Devils, Demons and Doing Fine!



With Cambell, Ryder and Lorenzo


Demons and devils and bad voices brewing, negative ideas and fear-based choices, all tied up in our daily days of our mutual currency induced daze. No wonder most are ‘unbalanced’, some to the point of crazy, considering the stresses that get, well, stressed from our first day to yesterday daze.


History, health, diet, relationships, media, school, religion and our very families themselves have all played a role in rolling us towards the shadowy side of life we all have to face.


Please join myself, The New NOW, Cambell from Autodidactic and our first ever three way chat with Ryder Lee or ‘Raised by Giants’ as we tackle our unique and shared perspectives on what is means to be alive in these times of seemingly ‘non-ending’ calamities, crimes and conundrums.










Art by Mear One








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