Ether Physics

Summary: The forces of magnetism, electricity, and gravity are simply different types of perturbations in a single field that permeates the universe and comprises the fabric of existence. Here is just a brief overview without the math. See the “Further Reading” at the end for links to more technical overviews.

“Everything is flux” – Heraclitus

Our universe is permeated by an ether substrate from which electric, magnetic, and gravitational fields arise. Ether is the medium in which space itself exists and through which electromagnetic and gravitational waves travel.

Circulation in the ether generates magnetic field lines along the axis of circulation. Accelerative flows in the ether create electric field lines in the direction of flow. Compressions or expansions in the ether give rise to gravity and antigravity fields. Certain distortions create neither magnetic nor electric effects and these cannot be detected by conventional instruments.

Ether flows outward from every point in space into the center of every mass. The total mass of the universe therefore determines the total outflow of ether. This outflow establishes in this universe a default ambient ether pressure. The pressure has a certain value in space, drops near masses, and reduces to zero at the event horizon of black holes. It also sets the speed of light.

Changes in ether pressure over some distance creates gravitational forces just as gradients in air pressure create wind, and so masses attract each other. Ether pressure also determines the local rate of time and scale of space. Gravitational force fields are equivalently time rate gradients. The lower the pressure, the slower the rate of time and more reduced the scale of space. Therefore time and space as we know them are ultimately generated by the very masses occupying this universe.

Moving at constant velocity through the ambient ether reduces the locally experienced pressure, slowing time and shrinking space in accordance with Relativity. Accelerating through the ether creates a locally experienced gradient in this pressure, creating a gravitational force field opposite the direction of acceleration and inducing the phenomenon of inertia. This means inertia, like space and time, is established by the total mass of the universe, which explains the physical basis of Mach’s Principle.

The ether is dragged along by electric currents, in the direction of current flow. Compressions or expansions in the ether can be induced by compressions or expansions in the flow of current. Current flowing toward or away from a common center does the same to ether. Also, sudden intense current pulses create compressions in electron flow, and thus linear compressions in the ether to produce longitudinal forces in wires.

Anytime electric or magnetic fields change without inducing the other, the energy in the created wave becomes partly longitudinal, meaning partly gravitational. Because of its geometry, a metal sphere given an alternating electrical charge suppresses the magnetic component of the electric field, and so it functions as a longitudinal antenna. Similar for flat electrodes with large surface areas, which send concussive waves into the ether. Or if electromagnetic standing waves have either the electric or magnetic component cancelled, then longitudinal standing waves would result.

When magnetic fields are rapidly rotated their intrinsic etheric circulation loosens up and partially converts to compression or expansion. Rotating magnetic fields have a gravitational component.

Since electric fields are accelerative flows in the ether, a diverging or converging electric field has within it a compressive or expansive ether component. Negative charges like electrons exhibit a slight antigravitational effect, and positive charges like protons a gravitational effect. When positive and negative charges are kept close but apart, there exists a gravitational imbalance between them and the entire thing will experience a net force towards the positive pole, as demonstrated in the Biefeld-Brown effect. Maximizing intensity and nonlinearity in the electric field increases the effect. Ether pressure also influences the natural spacing between electric charges and can thus be measured indirectly by measuring charge density.

Anything that induces current can manipulate the ether if properly directed. The greater the intensity and divergence or convergence of the current, the better. Ion-acoustic, piezoelectric, or thermoelectric processes could allow even sound or heat to indirectly interact with the ether.

Through manipulation of ether, its pressure can be artificially reduced in order to warp time and space. If brought to zero, time stops and space disappears. Beyond that, both become imaginary. It is possible to artificially reproduce the event horizon of a black hole. If the pressure is brought down but kept uniform throughout the local space, then there exist no gravitational forces within, yet time and space would still be altered. In this way a portal into imaginary spacetime could be created without the destructive gravitational forces associated with physical black holes.

Further Reading

The Etheric Origins of Gravity, Electricity, and Magnetism — a more technical but math-free explanation of this theory, including numerous diagrams that show visually and conceptually the unity between the three primary forces.

A Brief Introduction to Scalar Physics — my detailed paper on the scalar superpotential theory, which includes diagrams and equations and discusses the following topics: potentials, electric and magnetic force fields, force-free potentials, superpotential, potential-free superpotential, electric and magnetic singularities, gravitation as a function of the vector potential, the fallacy of gauge theory, Maxwell’s Equations, transverse and longitudinal wave equations, displacement current, electrogravitational potential, the relation between mass and charge, time dilation, ambient gravitational potential, derivation of Mach’s Principle and Newton’s 1st and 2nd Laws, inertia and centrifugal force, derivation of the Equivalence Principle.

Scalar Physics Research Center — website dedicated to this subject, containing a short FAQ on the front page and a Resources section with links to papers and websites by others who have discovered the significance of scalar fields and waves.



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