Elemental Article

The primary blessing we are given when we are born is our breath. This is the first medicine without which we would not survive. Our ability to take and give our breath is also our initial expression of life. The awareness of our breath is the true measure of our consciousness. As present as we are to our breath is as present as we are to our life. Yet it is not just the breath we take that is vital. What has become essential in our contemporary world is the quality of air from which we draw. Our environment is more lethal than it has ever been. We are killing ourselves with our own chosen toxicity.

Our breath sets the tone of our lives. We all breathe, though it is so ordinary to us that we arent even sentient of our breath. It eventually becomes another automatic element of our existence. When our breath becomes habitual, we tend to breathe primarily through our mouths. We dont receive the full benefit of our breath. Only when we breathe deeply and rhythmically through our nostrils do we obtain the optimal filtration our lungs provide. The quality of our lives and how long they endure is dependent upon the commitment and consciousness we exercise while we are breathing.

Our breath is the heart of our human experience. The greater our intention to breathe an abundance of purified air, the greater our ability to cleanse ourselves of the toxicity that has grown within us. Our lives begin and end with our breath. Our conscious breath can instantaneously transform our vision, perception, mood, behavior and life. The measure to which we are aware of and exercise our breath is equivalent to the measure we draw from the essence of life that thrives within and around us. The quality of the breath we inhale and exhale most certainly impacts all with whom we are related.

Our body and the planet upon which we live consist primarily of water. Water is the second medicine. It is the most cleansing and purifying element of our existence. Yet it is also the most destructive and fatal. Water by its very nature is a perfect reflection of its environment. It is a force both mutable and powerful. Its relationship with air is unique in that it cannot exist without it. Water creates air by evaporation whereas air creates water through density. It is no coincidence that clouds are the children of air and water. The union between the two is the most sacred and vital synthesis.

Much like its predecessor air, water is a cornerstone in the foundation of all life. The more water we consume, the more we cleanse ourselves of the toxicity we may carry. However, the quality of the water we drink, cook with or bathe in determines the measure of our purification. Water is the most powerful healing agent available to living beings. It sustains our body’s natural ability to heal itself of most ailments and injuries. When we drink water we are not just being revitalized or hydrated, we are also oxidizing ourselves from the inside out. We are refreshing our blood, cells and organs.

Water is the most essential element. Purified water improves and transforms our health by assisting our immune system in protecting our body from the plethora of viruses present in our contemporary society. The extraordinary healing and purification properties of water create an environment within us that makes it very difficult for illnesses or infections to exist. Waters conductive purposes are as powerful as its natural ability to hydrate. It is not just the water itself that sustains our health; it is also the energy we put into the water that carries our intention.

The third medicine is Earth. It grants us equilibrium, stability and relativity. It gives us the solidity upon which we may ground. Yet, it is not just the permanence it provides that allows us to exist upon its ever-evolving landscape. It is also the energy emanating from its core to its crust that enhances our consciousness, creativity, purpose and destiny. This energy sources our experience of life in ways that are beyond measure, meaning, worth and imagination. It empowers our body’s natural healing and regenerative powers. Earth is the foundation of our three dimensional being-ness.

Everything the earth provides is medicine. From the vitamins and minerals in rocks, stones and crystals, to the dirt, mud and sand, to the roots, plants and trees. Nature in all its expressions provides a surplus of elements to nourish, cleanse, heal and sustain us. Our only requirement for the ability to utilize these gifts is the appropriate knowledge and commitment to harvest, apply and replenish them. The synthesis of our relationship with these medicines determines the quality and fate of life for both the earth and our selves. Yet it is up to us to choose this extraordinary opportunity.

Before the first ember was fanned into flame by our ancient ancestors, the darkness of the night reigned unchallenged. Fire brought with it warmth, light and comfort, yet also conversation, community and illumination. It offered confidence, courage and hope and eventually aspiration, passion and fortitude. Fire enhanced the experience of life for our earliest relatives. It gave them focus, insight, purpose and wisdom. The mysterious and fluid light and motion of fire alone has captivated generations. Fire is the heart of our society bringing us all together unlike any other element.

The fourth medicine offers a diverse and unique purification and healing. Its heat, light and intensity burns away our toxins, ailments, thoughts, concerns and fears. Fire instantaneously transforms our behavior, mood, environment and experience of life. Our body’s natural fire emerges as a fever to process our toxins, stabilize our imbalances and heal our illnesses. The human traits of creativity, insight, inspiration and empowerment are related with this element. Our inner fire manifests as our passion, desire and dedication to transcend all that prevents or prohibits our enlightenment.

There is nothing in this world more misunderstood, misrepresented, commercialized and exploited than the fifth medicine. All that is of spirit is primarily ridiculed, manipulated or discredited. Our society is structured in a way that separates us from our soul. This distorts our natural ability to experience many diverse dimensions of being. Our energy and focus is constantly disrupted by a multitude of artificial elements designed to distract us from our souls. When we chose to live a lifestyle as an expression of spirit, it can be revealing, challenging and overwhelming. Yet it is rewarding, illuminating and fulfilling.

Our four dimensional consciousness cannot be achieved until we create the necessary elemental alchemy. It requires the balance of the four medicines of our being, our body (earth), mind (air), heart (water) and soul (fire). When this equilibrium within us is established and maintained, we are able to become present to our intuition. This is the gateway to our soul allowing us to relate and commune with our spirit in the energetic frequency most commonly felt and experienced as love. This gives us access to an infinite resource of creativity, intention, healing and energy.

Spirit is the multi-dimensional essence that unites all the elements. It is the invisible presence that inspires and sustains all life. Our soul is what empowers our being to thrive to our greatest potential and possibility. It grants us the vision to see that we are accountable for, beholden to and interrelated with all living beings both on and beyond this world. This is the fullest expression of our multi-dimensional existence. We are the medicine for which we have yearned. Our souls are declared only by the integrity of our commitment to fulfill our natural purpose and become all that we are destined to be.


Author Iam Saums