Electing Our Human Future

by Nowick Gray






i.  Who’s Responsible?


I mean, for all of it, the whole ball of multicolored wax.

Considering what’s unfolding all around us—the Great Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Brave New World Order, the Fifth Reich, the Apocalypse and the reign of Satan…

—Hold on, hold on. Let’s pause right there and ask, Is that our true and only human destiny?

That in turn means asking, Where did we come from and where are we going?

Look how far we’ve come already. Through the stages of historical evolution, revolution, transformation… never having paused to ask the key question: What does it mean to be human?

Put another way, where does nature end, and humanity depart, forever?

Again we have to back up and define our terms.

What is nature? What is human? Are they inseparable, or can we leave the past behind for good?

Put another way, the question becomes, Are there aliens among us?

In our appeal to Nature we must at least consider the differences, if any, between earthly nature and cosmic or universal nature. The trend of history thus far is to leave nature for civilization, and then leave even that behind for a technocratic transhumanism. In lockstep with that trend is the expansion of scale from tribalism, to nationalism, to globalism. What then comes next? Beyond the human is the alien; as beyond the global is the interplanetary.

The truism “as above, so below” works both ways. Humans in divine image, or vice versa. So we cannot simply blame evil aliens for our plight. If they exist, why not equally the counterbalancing forces of benevolent entities, watching our back but letting us learn our lessons firsthand?

Lacking direct evidence, we seek the truth through logic and intuition, and arrive at our mirror image… whether in the stars above, or in the beauty and savagery of the nature at our feet.

The eternal play of Darkness and Light, the Yin/Yang of this and every predicament, shrinks the outcome of this or that election, hurricane or plague, sunrise or blossom.

Again we return to the question that must be asked: What does it mean to be human?

What’s in my DNA, and where did it come from? Is it different from yours?

What is the meaning of artificial DNA, artificial intelligence, artificial life?

What does it even mean to be artificial, and where does that impulse come from?

What difference does it make if it comes from humanity itself?

If humanity has within it the seeds of artifice, and evil, and even a death-wish for nature, where did humanity come from?

From Earth’s nature, or from beyond?

And why should Earth’s nature and beyond be any different?

Indeed, they must not, in the biggest picture… which is unity.

Therefore let us not distract ourselves with little green men or big black women, trans transhumanists or panpiping panarchists, left-fascists vs. right-fascists… making distinctions of false identity.

Who are we, really, and what is our nature?

Yes, we are artificers, and we are evil, and we are reverent, and good. All of these and more, all things possible, within our shrinking limitations. At the outer edge of our development we return on the widest stage to Nature writ large, and there become one again in her creative womb.

In the meantime, we must admit our fascination with fun and games, intriguing experiments, boy toys and girls being girls… and if we really have serious skin in the game, building empires of blood.




ii. The Cult of Blood Sacrifice


Let’s be frank.

Aztec priests cut hearts out of living children, sacrificed on the open altars of pyramids.

Christian priests give symbolic blood and flesh of their sacrificial Lamb to all believers, embodying that evil at large.

Today, rumor has it that our elites, further in secret, get high drinking blood of babes.

Who are these high-priest pathogens, masquerading as human? And we worship them, paying tithes and taxes, in sheepish homage to their plastic platitudes.

They keep us busy—entertained, distracted, titillated, benumbed.

Once awakening to our righteous rage, we seek quick action. Stalled by obstruction, we spin tales on keyboards, not resting deep… though this moment we share, riding this boat, among the stars.

The sheepskin lies empty, discarded.

As a rug at the door it will do.

Wipe your feet, and walk through.



iii. Reset to the Real


Future humanity designed… by whom?
We go conscripted so readily
to that devoted cause—life eternal


while denying even this species-stage
to those less favored with our evil wit.
Pray forgiveness from trees, living monuments to Earth.

Without them, without her, we are going nowhere.
They are us. We are what we wish to become…
in Nature’s design. If we’re too arrogant?—good luck.


So this is to say, the natural human is not going down,
is not giving up, is holding on to the thread of life,
is saying no to injected DNA, is saying: Time Out.


Even as we ride this boat among the stars
our feet stand rooted in the Earth.
We may have other homes, in past and future time


But this home, this nature’s body, we have now.
This is where we draw the line, and say: no mas(k).
No shot, no chip, no nanobot. No violation of body or mind.


This is where our children are harbored, our skin and blood,
our thoughts and dreams, our sacred earthly and human family.
We pledge to protect this heart and home, our body and soul.




iv. Election Preview (2036 edition)


The upcoming US election presents an epic clash of polarized forces. It augurs a coming transformation of unknown outcome. And it mirrors the warring paradigms of global control versus human freedom.

Fast forward to 2036, four elections hence, and we can only conjecture a vision of the political landscape among many possible timelines, of our creation or acquiescence.



My novel The Last Book takes a speculative leap to explore where we are headed. As an alternate history it takes obvious liberties, serving to highlight the two competing trends we see current in 2020. The first is the well-paved road to a technocratic new world order, rebranded as “The Great Reset,” and orchestrated in the fictional scenario by the shadowy “Hierarchy.” Day by day we find also a growing resistance movement, speaking and standing up for the people of the planet. This amorphous tribe of “Panarchists” demonstrate loyalty to principles of natural order, under the unwritten rule of the Earth, Gaia.


The chief protagonists in this future history are Seymour Frederickson, alias Felix Krull (a time-traveling avatar of the Confidence Man portrayed in Thomas Mann’s last book), and Sophie Tucker Vaughan, the first woman president (certain Democratic challengers of our timeline notwithstanding), who rediscovers her own noble lineage as Queen of Lemuria. Once recruited by the Hierarchy, they find common cause in the subversive resolve of the human spirit.

To read a full excerpt (32 pgs.) from Part III of The Last Book: The First Woman President, click here to download (free PDF file). To read the complete Last Book in the format of your choice, click here. To read The Last Book along with four other ebooks of boundary-crossing fiction, order the Northern Dreams Box Set (only 99 cents).



Nowick Gray writes from Salt Spring Island, BC. His books of genre-bending fiction and creative nonfiction explore the borders of nature and civilization, imagination and reality, choice and manifestation. Connect at NowickGray.com to read more. A regular contributor to The New Agora, Nowick also offers perspectives and resources on alternative culture and African drummingand helps other writers as a freelance copyeditor at HyperEdits.com. Sign up for the emal list here.

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