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Dealing with chronic post-traumatic stress disorder in a reality where we are constantly being put back into our programming



Here in the inverse, a lot is being done for the reals not to access any of their power and to be trained to have a difficulty in order to set boundaries and self preserve. It is a long way to reclaim our right to express and to become aware of where our boundaries begin, where others are used to hook in and when we are the ones being mind-controlled in order to react a certain way. When we are triggered, and this system tries to trigger you multiple times a day, our nervous responses are not balanced and we are hyper-aroused. In relationships, we assume a lot of things. It is difficult to break out of projection programming in order to inquire instead of assume or accuse. We tend to project to a bigger extent on others around us who are close and significant in our lives. We displace onto them a great deal of our unresolved emotional pains.


The control system keeps on sending new variables of conscious and unconscious handlers, which try to attach to preexisting programming through mind games, thought inversions and entrapment contracts. When the backdrop handlers don’t work anymore or are not hooking enough to the reals, corrupted reals or draco reals tend to be sent our way. While a goodhearted person will care about overstepping boundaries, these profiles won’t show the same concern : they are serving a hidden agenda in order to disrupt your healing process. Narcissistic profiles will always be asking a lot of questions, especially about private information, in order to gain information so they can keep the control. A trap of agreement happens as soon as we are accepting what others pretend to be true as our truth. Buying into the distortion is like a curse. Rejecting the projection as something alien and exterior and not our problem is key. Energy vampires make us sign contracts that we generally agree to in order to harvest energy from our core center. When blind compassion is given to certain profiles, a proper boundary is not set in the field. We are encouraged for it to become personal and polarized.

Here you have backdrops who have very narcissistic parts and backdrops who are more on the empath side though they will be limited in what they can understand of this reality since they don’t have a connection to source and access to the spark of pure creation. The backdrop empaths tend to be sent to handle (due to the simulation aspect of who they are) dracos who are reals. The backdrop empaths are getting abused in the process but ironically this is not a real suffering since they aren’t real and their main use is to handle others, get sympathy from the reals, act as a distraction and strengthen the 3D aspects of the emotional life here. 3D relationships encourage us to stay in the 3D levels. The overlords really want reals to be harvested all day long and all night long and to be encapsulated in a frequency prison. Ideally, during the day we would like to deal with our ptsd from our past, from our daytime and our nighttime activities and certainly not create more ptsd, especially during our daytime.

Releasing stored trauma

When the body is releasing trauma, it does so by showing forms of twitching or slight shaking. Naturally, the body is willing to let go of the stored and frozen energy of trauma which is the cause of much resistance in our lives, a force that freezes us from expressing our gifts and materializing our goals. We often have programming linked to productivity and doing being associated with the value we think we have. We tend to be asking much from ourselves, not realizing that underground we are doing a lot of excavation work. I have learned to be more gentle with myself even if I notice that I lost control over the course of my day and programming leading to procrastination has been activated. When we don’t have big reactions of trauma release (through shaking for example), it generally indicates that we have a system that does not have sufficient energy in order to create a strong response.

Around us, as our friends and entourage, we don’t necessarily need a lot of beings to talk to ; if you have a handful of trusted friends whom you can talk to and feel largely understood by (at least some parts of the immensity that you are), it surely makes a difference. An emotional calibrated vulnerability tends to create authentic experiences of intimacy. Being in touch on such terms helps to create a certain dynamic and to slowly dismantle some negative programming around the value we think we have and the perception we have of ourselves. All reals have work to do around how they deal with this inverted reality. A good understanding of mind control is necessary to keep on navigating this reality and to understand the hidden exchanges of energy that are happening. In spaces that are held, it’s necessary for the ones holding the space to be able to exclude disruptive energies and to make difficult choices, if it becomes necessary.

All reals have been subjected to heavy programming meant to break their self-esteem and for it to act as a self containment system. Our wounding of non recognition is usually pretty active and can only be deactivated layer after layer (it’s a lifelong work to no longer believe certain things and to vibrate at a higher frequency in comparison to what has been enforced and preprogrammed for us). Reals can count on their own abilities to create and also the resources from other reals who are doing the work (not the ones who are used negatively as a distraction or most of the draco race which is used to handle, distract, trigger and harvest). With very limited to none empathy, a being is much more easily manipulated to serve certain dark agendas. The lack of ability to care tends to be a big problem in relationships as it is just going to trigger deep unresolved wounds. In addition, here, you have all kinds of variations in programming in the backdrop technology (non spirited beings) : they are not one unified field, they are many signatures from the most basic to the more complex templates and it’s upgrading as we are awakening to layers of programming.

Trauma affecting our current reality

We tend to displace emotional pain from the depth of our past into our present. It is affecting our ability to see. Controlling behaviours will be manifesting in micromanagement of others and of ourselves. I had a past friend-handler (it did not last more than a few weeks) who was very judgemental about the way I
was dressing thinking it was « too dark » and that I was not worthy of her new age ideas about how ascension clothing should be like. She is currently under Lori Ladd’s new age handling and also recommended shows from Gaia (I went deeper into Gaia platform into another article, you can search keywords in the side bar). The first time I had encountered her, I felt in the field the distortion and the inversion ; I kept it in a corner of my mind as I am always open to make a new friend on this battlefield. She would use things she would perceive to attack instead of helping. The frequency signature was the one of handling. In friendships or close bonds, it’s important to be abstaining from pointing flaws out too much especially if the other person is doing the best they can yet at the same time there is a time if one is feeling invaded where it becomes necessary to express a boundary and on what terms things are going to be played out from now. The response we are getting is usually a great indicator about who we are dealing with (the draco race never talks about boundaries and how they are respecting them ; they tend to count on us forgiving what happened or letting our guards down one more time ; they have a huge issue with respecting boundaries and they tend to be used as handlers for other reals).

Healing post-traumatic stress

Because of mind control here and early enmeshments, it’s been a pattern for me to be in touch with intellectual overpowering patterns coming from males and to be a bin for narcissistic energies coming both from males and females. These energies do not want me to speak, they want me to be in awe, to worship them and not to have a say ; they want me in the devotee seat. On the path, many relationships need to reach a sense of closure, because it suddenly appears so clearly that the cement of the bond is a trap of agreement or a harvest or meant to slow down. Other relationships can take a new form if they are seeded in something greater. Reality is being reframed accordingly. Once hidden contracts are revealed in plain sight, there is no going back to not seeing them. It is work to no longer consent to be in a toxic sacrificial dynamic. It is of prime importance to be reframing reality by choosing a way of expressing, thinking and behaving that is action and solution-oriented. It’s important to keep on letting go of new layers of compliance that are making us soft in the presence of other people’s implants and mind imprints. It is necessary to cancel some contracts of compliance we have made with others, some because we were too polite. When a firm boundary is being set and we are not playing the mind game anymore, which often means not answering the triggers or not reacting to the mind template that is expected of us but choosing from our own personal authority, stating how it’s going to be, it becomes disagreeable for many to interact with us as they are not getting what they want as a hidden exchange. They will eventually usually stop after a few attempts, unless they feel an opening in the field, even only psychically.

There is usually an aggressive blow back from the system when old attachments are trying to reattach themselves, most of the time coming by series. An old toxic energetic tie, when kicked out of the field, will try to reattach in the next few days, especially when the caesure is made by a practitioner. It will come as a test. We see that we are integrating trauma when we notice some of the following signs : a decrease of flashbacks and thought loops, a sense of inner peace, a better resilience to negativity and external triggers, a more restorative rest, a stabilisation of the nervous and the endocrine system and a better productivity and focus. Our brain wires become more user-friendly as we are healing.

Inhabiting the body

Our beliefs and formats vary from one time to another, from one place to another, from one family to another: it is because I was born here and now, in such and such environment, that I approach the facts of existence in such and such ways. It’s about becoming lucid about how I and those around me operate. I can feel a great discomfort in the company of someone, even when the words they express tell me that they are acting for my own good and that they love me. To stop feeling lost, we have to know where we are, where we live, and that place is inside the body. How am I breathing? How do I feel in contact with the seat? How am I in contact with the floor? Is it comfortable? A person who returns to the feeling of their body, to the awareness of their limits, of the living border of their skin, is a person that we will be less and less manipulated. I realize that I was dissociating when a practitioner touched my knees, I don’t remember the contact of her hand at this level, I believe she was a draco with a cold signature practicing in Belgium and I wonder what that dissociative moment was about.

Programming through our family lines

The context of life of our parents at the time of their meeting, with our conception, the pregnancy to our coming into the world, our conditions of existence, program our brain and make us (partially) what we are (gifts, strategies for success and failure, illnesses, dramas, etc.). Looking at the perinatality helps us to put an end to some of the difficult repetitive scenarios of our lives. A way to do a quick check-up is to draw a family tree in 2 minutes ; it is going to reveal a lot about how we interact with this realm, thanks to this internal representation we have of the family model. This tree is like a brain scan: every mistake, every oversign is going to be revealing. Is there a link appearing between my parents and me? How are genders represented ? In my case, when I did this exercise, in my drawing, the place given to the generations was almost identical. The weight of one generation did not have more influence than the other. In the upper part of my tree, left blank and empty, there was a lot of space which was showing the importance given to the ancestors. My positioning was showing a good inner structuring within the family and the awareness of being the fruit of 2 clans. Between the couples, the signs of union was not appearing and the relationships looked like they were difficult.

Some couples stayed together for the sake of the offspring, some for the sake of rule, some married out of obligation like my paternal grandmother who was pregnant at the time of marriage. Finding the mother-daughters with the dates of marriage and the birth of the first children always provides information about these types of situations. I tend to forget the causes of death of the members of my family and thus despite my research and the interviews that I led. During my twenties, I made cards for each person, listing the dates of birth, death, occupations, illnesses, marriages, hobbies and some facts about the dramas and also the joys of their lives, their strengths and their gifts though I did not find many (it makes more sense now that I know that most were backdrops). Was there someone who had the courage to break social norms and divorce at a time when it was not so accepted ? I did not find many traces of the reals. At the time that is how I was trying to understand my difficulties in experiencing this realm we are in. I was tracing the unconscious: divorces, widowhoods, dramatic events (murderous accidents, suicides, genocides), economic situations (bankruptcies, misery), repetition phenomena (illnesses, dates, first names).


Sexual trauma and shame and guilt programming

Although workshops on “sacred” or tantric sexuality are found at every street corner, it is very rare to be in the presence of a facilitator who is sane enough to allow us to access in vulnerability our wounds. Too often the emphasis is put on pleasure, ecstasy or a purely mechanical approach of sexuality. Today, many tantric teachings have been distorted, while the wide range of emotions and the many steps experienced during any healing process have been oversimplified. It is always interesting to pay attention : are we trying to please the other person or are we trying to help ourselves? What are our intentions and those of others around us? Each micro-movement of ourselves and others around us can inform us about what is really going on.

The first way I was able to begin to acknowledge my own shame was by becoming aware of how I felt when I felt ashamed for the blatantly self-serving behaviours I was observing in others. After that I could access what shame feels like. From then on, I began to be able to recognize how people regulated each other through the projection of shame, the denial of their own shame and the refusal to make room for it as it is very uncomfortable to feel. These realizations helped me to become more able to protect myself from some of these projections, starting with the most obvious ones. As we work on deprogramming shame and guilt, we become less and less easily manipulated.

Expressing anger and premature forgiveness

Parents usually have a hard time with dealing with their child’s anger and will typically reserve for it their worst punishments ; this results in trapping the child’s anger inside. Anger is often expressed when we feel scared, humiliated or left down. Often our gender will also have defined in part how we were welcomed or not to express our anger so no gender have the full spectrum of the emotion of anger and each has snippets of it which are incomplete. Road rage is a common form of critic transference. When a minor complaint triggers a torrent of rage, fear and shame, it is telling us we are dealing with unresolved trauma, maybe an overwhelming sense of rejection and criticism. On another hand, premature forgiveness mimics the defenses of denial and repression. It keeps unprocessed feelings of anger and hurt about trauma out of our current awareness. Premature forgiveness will also inhibit from reconnecting with instinctual self protectiveness. We manage to bring self compassion in our life narratives, for ourselves and for others we have met. Any resentment still active is a point of harvest.

Dorsal and vagal responses

Our nervous system is complex. When we feel frozen, as if we were not here, the dorsal vagus has taken control. It affects organs beneath the diaphragm, especially those regulating the digestion. During traumatic events, the dorsal vagus allows dissociation to happen. In this state, we generally can’t hear or make sense of what others are saying. A neutral experience may be experienced as dangerous and this reality feels like an unfriendly place. The dorsal vagal system takes hold when we are without options feeling trapped, unimportant, unwanted and criticized, feeling like we don’t matter or belong ; we feel immobilized, collapsed and depressed (in this state, it’s hard to find hope).

The sympathetic nervous system kicks in when we are under pressure, when we are ignored, confused or when we feel disrespected or pushed to make a choice, when we feel responsible for too much and feel overwhelmed. The ventral vagal comes alive when we think about people who are important to us, when we go out in nature, when we give ourselves the permission to make our own choices, when we listen to music or when we are in the company of a spirited pet or when we have our feet in the sea. It also takes place when we feel seen. When we repair our relations we are invited back to a ventral response. Light massages bring an increased sympathetic system response as well. Rocking from back to front or side to side also influences positively the responses of our nervous system. We also feel safer when we can see the eyes of our interlocutor (a lot of empaths intuitively take out their sunglasses when they are talking to someone else).

Every day it is about moving out from survival responses of the sympathetic and dorsal vagal systems into a foundation of ventral vagal regulation. What moves us out of there ? What helps us to stay in the vagal response ? When the autonomic survival response overrides the abilities of the social engagement system, engaging with others in coregulation is rendered difficult. Of course, our responses are affected by the quality of our sleep, what we consume and don’t consume. In addition, a relationship with a constant lack of reciprocity is on the draining side. Some (sometimes dracos) don’t realize they tend to monologue, alienating others with their distant abstract and non interactive dissertations.

Working with music and frequencies

Creating art increases functional connectivity in the brain and brings an increase in our qualities of resilience. Music is both a modulator and an activator of the autonomic nervous system. Some music encourages ventral connection. Our reactions to music (the stimulation of emotion processing parts, effects on levels of hormones) seem to be deeply embedded in the nervous system. What happens when we are confronted to a high-pitched frequency is a neuroception of unsafety while frequencies of the human voice tend to bring a sensation of safety. Higher frequencies are encouraging alert and cerebral states of mind. The nervous system freezes when exposed to high frequencies, this is traumatic in itself; the high-pitch of sirens does modify our attention and access us in some forms or ways; they were intended to create terror and are regularly used as triggers in our every day lives. We know that music has been weaponized, just like the movie industry and Disney. Most of the musics have been tuned to 440 hz since it was promoted in 1953 ; this is not a life-sustaining frequency ; it creates a slight constant tension that over a lifetime weakens the biological field. 432 hz is on the pro-health side, tending to increase the positive impact of sounds. It turns out some sound frequencies are pro-life oriented and some are pro-disease and are suppressing intuition and encouraging ego based behaviours. It is sad to notice and realize that some singers are actually cursing us when they sing. What is happening in most of concerts is generally a harvest of energies of adoration and externalization. I went deeper into these themes in my article about mind control in the music scene and what happens on festival ground.

Most of the sounds heard at festivals or in concerts are in fact weakening our fields. Many solfeggio frequencies are decreasing the frequency of the body (all these videos of solfeggio with millions of views on Youtube). The vast majority of what we find on the market are fakes and synthetics. Some specific frequencies are effective to work with to calm the nervous system down and to assist us in releasing stress. The tones, the words, the beats, all change our energetic fields. Some frequencies can assist us to reduce pain or to release or reaccess stored memories. Sending a wave frequency is sending a new command and a new proposition. Music can be assisting us to reconnect to our unique energy signature. I believe you would only have the full potential of benefits when you work with a real spirited musician doing his own shadow work. When we strengthen our connection with our original energy signature, we notice better when predatory or vampiric energies are invading our fields.

The importance of the voice signature

Going back to some moments when we are not engaging in being productive in the most common sense is of great importance, for example working with the voice since all reals have a very unique voice signature. The voice is a tool to brave our fears and our limiting beliefs and to let unfold our natural ability of expression. Through the voice, we may connect deeper to the strength of our spirit, beyond this realm. We may really get to know ourselves through the voice and its nuances. Singing has, on the one hand, physical benefits: improvement of breathing capacity, movement of important muscles that are often underused (diaphragm, throat, torso), reduction of muscular tension and respiratory problems. On the other hand, the voice is one of our most powerful and intimate resources, a tool for us to explore ourselves in our most vulnerable aspects. Are we trying to perform or are we being real ? What is stopping my voice from just being? Our voice may be a tool to free ourselves from the chains that prevent our expression and to connect to something greater than us without the need to decode it the way we usually do. As we are reconnecting to the voice, inspiration might begin to come back.

It used to be a difficult exercise for me to re-listen to the interviews I had recorded, what was recorded was not exactly the encounter that I had the impression of having experienced. Later, my voice began to be more stable and my way of speaking adjusted, as for my awareness of how I express. It’s a work in progress. Moving forward fully towards our voice also means broadening the whole channel of expression: getting better at setting boundaries, reinforcing the inner listening, expressing more and daring to speak. The voice can invoke a sacred dimension that allows for things to shift. It is a great tool to reclaim some of our territory. It is an immediate echo into the present moment. How much do I express the power that lies inside of me ? Singing is the most beautiful when it’s not smothering the expression of spontaneity for a simulacrum that has no taste or color. The truth of the voice is in the frequencies it holds, the intentions.

Building community and defeating the hive-mind traps

Rare are the events focused on real togetherness ; these are fake models that we see pop-up at festivals and so-called « conscious celebrations ». Many concepts are following the guidelines of controlled opposition instead of reclaiming the unicity of a creative mind set. The vast majority of projects are dedicated secretly to eradicate our uniqueness and to keep our talents buried. We are mainly encouraged to create from our unconscious and shadow parts. Indeed, real togetherness comes with the need to be working on dismantling egos, power struggles or conformist hive-mind mentalities. For even envisioning the creation of communities, one has to come to understand the principles of herd mentality and the degree of mind control affecting this realm. Without this understanding of how to navigate the programming that is in the way for community projects to be successful, ideas will only be seeded in a naive vision of what this reality is about. Programming around separation is another main program in the way to successfully establish models of success in communities. Members of communities need to have a deeper understanding about the nature of reality and the fact that their thoughts are not always their own. Training at recognizing energy signature is essential.

An in-depth understanding of isolation and indoctrination is necessary in order not to fall in the same traps that have been working through the minds of individuals in the past and are pretty alive in these present times. Another important step is to break through the spell of programmed victimhood and to tune back to nature which functions on abundant and cooperative principles with an intrinsic interconnectedness of all lives. Our inner programming is in the way for the majority to manifest a reality they truly want to be experiencing. A real community is based around an exchange of skills and talents. Conflict management is important. Greed and jealousy are linked to the belief there isn’t enough for all and happens also because we have forgotten about our uniqueness.

Something else that has been part of the globalized mind-control is for the original individuals to be constantly doubting themselves so the access to their own creative thinking stays out of reach. A violation of boundaries has usually been established repetitively during childhood, in order to create sufficient trauma to create a sort of neutralization. Working on rebuilding firm boundaries and on reclaiming a balanced sense of self is essential as for moving away from disempowerment. Usually, our reality has been programmed in such a way that we are encouraged to give credit to external authority instead of our own personal stand and we are discouraged to be in touch with our innate abilities. Gaslighting methods have been severely repressing the expression of who we are and it is something that takes year of attentive and dedicated inner work, in order to overcome and expel this artificial engineering out of every fiber of our bodies and cells, finding the way back away from handling figures and institutions and to our own inner codes.


Ariane grew up in Belgium and has been keeping on opening her eyes about the level of control and engineering in her life up to her friendships, romantical involvments and her travels and the way her energy has been used in covert projects (daytime and nightime). Gradually, the level of strangeness in her life increased with experiences related to mind control in the yoga, festival and healing scene. She researches and teaches about the depth of the programming and nets we are going through here in the game and inner settings of programmed personalities that are leading to much distraction. Encountering health issues, Ariane has experienced a dozen of long liquid fasts to heal her body and has learned the principles of the mucusfree and mucuslean ways of eating. She keeps on reconnecting with her clairsentience and clairknowing abilities and is assisting others on their deprogramming journeys. She is teaching how to reclaim health with an alkaline way of eating and many practical tools, how to break free from the handling energies all around us and how to keep on freeing ourselves from mind control in courses and one-on-ones. Ariane works with the Energy ReMastered app which helps to bring the shadow work up to the forefront and the visible. She shares content on her youtube channel and on her website in both english and french.

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