Don’t be Offended


By Patrick Herbert




If you are offended, don’t be offended.

If you are offended, you are allowing they who are doing the offending to control you emotionally.

Don’t be emotionally controlled, but do control your own emotions.

When you are allowing yourself to be emotionally controlled, you are delegating the responsibility for your emotional and mental wellbeing to another entity. This entity can be anything from a person to a news source. That entity may not have your best interests at heart. That entity will most likely, with intention, use the emotional control over you for its own gain.

Allowing yourself to be emotionally controlled maintains you in a power-less state and internally promotes a victim mentality.

All across the world, the mainstream media within any individual country uses a narrative in order to propagate an agenda. A story will accommodate a certain political position and manipulate the information in order to maximize the potential for a strong, emotionally charged, reaction.

The perception of the viewer is thus manipulated this way and, as they say, perception dictates reality. By controlling the viewers perceptions, they are likewise controlling their emotional response to a narrative.

The media uses numerous methods to manipulate the perception of its viewers for advancing the agenda as set forth by those unseen forces that control the narrative. Right now, as I write this, there are forces that are attempting to exploit the race divide in the United States for the purposes of destabilization.

The race divide in the United States is unique to the United States due to the fact that racial segregation here can be counted in decades and can still be actively referenced within the memory banks of the living. Of course, segregation was the social and economic policy put in place to keep the races physically divided following the civil war.

I have personally spent some time listening to Louis Farrakhan trying to get a better understanding of the plight of those marginalized during this time and I was impressed with his intelligence and perseverance. Some call him an extremist but those are accusations coming from people that willingly allow themselves to feel threatened by the expressions and opinions of others on certain subjects that they are already personally uncomfortable with.

On the flipside, I have also listened to those like Candace Owens, who is equally intelligent and incredibly driven like Farrakhan. There are those that try to claim that she is just as equally an extremist, though of another kind.

The truth is, if you are not listening to both sides of any subject, then you are simply not listening. You are existing within a unidirectional echo-chamber being programmed by ideals that are continually reinforced without challenge.

There is no evolution in echo-chambers, just a merry-go-round of the same topics ad infinitum. This is similar to the belief that by watching one single mainstream media news source you are getting the truth. You aren’t. You are being served propaganda that is aligned with one side of a political narrative that is, itself, all about stoking the political divide.



Both Owens and Farrakhan discuss legitimate grievances. There was no easy transition away from institutionalized slavery and ingrained racism, and those attempting to integrate into a society controlled and dominated by Caucasians faced seemingly insurmountable difficulties. Not only was the dominate European culture here completely different than their own, but so to were the traditions completely foreign. They had to integrate with those who had previously held them in bondage. That is complex. That is difficult.

There was also considerable push back by forces who did not want any integration of former slaves or their descendants into white society. At times, these forces acted violently with law enforcement looking the other way. There was horror. There was tragedy. There was pain. It was an incredibly frustrating and difficult time as those who had no choice but to try to survive economically had to do so under the crushing weight of discrimination combined with rage.

There is also the potential, and opportunity, with each moment, to collectively move on from these dark times. To pick up the pieces and look forward, not backward, to the future. There is no individual, or collective, progress when your heart and mind is firmly anchored in a past that no longer exists. All wounds heal with time, if they are allowed to.

The history of slavery and difficult race relations are the wounds that we have as a society and these are also the wounds that are never allowed to properly heal or for us to move forward from as a society. There is a reason for this, and the reason is: divide and conquer.

Divide and conquer is a technique that the elite use to keep their machinations under the radar and continue on unabated. To them, it is about manipulating the perceptions of the target population using localized criteria that is applicable to those societies in which the target population exists. For the United States, racism, race relations, and playing on a history of slavery, are wounds that can be exploited for these purposes and maintained as a volatile subject through media manipulation.

You see, the elite control the media. They control mainstream entertainment from movies to music. They control the mainstream news sources. They control all of this and, therefore, they control the narrative. You are given a narrative that consists of division in the ways in which they want to divide you based on realities that they create to promote this division. You are given falsehoods, or manipulations, that they want you to believe as truths, and only those that they want you to have within your awareness.

They write the script, they set the stage, and they put on the production. You are simply the viewer who is programmed by what they desire you to be programmed with. This programming always concerns itself with divides: racial divides, political divides, gender divides, even division amongst parent-child relationships. This is the agenda of the elite. The reason is quite simple: if we are divided and distracted continually by fighting with each other, then they can continue to exploit that division for their own gain from the shadows. We cannot fight them if we are fighting each other. That is absolutely the point.

In the United States of America, we have seen the rise of a militant police state that subjects all citizens to various degrees of debilitating and excessive force. I have seen video evidence of citizens of all races and religions being dragged, kicked, invasively stripped and searched, and treated aggressively and with extreme prejudice.

There are also kind police officers who treat people with respect and who are bound by a personal sense of duty to serve and protect.

In critical times where the atmosphere is politically charged and there is a great divide, which representation you see of this divide depends wholly on where you get the narrative from.

If you are deriving your information from left-wing publications only, you will expect a racist under every rock and around every corner. You would think that every Trump supporter, Kanye West included, wants to put every colored person back in chains. To you, every white person is a born-again bible thumping white supremacist waiting to suppress everyone in their path that has a different skin color. You would think that police only kill people of color as official department policy. Oh, and, you would think Russia is responsible for everything.

If you are deriving your information from right-wing publications only, you will expect Antifa and BLM under every rock and around every corner. You would think that every person who does not bow down to a flag and willingly worship everything that the military does is somehow anti-American dissidence. To you, everything and everyone who does not praise capitalism at every level is a “commie” who just wants to redistribute wealth without even considering that the central government and central bank do this already, with both behaving in ways that are quite in-line with the objectives of communism as set forth by Karl Marx himself.

All of this hysteria promoted by both sides of a divide depend upon your willingness to be offended and outraged by everything they want you to be offended and outraged about. Stories are selected and pruned to fit the narrative that suits the agenda.

Why? Because this is how they tell you to think, and you have willingly allowed yourself to be programmed by these perceptions.

The only way to stop this madness is to take back control of our perceptions by allowing ourselves to think and understand all sides to every story, and ask ourselves why things are represented in the way that they are and who benefits from this representation. Then we won’t easily take the bait. We won’t easily be emotionally controlled.

Also, question everything. Question every narrative. Question every picture. Question every intention. Question every motive. Look at every side. Up, down, left, right, and center. Think for yourself, don’t allow them to think for you.

Above all, don’t be offended. That is their ticket to controlling you emotionally.




Patrick Herbert is a software engineer, researcher, and writer who currently resides in Texas. He has been through some remarkable metaphysical experiences that led to a spiritual awakening and is actively pursuing ways to help to raise the awareness of others with regards to the elements of what we call the global conspiracy and how it affects all of our lives regardless of political disposition.







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