Revocation of Media Systems


Within my past, present and future beings, selves and existences in this dimension and time stream and all time streams above and below the Earthcentric sine wave of co-existence…

At this exact moment, in the ever-present co-creating moment, I summon all DNA lineage ancestors to create a unified-proper spiritual court of equity so I may find remedy and resolve with all contracts that have inserted fine print during the pre-birth and birth process.

I call forth the proper spiritual court of equity to hear my decree of contract removal.

I revoke all spiritual contracts with Earth based media systems using domination and control as a means of energy harvesting, fear instigation or reality manipulation with energetic propaganda technologies.

I call forth all ancestors of all soul relations to hold space in this spiritual court of equity. I call to Earth Mother and all her light denizens within all inner and outer space to come forward and occupy this spiritual court of equity.

Great Mystery who is the source of all power, I call to You!

Come with your sacred synchronicity so all beings may hold space with unity consciousness.

I hereby revoke all spiritual contracts with all media personalities that do not have full use of free will and full knowledge of our DNA ancestry.

I hereby revoke all spiritual contracts with all media agencies, corporations, and media based family crests.

I hereby revoke all spiritual contract assumptions, presumptions and statistical models that predict my habit patterns through the use of commercial advertising intertwined with the system of domination and control.

I do not consent to Etheric grid broadcasting over Public airwaves, television, internet, radio or any other means or methods that propagate propaganda for mass consumption.

I do not consent to predictive modeling by Etheric or commercial means.
I hereby revoke all spiritual contracts with all media based sacred geometry buildings.

I hereby revoke all spiritual contracts with:

-the sacred geometry media presidents
-news anchors
-news reporters
-talking heads
-and all representations of government officials within the entire global media network.

You have no power over me with your presumptions of knowledge.

We are manifesting, co-creating spirits.

I hereby revoke all spiritual contracts with:

-all news regurgitating systems



-search engines

-print media

-and all forms of Etheric propaganda used within all these systems.

I revoke all presumptions of consent with all media agencies.

I revoke all assumptions with all advertising agencies that are funded by the system of domination and control.

I do not consent with any advertising systems targeting soul groups, soul migrations, or the spiritual incarnation process.

I hereby revoke all spiritual contracts that limit the genetic free willed expression of all sentient kind.

I revoke all spiritual contracts that define the media as our tellers of oral traditions or generational teachers.

I revoke all contracts with the sacred geometry satellite broadcasting system.

I revoke all contracts with Etheric artificial intelligences that use sacred geometry satellite systems as a means to hijack my information stream.

I do not consent to psychic monitoring or influencing from any media system that services the system of domination and control.

I hereby demand the instant removal of all broadcast based psychic parasites and their propagation and harvesting system that creates herds of psychic parasites.

I revoke all contracts that use my life force as a false-form of consent for the propagation and spreading of psychic parasite with all my DNA soul relations.

I hereby revoke all soul contracts that grant the media power to last beyond one generation of history.

I demand all rights of generational knowledge be returned to the soul family structure.

I demand the return of our history in a complete and transparent manner, so there shall no longer be secrets kept from our people.

I hereby revoke all rights, duties, responsibilities and current actions of all media personalities. Your services are no longer required.

I revoke all privileges that grant the media families any power over my soul contracts, soul family or soul based migration patterns.

I revoke all rights to any media system based in domination and control from ever returning within my soul family structure of all past, present and future lives.

I hereby demand the instant cessation and removal of all false information from all media.

I hereby demand that any and all future distribution of information over all forms of media absolutely embodies truth, integrity and transparency in perpetuity.

I hereby declare that Earth Mother is now in dominion with me for all local or mass media information exchange systems.

I call forth all the ancestors to honour this reading of my free will and enter it into the Earth Akashic record for all sentient kind to understand our freedom comes with the use of free will at all times.


About Andrew


Andrew Bartzis is a transcendent teacher, Shaman and Reiki master with the rare ability of being able to access the Akashic Records of our planet and all that this universe encompasses at will.

Also known as the Galactic Historian, he’s able to read and interpret individual, cultural, global, and galactic histories (past, present, and future) with everyone who’s eager to learn. Just as if you would look through a clear glass of pure water, Andrew can read the Akashic Records while in a fully conscious state.

Which means he can read your records while fully engaging with you in a warm, light­hearted manner and sacred neutral state.

As an Akashic reader and master healer for over a quarter century, his goal is to help the world around him by sharing information from this sacred neutral state of no­time. By bringing forth the power of contract revocations, he helps individuals reclaim their sovereign free will and find their way to peace, joy and happiness. For indeed that is what we all seek!



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