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The mutable grand cross of June 2016

Continuing our exploration of Zero-Point Astrology, let’s begin looking at the three crosses, the cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Although it might be logical to start with the cardinal cross, as it is the first of the series, instead let’s look first at the last of the three, the mutable.

June is a powerful month, particularly for those of us with planets in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, which are the mutable signs. Right now we are having a fairly long-term mutable t-square, between Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius, and Jupiter in Virgo. In late May, early June 2016, when the Sun goes through Gemini, we will have a chance to feel and heal the mutable cross with a powerful mutable grand square.

With this grand square we will probably find that the general insanity ramps up considerably, as the world is still replete with those who seem to have no say about what goes through their minds, or how they will react to it. But for those of us who are working with ourselves, this is a time for full responsibility, and as such, a great opportunity. This could be the moment when we turn the corner, from being receivers to being transmitters.



One of the first things that stands out when looking at the mutable cross of Gemini (air), Virgo (earth) Sagittarius (fire) and Pisces (water), is that two of the signs involved, Gemini and Virgo, are both ruled by Mercury. And their opposite signs, Sagittarius and Pisces, are similar for a couple of reasons. Before Neptune was discovered, Jupiter was the ruler of Pisces, and Sagittarius. Now, Pisces is ruled by Neptune as well, but Jupiter is also included as a ruler of Pisces by some astrologers. So Jupiter rules both Sagittarius and Pisces.

So what strikes me immediately is that these two axes, Gemini/Sagittarius, and Virgo/Pisces, both go from small to large, micro to macro. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, is concerned with the small, the immediate, the details, and Sagittarius and Pisces, and their rulers Jupiter and Neptune, are about the large, the vast, the distant.

We could also say that Gemini has to do with Mercury that is turned outward, and Virgo has to do with Mercury that is turned inward. So by extension we could say that Sagittarius has to do with the expansiveness of the outer world, the physical and metaphysical world, and Pisces has to do with the vastness of the inner, and the transcendental world, the spiritual world.

We might perhaps notice that even the “inner” world is still an object of consciousness, as it can be the object of perception and awareness, so in that sense it could still belong to the Sagittarius (or “outer”) side of things, whereas the truly transcendental Conscious Light of Eternity, which is beyond inner and outer, could be represented more by the Piscean “territory”.

The Dream Comes True

So it occurs to me that this mutable cross, when considered all at once, has to do with the process of how the “outer” world is imagined, or dreamt, by us, much like the movie on a screen, projected from the film inside the projector. The dream comes true.

The dream comes true, no matter what it is. Whatever we are seeing in the seeming outer world around us, is the manifestation of what we are dreaming. So if we want see things change in the world around us for the better, and i know many of us do, we have to take responsibility for our dreaming. And that, i think, is what the mutable cross is about. At its best, it shows the alchemical process of creating the world, moment to moment. Conscious dreaming is creative imagination.

Shaman - Native indian holding galaxy


Looking at the mutable cross from the zero point, i see the axis upon which the world is dreamt into being. It is the whole process of “dialog” between inner and outer, if you will. Although Mercury has to do with communication, i think its higher manifestation is actually transmission.

It is the way the evolutionary source code is transmitted into our bodies and DNA, which then results in the collective movie we are living. Mercury is the medium, the quicksilver, the elusive mirror substance, that translates the source code into the visible spectrum.

We are active dreamers. The human imagination is truly astounding. But it has been taken hostage and vampired by the archontic virus, and this dreaming capacity we have is being used against us. It has been taken over. We only vaguely remember our dreams, most of us, and most of us have almost no power over our dream life at all. It is if it is automatically generating soap opera re-runs or something.

But this is not really a surprise, considering how our imagination has been polluted. It has been poisoned with all kinds of hellish imagery for a long time. And now in the most recent era, with television and movies and computer games, the contamination is complete.

This is why the controllers are so hell-bent on controlling the media (Gemini). They know they have to control everyone’s minds (Mercury), in order to commandeer our imaginations, to create their little hell realm here. Are we going to continue to let them get away with that??

Artificial intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence that is infecting the world has no creative imagination. It cannot create anything without getting our consent to use our imagination, because it has none of its own. With that in mind, let’s notice more closely what happens with our attention, how it is used, and used against us in “3D land”, and most importantly, how we allow it to be used, because we are definitely giving our consent, especially as long as we choose to remain ignorant by refusing to see what is really happening.

Are we really satisfied with this version of “reality” we are living? Is this all there is to it? Gemini is curiosity. When in the service of truth, a valuable asset. What is really going on here? What is really true?

Imitation Creativity

Have you noticed? In places like San Francisco CA, the tech business has run all the artists out of town. Like a swarm of ants with “smart” (read: AI) phones, the people of the tech explosion have invested and infested the place, forcing the housing prices into a bizarrely overpriced realm, a realm that no true artists can afford to participate in. And nobody seems to care. Apparently, money makes the rules.


(no fault evictions SF 1997-2013)

So what is happening there, as in many places, is that all the creative energy is being drained, parasited, and we are left with just cheap imitation creativity. The hipster coffee shops with Coltrane playing in the background, or maybe just “smooth” jazz, everyone looking the part, designing the latest useless tech app, for all the phone clones out there to stare at while they cross a busy intersection. Looks good on the surface, until you take a deeper look. Just like anything imitation. At first glance you don’t notice it is not the real thing. You have to look deeper. But for those whose attention is captivated by the outer “reality”, the capacity to look deeper is being erased.

These people’s imaginations are held hostage, and are being used to create the transhumanist nightmare. Which is fine, as long as you don’t need any soul in your life.
But the active awake dreaming that is true art is being buried in a tsunami of pseudo art by infected humorons, in an exponential proliferation of the superficial.

“…while plugged-in humans are physically and materially active, in constant struggle to overcome material obstacles and solve mundane problems, they are entirely passive at an inner or spiritual level, to the point where the muscles of the creative imagination (the one thing the matrix truly fears) have atrophied and barely work at all, save in a few, rare individuals.” – Matrix Warrior by Jake Horsley


Gemini at its worst is superficiality. And Gemini is also a very mental, techie sign. Ones and zeros. Mercury, outward turned, without the expansive vision and humor of Sagittarius, just becomes a very superficial and meaningless mode of being, consumed with the trivia of the immediate and the mindless distraction of entertainment. So when the Sun moves through Gemini this June, we are going to have to come to terms with this superficiality, and take responsibility for this seizing up of the collective imagination, by freeing and reclaiming our own imagination. Neptune, now transiting its home sign of Pisces, has everything to do with imagination.

What we can imagine, we can create. But our imaginations are being bombarded by the kind of “news” that is designed to render us hopeless. Because hopeless people give up, and then their imaginations begin to wreak havoc. When they turn to TV, alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, and junk food, out of hopelessness, then AI can begin to infect them and use them to power the nightmare. Be watchful !!

It is time to take a deeper look. There is more than meets the eye (Gemini). Mercury rules the eyes. But we are going to have to engage “seeing” at a deeper level in order to truly understand what is going on here.

The Double

How to do this? Well, Gemini is the sign of the Witness, the mirror. It is the sign of the double, the twins. In Castaneda’s teachings, Don Juan Matus talks about reconnection with our double, the one, who is us, who lives on the other side, in the infinite reflection of the mirror, in the world where all is complete, all is accomplished, all is whole.


“The dreaming body, sometimes called the “double” or the “Other,” because it is a perfect replica of the dreamer’s body, is inherently the energy of a luminous being, a whitish, phantom-like emanation, which is projected by the fixation of the second attention into a three-dimensional image of the body.
      The dreaming body is as real as anything we deal with in the world. The second attention is unavoidably drawn to focus on our total being as a field of energy, and transforms that energy into anything suitable. The easiest thing is of course the image of the physical body, with which we are already thoroughly familiar from our daily lives and the use of our first attention. What channels the energy of our total being to produce anything that might be within the boundaries of possibility is known as will.” Don Juan Matus/Carlos Castaneda

So this June, with this grand cross in mutable signs, and the Sun passing through Gemini, we have the opportunity reconnect with our double, our dreamer’s body. This is the only revolution that is going to work. As it is, the only revolutions that are “allowed” here, are the ones that go around, like a wheel, back to where they started. Have you noticed? The revolutions revolve. They are never allowed to spiral.  We are in a very repetitive time loop here, especially these days. Like being stuck in a revolving door. There is this strange sensation of there being no future, that we are just going to get more of the same, and that even the attempted disguises, trying to make the “same” look like something new, are not working any more. It is becoming blatantly obvious that the “new” is just not allowed. Much like in The Truman Show, or Groundhog Day.

Like for example, WHY are we still using gasoline? And the wheel, for that matter? Didn’t cave men invent the wheel? And in ALL this time since the cave men, we haven’t come up with anything better? hmmm……the wheel of time, still turning. or is it?

This world, when disconnected from the world of the complete, cannot come to completion. And when there is no completion, then we can’t evolve to the next level. And this evolution not something we can just sit back and let someone else do. Politicians are certainly not going to do this work for us.


We need to take on the responsibility of reconnecting with the eternal, on a moment to moment basis. This is where completion and wholeness live. The time has come for us each to wake up to our own responsibility in it. This is the true democratic process. This is really what our vote is, our volition. It is what our will is. What is our will? What do we want to see coming to pass in the hologram around us? This will require active dreaming, acting with true vision, the way the lucid dreamer proceeds once he has realised he is dreaming.

Perhaps we could call this kind of revolution, more accurately: Re-volition. Taking back the power of our true will. Let’s remember, from the Castaneda quote above: “What channels the energy of our total being to produce anything that might be within the boundaries of possibility is known as will.”

Are we creating what we want to create? Are we seeing the world we want to see?


Notice that it takes more skill, or perhaps will, to remain in the dream while realising you are dreaming, than it does to simply wake up from the dream. There has to be a willingness, even a desire, to remain present in the dream, and that would be solely for the purpose of helping all to wake up. Why else would one want to continue here? To make more money, or collect more experiences?

So first we have to realise we are dreaming. Even in waking life. When our waking life takes on that electromagnetic lucidity, then we will know we are entering the Real World. When we begin to see all this as an electromagnetic holographic event, highly flexible and unpredictable, yet malleable and effortless in its optimal direction, we will know we are reclaiming our dreaming power. And the dreaming power is effortless, no “doing” required, any more than dreaming at night requires effort. It simply happens. But when it becomes conscious it takes on a rare magic and beauty. It is how we participate in the Creation.

So we must be vigilant about what kind of “data entry” we allow in our mercurial (Gemini) pursuits, i.e. our processing of information, on all levels. As much as we are about the food we eat, and the medicines we take. SO much is being transmitted these days, that it is very easy to be taken over by the virus, if one is not watchful.

Gemini rules the eyes, so seeing is a big part of the process. When the seeing includes the inner dimension of seeing, i.e. the inward turned Mercury of Virgo, it will be far more accurate and precise. When the mind is purified (Virgo), then it sees what is there, what is true, on all levels. This is when the mirror is clean, without dust. It reflects all there is, and the Virgo Mercury brings it within, for discriminating inquiry. We see, within and without, and when our vision within becomes clear, then our vision without becomes clear as well.

The mutable cross transmits and distributes what has been initiated and distilled from the cardinal and fixed parts of the cycle. And in the process it looks towards, and projects, the vision of where the next step of evolution, informed by this distilled substance/information, will lead. Are we going to allow a superficial and synthetic pseudo-vision to take the place of Real Life? Since the whole world is arising in our perception, each one of us, in a unique way, bears full responsibility for how it all appears. By working with our own mind (Mercury) we can distill the elements and affect the manifestation in ways we can’t even imagine now. Think “butterfly effect”!


Let’s look more closely at Pisces and Sagittarius, too, to notice the difference between them. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, and has to do with philosophy, religion, higher mind, education, and the like. But notice that Jupiter is within the orbit of Saturn. it is an expansive energy, but it can’t expand too much, because it runs into the “city walls” of Saturn.

For example, we could think of a cathedral, the house of religion. It is big, expansive, (and expensive!) and let’s say it has amazing art painted on the ceiling, or jeweled mosaics perhaps. So when we walk into the cathedral we look up, we are in awe at how big it is, how high the ceiling is, how much money it cost, how much time and energy it took to build, and so forth.

The universe we see is projected on the cathedral ceiling.


But wait! it’s a ceiling! It is a limit, and actually it is pretty low compared to all space (even just outer space), not so grand at all. Kind of like religion in a way, at least the socially accepted variety. It can give us a “safe” sense of expansion, we can expand our mind a little, maybe think a little outside the box (but keep that box handy!), but nothing dangerous, all safe, sanctioned, and protected by “Daddy” Saturn. Watched over by “the Family”. (Cancer/Capricorn, Saturn/Moon) And that amazing art on the cathedral ceiling, when compared to the arrangement of stars in the sky, starts to look pretty limited too.

Neptune and Pisces, on the other hand, have to do with the unfathomable depths of the ocean of consciousness, and the heartbreaking compassion that arises when one’s vulnerability is confronted, and when one is able to truly feel the suffering of others. Neptune is OUTSIDE the orbit of Saturn. But this is not so much an outer ocean as it is a transcendental one, the ocean of eternity, which is beyond inner and outer altogether. It is not even describable in terms of size, really, it is the ineffable, and infinite, beyond words.

So when we bring this vastness with us into the cathedral, the place is going to seem very small. But somehow we have to bring that world into this one. And we will, without any effort at all. The art on the ceiling of the cathedral can be holographic, and simply dissolve the ceiling altogether, into the vastness of the night sky. We all have it in us, we are all part of it. This place is crying out for that medicine, the healing balm of dissolution in Divine Love without limits!

Language of light


The mutable cross is about the transmission of this infinite consciousness into this seemingly finite place. It is the language of light, which dissolves all the words and all the worlds, and then brings them alive into the new, into the now. With the power of the collective imagination informed by the language of light, an entirely new world is possible, and WE are the ones who will dream it into being.

At the moment, the mutable t-square has a point in Gemini, traditionally called the “4th leg” of the t-square, which we could think of as a “charged zone”, almost like an acupuncture point that needs a needle in it. The Sun passing through Gemini in June will be just such a needle, a medicinal energy will be made available for us to cure this imbalance. The moment to reclaim our dreaming power and to wake up in the dream is coming. With all the retrograde energy right now (May 2016), (Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mercury are all retrograde at the moment) we will find that we can be very productive working on the inner as a preparation, and that we can spark a great change in the outer if we keep the attention on the details within. The North Node of the moon is in Virgo right now, so finding a method to transmit a new dream will be very beneficial for the coming months. Dream work of all types can be very beneficial right now.

the true function of music: active dream practice


This mutable grand square is optimal energy as well for taking up the practice of music, as well as taking the practice of music to the next level, if you are already engaged in it. The entire mutable cross lends itself beautifully to music, since music is both an internal and external process, drawn from mystical depths (Pisces) through technical details (Virgo) and then communicated (Gemini) at large in an entertaining and mind expanding (Sagittarius) way.

What better purpose for the arts and music, than to be the doorway to bring the vastness into this seemingly finite place ! As music is ruled by Pisces, it is definitely part of the mutable cross “experience”. As a practice of active dreaming, music can open worlds like nothing else can. Music as carrier for the transcendental transmission is its highest purpose. More about that here.

Pisces is spirit, conscious compassion, and this is the essence of music, too, at its best. Compassion made audible. If we can rest in the resonance of pure being, we actually become music, quite literally. This is the gift of the mutable cross, the transmission of pure being.

The Real World

The Real World is here. It is alive. It is immanent. It is luminous. It is self-existing. It spontaneously unfolds, without obstacle or limitation. It is the foundation of our being. Eventually, there is no alternative. The Dream Comes True.

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