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Divine Flow or Human Control?



As more Cosmic Light energizes Planet Earth via solar changes, revealing previously obscured realities, we each have a choice to make. We can continue to cling to past patterns that provided a sense of predictability and security, or we can let go and trust that Higher Forces are bouncing or vaulting us into fresh opportunities that favor our spiritual expansion.


A linear, materialistic worldview allows the human mind to believe that it can foretell the future based on past patterns and predictable trajectories. Our choosing to cultivate presence, however, encourages us to feel deeply, to be more acutely aware of our surroundings and energy flows in the living moment.


It may be a big surprise to many people that we have far more ability to choose our destiny than we had been conditioned to believe, or to let go and go with Flow. Manifestation begins with attention: by focusing our thoughts and feelings on a specific outcome, we can align our actions purposefully and cue unseen forces to outpicture the specific result we desire. But if we hold more deep-seated drives, those may trump our consciously chosen goals.


If unacknowledged forces thwart what we believe we want, should we strive harder, or should we give up control? When interference presents itself, that can encourage us to delve deeper into our motivations, and also to examine the nature of the resistance that’s presenting itself to us. Instead of attaching ourselves emotionally to the interference, we have the option of observing it – and either correcting course, or activating spiritual fire to consume the obstructing energy.


We can view the interference as a gift, prompting us to intensify the motives for our desired outcome. We can also take the opportunity to enlarge our perspective, viewing the resistance as a signal to become more aware of the energy patterns around our lives, and adjust accordingly.


So it’s helpful to cultivate gratitude and patience during our life journey, realizing that what our conscious mind desires in its preferred timing is sometimes socially conditioned, not always what best serves our spiritual development. By reminding ourselves to bring our awareness back to our Heart center, we can practice feeling more deeply the herenow, and gain greater sensitivity to fresh opportunities as they present themselves for our consideration.


I wish you fulfillment in achieving even more profound breakthroughs than you had consciously desired, with feelings of surprise and delight!



Ascension Intention-From Shadow to Light


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