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– “…According to Mike Stagman, PhD -“Genetic Engineering is a nightmare technology that has already caused MANY disease epidemics — documented but unpublicized”: 

(Lyme Disease, Morgellons Disease, and GMO Foods, All Connected? – By Anne Gordon, RN)

Today, we see horrific manifestations of a sick society with zombie-like heartless acts of violence. We are seeing creepy emerging emerging pathologies, new assaults to immunology, science fiction mad scientists, and technology with disturbing self-serving agendas. There are many people suffering beneath the veneer of shopping malls, latest gadgetry, and the illusion of connection through plastic. You won’t be seeing this on your TV News station any time soon, if ever.

Many have heard of Morgellons disease, Lyme Disease, and GMOs, but, none appear to be ‘main stream news’. Morgellons Disease has been labeled as a ‘delusional’ disease, or as the ‘mystery skin disease’. (Morgellons is the strange manifestation of unusual fibers seen in skin lesions that itch, and appear to ‘move’. People with the affliction describe a crawling stinging sensation, just under the skin. They also suffer from brain fog, and depression and other debilitations). Lyme Diseasemanifests as plethora of symptoms, often misdiagnosed. And GMO (genetically modified) foods are sneaking into our food sources without our knowledge or consent. The studies more often than not question the safety of ingesting the tampered engineered foods.

In 2008, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention paid researchers $300,000 to conduct a 3 year study on Morgellons. Thousands of people suffer from this. Fibers under the microscope (100x) have a unique arrangement of blue, red, white green and fluorescent. What?

The latest research, indicates a surprising link according to the paper published in January 28, 2013 by Peter Mayne of Australia (principal author), found that Borrelia Spirochetes was found in the skin lesions of Morgellons victims. Surprisingly this bacteria, has been also been associated with Lyme disease. In fact, this research paper, suggests changing the name of Morgellons disease, to Borrelial Dermatitis.

According to other researchers in New York, (State University of New York) it is suggested that environmental factors might also be involved in this disturbing disease. They suggest that the fibers are biological with floral root-like structures, and could be from cross contamination of DNA from plants and humans through GMO’s.

Some physicians are suggesting that Morgellons is an unusual morphing of Lyme disease. This is a revolutionary connection, presenting a differential diagnosis, and could de-stigmatize the current delusionary assessment of Morgellons, the debilitating disease.

According to the Morgellons Research Foundation, there are well over 15,000 self-identified sufferers from 15 countries including the US (all 50 states), Canada, the UK, Australia, South Africa, and the Netherlands. In the US, most cases are reported from California, followed by Texas and Florida. The numbers are rising, not declining.

There are increasing new resources for ways to recognize these diseases, and for ways of maintaining a stronger immune system.  Strengthening the immune system, by reduction of toxic assault, is an important way to create a barrier from emerging disease regardless of their origin (synthetic or natural). Learn how to avoid the poisons, creating your own barricade, of your mind and body. It is your time to be proactive, not passive…. if you want to thrive in a changing world.


http://www.greenmedinfo: “Filament formation associated with spirochetal infection: a comparative approach to Morgellons disease.”

Anne Gordon is an RN, an Author, Researcher, and a computer artist. Fascinated with societies, and the future, she is drawn to medical health trends of tomorrow. What will health look like? Will we be more mechanical than spiritual? These are some of the concepts she is looking at. Many of her articles like her art, are slightly outside the mainstream box, aimed towards thought stimulation. She is also extremely curious about how the ‘business’ of healthcare, and wellness intertwine today.

Her artwork, is a combination of photography and painting, and is publicly shown. In her spare time, she teaches in a local community college.

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