Do dietary supplements have a dark side?




Fusion of nanotechnology and biotechnology.


By Doreen Agostino


The following is proof of assault on every man, woman and child!



Nanotech in dietary supplements


After seeing how our bioenergetic body is being experimented on, to transform natural man into a cyborg by every means possible, and reading well researched and fact based articles below, how can anyone expect to end the war on man without a direct relationship with the Divine?


Dietary supplements which reads


1] They used their mad science from the genome and protein research and combined it with the equally if not more mad science involving electromagnetic frequencies to bring us a highly transmissible, autonomous living Nano technology designed to tag, trace and interface with every man, woman and child, to their central Quantum Computer.


Deactivating the nanotechnology


2] Please do not consume supplements inside a 5G environment.  Magnesium, for instance, will activate Luciferase. Vitamin D fuels Luciferase.


Nano materials



After reading Substack posts below I did some research.


Nano materials are so small that a chemistry lab technician cannot see them, and, if they cannot test for frequencies, they will never know what’s actually in a vaccine, a dietary supplement natural and/or synthetic, food, beverage, chemtrails, etc.


Rat poison uses cholecalciferol, vitamin D3


It is true that vitamin D3 has a dark side, but it’s not a poison to humans in the way it can be to rats. The danger lies in the need to balance your vitamin K2 level with D3.


When we first learned of the benefits of D3, research revealed that in some it resulted in increased hardening of the arteries and a decreased lifespan. These were not the intended results obviously and researchers got to work discovering what this “dark side” of vitamin D3 was all about.


What was missed was the balance of vitamin K2. Both are fat-soluble vitamins and it turns out they work together very nicely. Continued at


agent131711’s response to the rootcause link


It’s a chemical that harms bones and organs with repeated use. It contains chloroform and other carcinogens. It’s even worse when taken with K “vitamins“, but if it’s working for you, great! I think everyone should do what works for them.


The fraudulent world of synthetic vitamins


A deep dive into what synthetic [lab made] vitamins actually are. A shocking look at vitamin industry corruption and fake tests leading to us micro-dosing ourselves with poisons in the name of “health”.


Vitamin B12 is Literal Cyanide (Poison)


Before you enter this rabbit hole, put on your hazmat suit, because this sh*t is about to get messy.


Vitamin A population control: United Nations Food Fortification Program


The evilest vitamin yet! This turned out to be the craziest deep-dive thus far. Who would have thought “Vitamin A” would be such a rabbit hole?


Natural vitamin SCAM: Eating byproduct industrial waste – It’s “Organic”!


My first investigation was into Vitamin D, which I discovered is Rat poison and contains toxic chemicals. REAL Vitamin D comes from the sun. The factory has not figured out how to bottle sunshine, so they instead sell us poison.


Dark and light side of technology


Technology is used to manipulate, control and enslave man. Nano technology is being used to experiment with transforming natural man into a cyborg [transhumanism].


Technology also brought ancient wisdom to our finger tips so we can learn and replace beliefs that enslave us with new awareness and behaviors that stop energizing tyrants.


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