Though I be surrounded by immense conflict, it is with a tremendous amount of gratitude that I write this message. Gratitude for the outpouring of love and support. Gratitude for those who are able to see through the overriding agenda, discern between truth and fiction and have reached out to us, willing to stand firm in the truth.

We live in treacherous times wherein we can no longer trust the media. Where lies are more readily accepted than truths. Where the media is no longer found just reporting the news, but rather helping to create it. Where the contorted truths and outright lies that are being reported are serving to incite hatred and stir up chaos that generate drama that the media can further report on with a twisted slant. As time goes on, the motivation behind these actions becomes more clear and a sinister agenda becomes much more apparent.

Just over a week ago the attacks on myself began again due to my going back to work. Attacks that have resulted in me being spotlighted in the national news as I presented at a local health food store in Prince George, BC. I have to ask the question… how is it that my going back to work could be so conflictual and worthy of making national headlines? Many of you reading this may know about the work that I have been involved in over the past 14 years, but for those who do not, I feel it is of the upmost importance that I briefly fill you in so as to give context as to why my family and I are continually being attacked for this work.

Over the past 14 years I have been involved with an organization known as “Truehope”. It is a mission oriented organization that is run by my father. The mission… to create and supply scientifically proven natural alternatives to psychiatric medications that are capable of actually restoring mental health to those who are without. To assist those who are burdened with mental illness in rising to their full potential and living their lives in pursuit of their dreams without being hampered by the debilitating effects of mental illness or the side effects of psychiatric medications. Disclaimer: The previous statements may lead some to believe that I am “anti-medical” or “anti-science”. Regardless of how the mainstream media has attempted to paint me over the past year, this is not the case. Being that the main product that I stand behind (“Truehope EMP”) is now validated by 32 medical journal publications, the majority of which are peer reviewed and stem from independent university studies, I am clearly not opposed to science, but rather embrace it. I am simply pro health. I support and stand behind that which is going to improve my fellow beings quality of life and empower them to live life to the fullest, regardless of where it originates from.

Now to provide some history of this work, our organization has been attacked vehemently by the pharmaceutical industry, a select few mainstream media outlets and Health Canada. We actually ended up in court with Health Canada after they prevented over 3000 Canadians from having access to our products in 2003. An action that resulted in multiple suicides of fellow Canadians. Upon learning of these tragedies, Health Canada appeared to remain unshaken in their motivation to prevent Canadians from having access to these life changing/saving supplements. Upon going public with what Health Canada was doing, we had an RCMP “SWAT” team show up at our head office backed by a number of Health Canada agents to perform a “drug bust”. 2 days later we were up and operating again as if nothing had ever happened. Scare tactic??? A couple years later we found ourselves in court defending Canadians rights to access safe and effective natural alternatives to psychiatric medications. A court case that was ultimately won, regardless of the fact that Health Canada despised that we were supplying alternatives to psychiatric medications and furthermore, were empowering individuals with the needed information to safely and effectively come off of these medications. This victory was due to the fact that our products and programs were proven to be safe and effective, and as such, people required them for their wellbeing and even in some situations… their lives. A victory that we ultimately give credit to God for! Since that time, our organization has continued to assist hundreds of thousands of individuals with mental health conditions as well as actively promote health freedom within Canada.

Over the past 6 years, my work has mainly entailed me working within the natural health industry in Canada, educating retailers, naturopathic doctors and the general public on the science behind the impact of proper nutrition in preventing or overcoming mental health conditions. I have spent the last 4 years engaging in public venues where I would often present to audiences of a hundred or more people at a time. Because of this, it is now more often than not that when I attend these various venues, I am approached by individuals overcome with emotion who communicate the beautiful life transformation that has taken place within themselves or a loved one, due to the information they were empowered with from one of my previous presentations. It is these types of encounters that keep me focused on the importance of this work, and regardless of how much opposition mounts against me, I realize I have a duty to humanity to continue moving forward.

Though presenting is nothing new to me, my being attacked under the national spotlight for doing so is. In fact, my being attacked at all for presenting is new to me. Out of the thousands of individuals that I have presented before, I have only ever had one individual openly disagree with me during a presentation. A disagreement which was largely reconciled by the time the presentation was over. Well at first thought, one may think that this new opposition is simply due to the fact that I have now been through the courts, had the media omit, misrepresent and even create sensational facts about my sons passing and that after everything was said and done, I ended up spending 20 days in jail (not 4 months like all of the media is reporting) for continually speaking out which was mischaracterized as an act of being willfully blind and showing no remorse. However, if this was the fact as to why I am naturally receiving this type of opposition for presenting now, why was it that when I presented this past November in front of over 100 people, that I received no opposition whatsoever? Why was it that when I presented 2 days ago, just following the Prince George attack, that I received no opposition whatsoever either? Was it due to the fact that the media was not aware of these presentations? Was it due to the fact that the instigators of the attacks whose facebook accounts originate in Toronto, Fort McMurray and the Netherlands were not aware of these presentations either? One must ask… are these attacks stemming from a grassroots or astroturf movement? Who is behind these attacks and stands to gain from them?

To further explore these questions, I will briefly outline what happened in Prince George. In December, Ave Maria began promoting a presentation that we decided to do on January 10th due to the fact that Ave Maria had received demand from their clientele to have me back as I had been there on 2 other occasions. In advertising this to their local clientele, there was no opposition or negative feedback, but rather, it was well accepted. It wasn’t until a few days prior to the presentation, that a group of individuals from across the country and the world were made aware of it due to Ave Maria promoting it on Facebook. Immediately, Ave Maria’s Facebook account was heavily attacked, the media was tipped off about this conflict, wherein one national media outlet decided to jump on board with a typical slanted article, omitting key facts about my situation and embellishing other facts about it, which ultimately served to feed into the conflict that was non existent in the weeks previous. The way the media portrayed the situation was that there was major opposition to my being there, which actually helped to create a mob mentality that attracted a small amount of haters to go on the attack from behind their computer screens.

When it came time for the presentation, there was only one individual who stood up and vehemently attacked me, using the same reminiscent language and rhetoric that we have become accustomed to within Truehope, as we have been attacked by pharmaceutical trolls in the past. This incited the disdain of many within the audience and I actually had to shift my efforts from addressing his accusations to quelling the audience who wanted to have him turfed for being so rude and unreasonable. One member of the audience actually accused him of being on “the pay roll”. The pay roll for whom, I will leave to your speculation. That being said, I myself do have one question… is it coincidence that the only detractor who showed up, showed up late at about the same time that the only media outlet showed up and that he sat in the back with them? Was this a preconceived conflict that was merely for show in an attempt to substantiate that there was actually opposition to my being there and to further fuel the mob mentality? All I know at this point is that in the absence of the facebook trolls who originate from sporadic locations and the absence of the negative spotlighting of the media, there appears to be no conflict.

What is the agenda of the trolls and media in attempting to paint the picture that my involvement with Truehope had something to do with the passing of my son Ezekiel? Why is it that the media will not discuss the fact that the RCMP initially wrote the passing of my son off as nothing more than a tragic event, and that suspiciously charges rose up nearly a year after his passing? Why is it that the media has completely avoided touching on the truth that my son went over 8 minutes without oxygen in an ill equipped ambulance before arriving to the hospital? Why is that the media refuses to communicate the fact that the former Chief Medical Examiner of Alberta, Anny Sauvageau, found that it was these 8 minutes of no oxygen that led to the death of my son, and that there was no scientific evidence that he ever had Bacterial Meningitis? Why is it that the media refuses to address the fact that the second listed cause of death on the autopsy report, that being a Right Pleural Empyema, was completely debunked when it was discovered that there was an X-ray in the medical examiners file that showed that my son arrived to the hospital with clear lungs? An X-ray that was not disclosed and that we did not receive until after the guilty verdict. What is the real agenda behind deceiving the public on this matter and why are they doing it?

To take it one step further and set the previous listed facts aside… even if the media was portraying the truth, does it really warrant such malicious and cruel attacks? Is anyone actually deserving of such hatred? If so, what good could come of showing such hatred? Who could possibly be the benefactor? Has any good ever come in this world from showing hatred? I don’t believe so. In fact, I strongly believe that harbouring hatred is poison to your soul and in spite of all the many reasons that we could rationalize as to why and who we should hate, we should refuse to go that route to avoid becoming the bitter, loathsome individuals that it would turn us into.

This world is in great need of change and the only force that will bring about positive change is that of Love. It is only when we see through the eyes of Love that we see clearly. That we are able to identify the needs of others and assist in raising our brothers and sisters up. It is this Love that gives us courage to take a stand, and to do so in a meaningful way. Love is the only force that prevents us from fighting fire with fire. In light of the fire that I find myself in, it is my Love for humanity that motivates me to continue empowering others in becoming better, more happier people as they are able to overcome their mental health conditions. In all of this, it is not necessarily my intentions to expose the darkness and corruption within this world, but it seems to be an inadvertent effect of promoting the truth and light. An effect that tends to bring major opposition from those who unfortunately live and rely on the darkness. With this in mind, one thing must be remembered… Regardless of how painful casting a light amongst the darkness can be, we have a duty to spread the truth and empower humanity through the spirit of love.

I pray that the Love of our redeemer, Yahshua Hameshiach (Jesus Christ) may abide in our hearts that we may become a force for healing in this world. That His truth may prevail and that we may see each other as the brothers and sisters that we really are.
With Love,
David Stephan