Corporate-State Fascism Is Already Here

Long live capitalism.

Good Citizen

“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” — Not Benito Mussolini, but still true.

Corporations have been controlling governments across the west to varying degrees since there were governments to control. Today this happens with back room deal making, revolving doors of executives shuffling between board rooms and government agencies charged with that industry’s oversight and then back to the board room. It happens through funding research with corporate grants and state subsidies in what is now called ‘regulatory capture’.

We do not call ‘regulatory capture’ bribery or corruption. We do not even call bribery or massive corruption in government by its real name, we call it “lobbying”. We do not call the lateral move from corporation to government agencies on behalf of that corporation’s industry corruption, we call it “public service”. No matter how large the speaking fees or how many millions in stock options await the public servant they are apparently still serving the public and not the corporation.

When politicians take millions in contributions from corporations we do not call that corruption either, or bribery, we call it “campaign financing” through “political action committees”. No matter how many millions the politician raises through these legal mechanisms we are still supposed to believe they will serve the voters and not their financial contributors.

When corporate lawyers working for lobbying firms write legislation for congress, often prepared in advance of manufactured “news” (sometimes catastrophic events: See Patriot Act) that warrants its immediate passing and signing without meaningful debate or even lawmakers reading the bill, we call this the “legislative process”.

When vaccine trials with experimental gene therapy are rammed through something called ‘operation warp speed’ with falsified data and questionable practices and immediately approved for emergency use authorization while suppressing cheap effective therapies at the expense of millions of lives, we call this “following the science”. We do not call it Democide or Pharmacide.

When the man who was part of creating and funding the man-made virus that was “accidentally” released from a level four bio lab in China is put in charge of managing the government response to his own catastrophic failures, we do not call him a war criminal but a “public health servant”. He is paraded across the public airwaves for two years making contradictory statements while hailed by Corporate-State elites as a hero.

The word “Orwellian” gets bandied about daily now, and rightly so. The people sense they are watching the boot of tyranny descend closer and closer to their heads.

War is Peace.

War criminals are heroes.

Bribery is lobbying.

Corruption is regulatory capture.

Looting Treasuries is Quantitative Easing.

When children are forced to wear masks that do absolutely nothing other than destroy their souls and torment them psychologically this is sold to the inquisitive parent and obedient masses as “public health policy” for the “common good”. It’s never called overt child abuse worthy of prison time for those who mandate or enforce it.

Freedom is Slavery.

Child abuse is safety for the common good.

George Carlin warned us about euphemisms and political correctness. Ronald Regan warned us about fascism masquerading as liberalism. When we allow the government and its public relations servants in the media to manipulate language against us, what evils will they cloak next in benign adornments of bureaucratic double speak?

Will they call for the end of civilian casualties and suffering in Ukraine with more war? How about cloaking World War Three with something called a ‘no-fly zone’?

If the bankers of global management want another brother war on European soil, they will find a way to engineer it as they did the last two. It would allow them to accelerate the final stages of transition from free market capitalism rooted in western consumerism and interconnected global trade with winners and losers, to a top down, centrally controlled system of elite-managed Corporate-State Fascism.

The transition has been in the works since the turn of the century, though it’s roots can be traced to a series of events last century: 1) The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 2) End of the gold standard 3) Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999. The past two years have presented a series of “opportunities” to usher in their new normal through a ‘build back better’ program which cements the final transition to total tyranny. We know this, because they have told us this is what they have planned for us.

In order to realize their new normal tyranny, dissent must be punished. Emergency authorizations must be enacted to stop protestors who challenge authority and power. Corporations must work hand in glove with states to realize whatever is needed.

For years tech monopolies have worked with western intelligence agencies to collect everything on their citizens and spy on them. They are now openly working with governments to publicly censor speech and label truth as “misinformation”. This can earn the added label “Covid-misinformation” or “Russian-disinformation” for that extra boost it needs to convince the masses that only “authoritative sources” are to be trusted.

What constitutes an authoritative source? Corporate media that works with the agents of state power, mainly oligarchs and their foundations. This includes wikipravda and google search to capture and control public education and universities.

This is how the con works: Authoritative sources are lies and propaganda, while conspiracy theories and misinformation are often the truth slandered with those meaningless labels. Centers of power have no need to censor lies and propaganda because they are the source for both. Censorship is reserved exclusively for when lies and propaganda are exposed by the truth, which is always the greatest threat to power anywhere and has been throughout all of human history. If you search google for ‘why censorship’…?


Censorship is good.

Freedom is slavery.

After the 2020 election the Corporate-State servants at Time Magazine celebratedthe grand collusion of tech monopolies, “fact checkers” and legacy media to suppress the truth and protect their chosen candidate in Joe Biden. They openly bragged about rigging the election on the public opinion and propaganda front, never mind the shady ballot drops after midnight. They called it the secret campaign to “save the 2020 election”. These professional elites believe they know better than the unwashed masses who should be in power. They are pure fascists who have utter contempt for both the rule of law and the constitution. They absolutely detest democracy.

How do we know? Some candidates are more equal than others.

In 2008 Facebook openly bragged about working with the Obama campaign to help him get elected. The Obama campaign bragged about working with Facebook. Many employees of Obama 08’ went and took jobs at Facebook. They bragged even louder after doing the same thing in 2012. The Republican response was total silence. The party that’s always a day late and a dollar short were their usual useless bumbling selves, not realizing the power of leveraging attention networked technology to sway the masses.

When the Trump campaign used a company called Cambridge Analytica in the same way in 2016 to help him win the election, the elites were outraged. Documentaries were made about how the election was stolen and Facebook was responsible and needed to make sure it never happened again. A lot of silly noises were made about Russia, Putin and “bot farms” in Macedonia. The power structure of Corporate-State Fascism vowed to never allow democracy to function again in the country. The Fascists started using the FBI and CIA as their regime police to spy on the new President and work with the media to undermine his power wherever possible, often rooting fabricated stories in predictable phrases like “official sources say”.

Official sources say Democracy is dead. Long live Democracy.

That 2016 election may very well be the last free and fair election the United States ever has again at the federal level. Look for a new “deadly variant” to arrive in late summer just in time to alter election laws again for the mid terms. Those mail-in ballots aren’t going to triple count themselves after midnight.

Corporate-State Fascism now dominates all industries. Public and private collusion has infested the following: Public education, Universities, Medical Research, For-Profit Death Management, For-Profit Death Insurance, Big Pharma, Big Tech Information, Big Tech Attention Networks, Legacy Media, Military Industrial Complex, NGOs, Foundations, Councils, Forums, Clubs and now as of the past few years – Financial Institutions including consumer banks.

Less than a month ago the Canadian government worked with banks to seize the assets of peaceful working class protestors and all the governments of the west either celebrated it, or were completely silent. This was a beta test of future actions aimed at western citizens. Imagine what they can do with programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies that can be shut off by the state. Imagine CBDCs that have no intrinsic value other than the state says they have value (much like fiat cotton paper), yet the state decides how and where you can spend your own money based on how obedient you are to the state.

Freedom is slavery.

One week they’re aiming their Corporate-State guns at peaceful truckers, the next it’s evil Russians. Within a single week all the financial institutions allied with western Corporate-State fascism worked in lock-step to seize the assets of Russian Oligarchs and their family members. Accounts were instantly frozen, private property rights suspended, and property was seized by the state. If it wasn’t seized by the state, activists broke into properties owned by family members of wealthy Russians in England and France without court order or state intervention. If an enemy is named by the Fascists, it justifies Bolshevik behavior of mobs seizing private property. Long live private property.

If global management wants to create and engineer an enemy to justify its tyrannies, it will do so without hesitation. All it needs to do is manufacture the consent of the masses through lies, propaganda, and censorship and it will wield its power against individuals or states or corporations. If it’s not directly through asset seizure, it’s through consumer boycott, cancellation, blacklisting or censorship. If not those weapons, it will pass laws like in Austria where citizens must be injected with deadly bioweapons or pay fines and serve prison time.

One month it’s evil “anti-vaxxers”, the next month it’s evil “Nazi Truckers”, the next month it’s evil Russians and their despotic master Putin. This is not liberal. This is not democracy. This is Corporate-State Fascism occupying half the globe.

There is no more liberalism in the west. Liberals don’t even embrace liberalism. It has become the new euphemism for Fascism, while democracy has long been the rhetorical descriptor to cloak Corporatocracy or Oligarchy.

Liberalism is Fascism.

Freedom is Slavery.

Just as there are no more liberal democracies in the west, there is also no more free market capitalism. For years central banks have artificially propped up markets and looted the treasury to transfer wealth to the .1% who own everything. If globalization and mass consumerism needs to die for their new normal plans, then so does capitalism. As with everything fascistic they’ve also given it a nice new euphemism: ‘stakeholder capitalism’.

George Gammon does a fantastic job explaining the difference between stakeholder capitalism and shareholder capitalism in Klaus Schwab’s new normal world. (That link has 53 minutes of the most valuable information regarding the economic transition to Corporate-State Fascism)

In new normal “capitalism” the shareholder is expendable. Since markets can be propped up by central banks printing money, there’s no need to rely on economic data and principals for corporate decision making. With corporations merging with the state, we now have political decisions dominating where economic decisions once did.

Hundreds of the largest western corporations just left the Russian market as one giant fleeing spacecraft that turned on warp drive. This is much more than the influence and power of Woke Inc. This is new normal western fascism wielding it’s power over another state at the expense of profits and business. There simply is no precedent for this in history. The economic consequences are going to be catastrophic, but not for those who levied the sanctions and want the war to continue as long as possible. It’s going to hit the same group that always is affected worst by their incompetence and malice – the poor. The mass starvation that is likely to hit the African continent alone will be devastating. The western “liberal” and “progressive” order are too busy patting themselves on the back and flexing their Ukrainian flag emojis to notice the coming catastrophe.


Even during the height of world war two western companies worked with the Third Reich. IBM organized the computational logistics through their punch card system of transporting prisoners from ghettos by rail car to their new homes at concentration camps. This was one of the largest U.S. companies at the time. International bankers played both sides of both world wars. There was no one wave of corporate decision making made by one globalist body. States made policy decisions of foreign actions without consulting “stakeholders” or global foundations posing as philanthropic organizations. While states did make laws that effected how corporations could organize and function within their national boundaries, they did not openly collude as one corporate-state entity let alone one Allied Corporate-State versus one Axis Corporate-State. Industries were nationalized for war efforts and alliances made but there did not exist a consortium of private decision makers wielding power over entire continents, and willing to sacrifice profits like we see today.

Under the guise of philanthropy and other euphemistic buzzwords like ‘environmental sustainability’, ‘social responsibility’ and ‘equitable justice’ the new global fascists who rule the west have a great deal in common with Italian Fascists or Nazi Fascists of the 1920’s-1940’s. In Mussolini’s own words:

Fascism is definitely and absolutely opposed to the doctrines of liberalism, both in the political and economic sphere. The Fascist State lays claim to rule in the economic field no less than in others; it makes its action felt throughout the length and breadth of the country by means of its corporate, social, and educational institutions, and all the political, economic, and spiritual forces of the nation, organised in their respective associations, circulate within the State.1

Substitute country with western “liberal democracies” organized for a new global order and we have the present-day model of Corporate-State Fascism. (Changed words in Bold.)

Globalist fascism lays claim to rule in the economic field no less than in others; it makes its action felt throughout the length and breadth of the west by means of its corporate, social, and educational institutions, and all the political, economic, and spiritual forces of the west, organised in their respective associations, circulate across the west.

Some might even substitute west with ‘globe’ or ‘world’ but it’s clear there are demarcation lines for a bi or multi-polar world being drawn for economic warfare. There are limitations to this entity’s power in places like Russia, China and India. Globalization has submitted to the dictates of Corporate-State Fascism. All corporations of the west move as one entity against enemies determined by western elites. We may call them globalists but their influence and power is clearly not global. When George Soros, a sponsor of western Corporate-State Fascism says Putin and Xi are the greatest threats to western civilization, we know they are a threat to Corporate-State Fascists like Soros who has sought at every turn to destroy western civilization through his Open Society Foundation. The ‘enemy of our enemies’ and so forth.

The lines are being drawn quickly. History is moving fast. China and Saudi Arabia are presently scheming to undermine or even destroy the Petrodollar. This is probably the single most important story in the economic and political world of the past forty years and yet aside from a few buried headlines in financial blogs, there is not a single corporate media headline about it anywhere. Why is it that nobody in power is talking about this 9.5 magnitude geopolitical earthquake that just shook the world? Could it be global management wants to destroy the dollar to usher in their new normal currency?

You couldn’t deliberately destroy the dollar as the dominant global reserve currency any better than by implementing the policies the U.S. has over the past few weeks. The sanctions on Russia were suicidal. Driving one of the world’s largest energy producers to other means of financial transacting with the largest emerging economies in the world in China and India wasn’t just an ‘own goal’, it was nothing short of a shotgun blast to the face. This is the largest domino of the World Economic Controlled Demolition. When it falls, the world changes forever and the U.S. will be in its final days as a global empire. All those trillions in debt, interest on debt, liabilities and derivatives? You’d better have plenty of silver, gold, crypto and a long term food supply when that bomb goes off. And the fuse has now officially been lit.

They simply can’t build a new normal, without destroying the old empire.

6uild 6ack 6etter.


It’s been argued here and elsewhere that we lack the self awareness and curiosity outside ourselves, outside our homes, communities, social networks, nations to recognize the evil all around us. We are guilty of being perpetually distracted and lacking sufficient focus or attention to see reality, opting for the comforting delusions they offer us to keep us blinded and occupied, foolishly believing their prepared euphemisms that undergird our obedience.

War is Peace.

Bribery is lobbying.

Censorship is good.

And so we Obey.

The evil that requires our obedience will not stop until we recognize them for who they really are and fearlessly point them out with the simple label they deserve, “Fascists!”

Instead of counting sheep, repeat the following nursery rhyme to yourselves as you lay your head on the pillow tonight:

Mirror, Mirror, tell me,
Are we a democracy?
Or are we ruled by Fascists
And evil corporatocracy?
Shall we vote liberal?
Shall we vote conservative?
Or shall we recognize all are Fascists
Shouting through the TV?
Woe’s me, woe’s me,
The acorn’s not yet
Fallen from the tree

The good news is people are waking up to the tyranny. They are arriving at the mountain tops by the millions now. The boot is visible already. The masses are standing in its shadow watching the treads of the sole and wondering: Is that a Nike swoosh?

The more who wake up, the better our chances for stopping the boot of Corporate-State fascism from descending on humanity forever. There’s still time to warn the townspeople, the other Good Citizens. You don’t need a horse or forty men to ride beside you yelling “The Fascists are coming! The Fascists are coming!” evading the redcoats in the night to save the Great Awakening Revolution currently taking place. You simply need to click that share button to let them know the Fascists are not coming because they’re already here.


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