By B.N. Frank

When one Silicon Valley parent was quoted as saying, “The Devil lives in our phones,” she probably never dreamed that less than a year later there would be research suggesting that excessive smartphone use could affect posture so profoundly that horn-like protrusions could grow on the back of users’ skulls.  This is getting a lot of media coverage.




Of course – like all research that reflects poorly on tech use – the horn-growing theory is being heavily debated.  Regardless, research has already confirmed that excessive smartphone use can give you a whole host of other undesirable conditions other than horns.  Activist Post published an article about this last December:

“Selfie Wrist,” “Text Neck,” Screen Addiction, Macular Degeneration and Blindness, Insomnia, Anxiety, Brain Cancer and Tumors – Ain’t Smart Phones Grand

For those of us old enough to be concerned, research has also determined it can also age our skinfaster.  Argh.

American Academy of Pediatrics, other health experts, and children’s advocates (including PBS) have been warning how kids are affected more by excessive tech use and exposure to harmful cell phone radiation and WiFi.  Despite warnings, telecom and tech companies continue to manufactureand market tech to kids, their parents, and schools.  Talk about devilish.







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