Diabetes SOLVED: “iThrive” Videos Reveal Secret to Reversing Type-2 Diabetes and Healing Yourself Without Dangerous Pharmaceuticals

By Mike Adams




(Natural News) Diabetes is not a mystery. We know what causes it and we know how to reverse most cases (especially type-2).

Yet the diabetes industry depends on widespread public ignorance to keep profiting from diabetes drugs, ineffective treatments and medical myths that are hopelessly obsolete. Meanwhile, the processed food industry profits from marketing selling precisely those junk foods and beverages that cause diabetes.

But thanks to advances in holistic health, we have the knowledge to break the cycle of type-2 diabetes. Reversing this insidious condition is not merely possible; it’s far simpler than you might imagine. People living with type-2 diabetes now have a new option to reverse diabetes and heal themselves without resorting to dangerous prescription medications or other medical hoaxes pushed by the for-profit drug cartels.

Now, a powerful new docu-series reveals the secrets for accomplishing exactly that. It’s called iThrive – Rising from the depths of diabetes & obesity.