregious when the treatment is a never before used medical device that has yet to receive formal approval as a result of demonstrated safety and efficacy and for which the manufacturer is not legally liable for any injury or death caused by their product.

The actions of these institutions violate their own policies and commitments to a barrier-free learning and working environment, such as:

  • standards of conduct that support recognizing real and/or perceived conflict of interest situations
  • ensuring a learning and working environment in which all members of the community are included, welcomed, and respected
  • fostering a respectful workplace through the prevention and prompt resolution of workplace harassment, discrimination, or bullying.

The entire premise of these injection policies is predicated on coercion to accept unwanted, unnecessary, and inadequately tested products. There has been no completion of clinical trials or even an Impact/Risk-Benefit Assessment to determine the safety and efficacy of these products.
To impose such terms and conditions is to be complicit in the erosion of our rights and freedoms. These public institutions must honor and respect the right of all individuals to make their own medical decisions, rather than support a system of coercion, intimidation, and discrimination.
These universities and colleges have no medical or legal authority to discriminate against those who choose not to partake in this human experiment. Nor do they have the authority to breach privacy rights. To impose the injection of the novel genetic technology as a condition of participation in campus life poses a serious threat not only to the constitutional civil liberties of students and faculty but to all of us.

What is transpiring in our college and university campuses is effectively a referendum on freedom. Our youth are being asked to sacrifice their freedom, their right to bodily sovereignty, and their right to informed consent if they wish to partake in higher education.

We Must Resist Such Tyranny

Given the blatant disregard for fundamental rights and freedoms, parents and students are justifiably questioning the quality of higher education a student would receive at such institutions. We encourage all freedom loving individuals to resist such tyranny and withdraw their support for any institution that fails to recognize and abide by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and ethical codes of medical and scientific research.

We encourage concerned parents and students to watch this press release video from Children’s Health Defense Canada and the Constitutional Rights Centre, joined by medical and academic experts, as they announce the challenging of illegal and unconstitutional mandatory COVID ‘vaccine’ policies at Ontario Colleges and Universities.

Update: The Constitutional Rights Centre, on behalf of Children’s Health Defence Canada has now served legal notice to colleges and universities across the province of Ontario inclusively with regards to “COVID 19 Vaccination” – August 2, 2021

While refusing to partake in such coercion may result in a temporary inconvenience to pursuing one’s educational goals, this inconvenience is no doubt more tolerable than the acceptance of a system of coercive control where our most basic and fundamental rights and freedoms are lost.

We will preserve our rights and freedoms only if we stand up and defend them.

Vaccine Choice Canada

A cease and desist letter drafted by the Constitutional Rights Centre is available here.
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Coercion is Not Consent

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