Imagine breaking through limitation, growing beyond fear and regaining the sense of wonder you had as a child.

The Chicken of Freedom, pulling no punches to get out of its shell, takes the reader on a kaleidoscopic trip towards truth through the fear that keeps us locked away afraid of our own potential; all the while aiming to ‘break free’ of self-imposed limitations to soar towards the fulfillment of personal freedom.

The Mirificent Books exist to create a bridge, and to offer a life-line, between our separated selves, guided by imagination, wholeness and clarity.  Books designed to inspire the reader to reclaim and heal their life force and to revive the child within, while at the same time claiming the courage required to make their lives reflect the dreams of their hearts.

Intended to be ‘children`s books for adults’ and ’adult books for children’, to be in a sense instructional ‘evolutionary primers’, books for learning (remembering) oneself, on how to create awareness by facing the seemingly insurmountable fears and difficulties we all have in life.

We have found for ourselves that there is nothing more valuable than self-knowledge. Our visual stories explore challenges many of us experience in our own struggles for love and personal acceptance, and through this self-knowledge, the discovery that we can create a life of conscious purpose, despair cured by the innocence in our hearts whose wings allow one to truly experience freedom.

Our creations are fashioned to actually communicate evolution to our readers, related to our own real-life experiences through the medium of Art and Poetry, Beauty and Truth.

The inspiration of these works of Love is the transformation of being.

We call our books ‘The Mirificent (Inspiration) Trilogy’.

Mirificent means ‘to cause wonder’ – mirificent inspiration: to breath in wonder.

All the best, Lorenzo & Fredalupe!    




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