Do you know what’s consciously possible?


What circumstances or events are consciously possible? What makes possible what you are conscious of? Think about that —really think — because if you’re hesitant, you are not truly committed at all. Something is holding you back. You have not made the full decision. Such indecisiveness is called ‘decision fatigue.’ It means that your will lacks power. Your will power isn’t power when ‘maybe’ and ‘hopefully’ carry no power at all. They are like flat tyres; full of promise but with no pressure to get the job done. 

Once you make a one hundred percent commitment, never think of that decision again. It’s passed. Your decision was final. Now it’s 100 percent commitment. Diverse potentials are irrelevant.

Full commitment means that you are not your old personality any more. You are a new personality fully committed to a particular outcome. You are one hundred percent committed to a life changing prescription. So you work at it, fully, as consciously possible, utterly convinced it is fully achievable.


What happens if it does not work out?

Those who know what is ‘consciously possible’ understand their consciousness first and foremost. They know how it works. They understand that ‘decision fatigue’ is a nonsense; that it cannot exist! Why? Because that which is consciously possible eliminates what is not conceivably possible.

The mental process involves investigation, analysis, logic, reasoning, discernment, deliberation, and value analysis. That process may take only seconds, or for long term business ventures it may last for years. The process may cause fatigue, even many times over, but the decision cannot. It is instant.

Decisions render the whole investigative procedure one hundred percent concluded and acted upon. It’s over! No ‘decision fatigue’ is possible.


One millisecond of free choice cannot fatigue anyone.

When you to choose to act on the basis of conclusive analysis, then what is consciously possible is actually possible, based on your investigations. You’ve done all the homework that needs be done. There is no ninety-five percent commitment. Hope is eliminated. Certainty exists and that is your change of identity. It’s not positive thinking. Your investigation was.

You positively sought to expose all hindrances and eliminate every single one, by allowing each to confess its own inadequacy or irrelevance. Once you learned what was consciously possible, you let all that stood in your way confess its own ineptitude. You were not fatigued. Every problem and hindrance self confessed.

Likewise you positively sought for all benefits to expose themselves. You let their light shine on what you considered consciously possible. That light was the only light. 

When you weighed benefits and hindrances in the balance, benefits won. They won one hundred percent because all others confessed their own ineptitude. So your decision to act on what was consciously possible, eliminated one hundred percent of what was impossible, based on your reasoning and enquiries.


Suppose you then failed to reach your goal.

What failed? Nothing failed. Some circumstance occurred  that was not in your purview. Fully aware of what was consciously possible, your investigation revealed nothing that would forbid its manifestation. So you proceeded with one hundred percent conviction. Your identity changed. You saw what was possible and went for it, all in!

Failure changed nothing concerning your resolute nature. When you commit one hundred percent you are enabled to be exactly who you want to be. Will is one hundred percent dedication to your life. Power results from you making that dedicated commitment. Subconscious mind seizes on it and delivers – regardless of whether your choice is beneficial or detrimental. It has no choice but what you prescribe! 

If your commitment to life expresses as hopefully, ideally or maybe, subconscious mind will allow persuasions from childhood, religion, propaganda, and much more to run its auto-pilot programs. You won’t know what or how.

Conversely, when you commit to life’s treasures, life changes. Your mind is free and you know exactly who you are. You live in the moment fully committed to coming moments, not the past. You live on what is consciously possible, based on your findings and what is consciously remembered. You program your mind. Auto pilot reciprocates in unison.

Power exudes confidence, not dominion. Confidence promotes courage and creativity.

All it takes, is to grasp is the dynamics of your own consciousness.


FOOTNOTE: This may be my last post on my website. I had a month off with a computer meltdown and a household move to a new city. That gave me time to reflect on my work and the benefit of regularly posting blogs. My decision at this time is to focus more intently on the nature of natural law and consciousness, with the intent to teach it and not merely write about it. If you are a subscriber, thank you for your support. I will use this blog forum to advise new work pasted into the main body of my website. 

With gratitude,

Ken Bartle

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