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A spider towers above the man bound in the sticky silver strands of a silent web. He struggles to escape, while empty, indifferent, uncaring eyes fix upon him coldly watching his terror. His writhing and twisting bind him, ever more tightly deeper into the spun web of a slow death. 

The fate of men in the Kali Yuga has been no better than that of the women. In spite of the appearance of greater freedom, men in their own way have been just as oppressed and limited. Tyrants are never happy and all men have suffered greatly as a consequence of the suppression of women. None can be whole when cut off from memory of Spirit — of Source.

For the past 6,000 years men have been forced to choose between becoming tyrants or the slaves of tyrants. With endless wars raging around the planet, men have been subjected to the horrors of military life. They have been trained to reject emotional information, to endure pain in silence, and never cry. A man separated from his mother at an early age has little opportunity to cultivate tender feelings and makes a better warrior. Just as a woman separated from her father is more easily dominated, manipulated, and always seeking the lost father, she makes a better whore.

As cannon fodder the motto of men was often, “Ours is not to question why. Ours is but to do or die.” I sometimes wonder how many 1000’s of men have spent days, wounded, lying on battlefields fighting off vultures and praying for the mercy of death – lifetime after lifetime.


The ancient Sanskrit PURANAS tell us that in the Kali Yuga: ‘Men will devote themselves to earning money; the richest will hold power’ – as if this is something bizarre, an anomaly. In today’s world a man is measured by the size of his bank account.

Young men, who do not have the opportunities that come with money, continue to join the armed forces. For a man the choice still lies somewhere between being a beggar and becoming a tyrant. But spending a lifetime in a giant corporation for a pile of possessions and a mortgage just doesn’t appeal to every man. Some dare to wonder why they should work all their lives at a job they hate and that bores them, only to acquire stuff.

The purpose of life could not be merely acquiring things. There has to be something more than consumption. One might aspire to create beauty, to contemplate the universe or the meaning of life. Surely there are other pursuits just as valuable to a civilization than making mountains of money. A man who felt inspired to think, even driven to contemplate and meditate on the meaning of existence is out of luck.

The bitter truth these days is that, more and more, there are only two choices: join the corporate work force, or what is euphemistically termed the ‘service industry’. The millions who join the herd and get a job working for a corporation end up commuting for hours in toxic traffic to then sit in a cubicle in front of a computer all day. Most decide it is better to give up their right to choose how they spend their time, their life, than to go hungry. And of course there is the great compulsion of consumption.

Where in the Bible or any Sanskrit text, Hindu or Buddhist, or in the Torah or the Koran is the command that mankind must go forth and consume vast quantities of things? Why would any man give up every shred of individual expression and conform to a Borg-like existence in order to consume?

Is the world moving away from democracy? Are the giant corporations, who flagrantly control political parties with the big bucks that finance election campaigns, creating an environment tending toward plutocracy and oligarchy? Rule by and for the Rich!

For many years now there have been reports that the human race is poisoning the planet, the water, land, air, and food. Uncontrolled consumption is inadvertently killing animals, the fish and the coral reefs. The Earth is warming, the ice is melting, and no one has any real idea what this will mean for the future – or if there will be a future.

Only a few have ever dared question the fact that getting money has completely surpassed every other motivation. The old tyrant-priest caste has been replaced with tyrannical modern economists – all screaming their doctrines over the airwaves. Specific television stations are solely devoted to financial markets and many hang on every word spoken by the high priests of money.

Strangely the true genius of the most esteemed high priest of economics is his tireless ability to drone on and on in monotony, while he reveals almost nothing – just like a priest! Mysteriously and perhaps quite correctly, the Federal Reserve Building in Washington DC is decorated with rather sinister wrought iron black griffins.

Is our current Economic Era a subversion of a more natural cosmic order? The Age of Conflict and Confusion is the densest and most deluded cycle of time. Most people have no knowledge of the Cycles of Time, even though they are living within the fourth one. If this knowledge had not been intentionally hidden, everyone would remember that in other Eras, life on planet Earth was very different – better.


Contrary to blinded-by-science propaganda, the human race has not continually and constantly evolved as we have been told. The truth is just the opposite. The fact that economists have become priests is itself an excellent, if somewhat darkly humorous, leading indicator of a devolved state.

People have come to measure human progress by the systems of the distribution of wealth. We have become so lost, so clueless we no longer ask the essential question: What is the meaning of life?

The entire civilization seems to be in some kind of mass hypnosis. The altar of materialism brings forth more density, more delusion, as people’s thoughts have become solidified into the holographic reality. The more people embrace the religion of economics and its priesthood, and the more of their time they surrender to the pursuit of money, the more Mammon devours their lives — until its power becomes so great people cease to ask why.

The idea of economics as a ‘sublime and sacred destiny’ would have been an absurd joke in another cycle of time. Humans with a higher consciousness would have never considered the current obsession with the hierarchies of money as their destiny and dharma.

People continually argue about which economic system will bring them more money and more things. The culture now worships any fool, any blackguard and thief who can amass ridiculously enormous fortunes – when every day 34,000 children on this overpopulated planet starve to death.

The fractious arguments, asserting that one system is better than another, miss the point. People need to realize that they are under a spell, choking in a miasma of amnesia. The delusional myths of economics dominate our lives, to the exclusion of meaning.

There are very few places left on the planet that have not been intruded upon and have not yet experienced corporate hegemony. These few remote areas have yet to be inundated with consumer propaganda, raped and pillaged. Small pockets of consciousness, isolated tribes, remain free from the tentacles of consumption.

However, these may also vanish from the planet — and soon, at the rate the multinationals are taking over the world. As predicted, the entire world population will find itself in an invisible prison – a prison of waveforms, thought frequencies, controlling and limiting human experience.

The human body contains seven energy centers of power, the chakras. These seven centers of power contain unlimited possibilities, now unknown to most. In previous cycles of time, we experienced far more than is currently programmed on our TVs.


In the time before Forgetting, when we were all still conscious of our being ONE, the birth of the galaxies, nebulae, stars and planets was experienced as if we were those cosmic creations. The experience of being the birth of the cosmos was surely a sublimely transcendental ecstatic orgasm!

All our lives we had been told that thanks to the miracles of production and capitalism everything is getting better for us. But every improvement seems to bring another, even deeper form of enslavement. Human consciousness is so completely inundated with propaganda that most no longer bother to question. Questioning the benefits of consumption today could be considered unpatriotic.

But is life better? No one has any time and everyone is busy-busy-busy working, participating in the economy. The family for better or worse seems to be disintegrating. If people really are happier now, then why are so many chronically depressed and why are 1 in 4 people in the United States obese? Not fat – obese. Including children.

Fast food is actually a symptom of the Kali Yuga, as predicted in the ancient Sanskrit Puranas!

The same food people ate before the 1950’s is now called organic and costs a lot more. People who care and understand are forced to seek out food that is hopefully not toxic. The ingenuity of modern chemistry has produced a scary food supply generously inundated with insecticides, preservatives, growth hormones, antibiotics, and EDCs, endocrine disrupting chemicals.

The best in people often emerges only under duress. Heroes simply do not thrive in a culture of numb, narcotized, passive, fat couch-potatoes. Millions consume what are deceptively called life-style-drugs. Not only do these man-made molecules weaken the individual will, they also successfully prevent individuals from the experiencing their lives and being able to grow from these experiences. However, they do keep the pharmaceuticals rolling in money.

The world seems chained to the machinery of economics. Even the entrepreneurs, the Type-A guys, the CEOs who run things have no true freedom. Like all tyrant-warriors over the past 6,000 years, people with huge levels of ambition are only ‘happy’ when they are winning and trouncing their opponents. Material ambition is like a drug, and just like a drug it leaves people empty, fearing old age, weakness, and death.

The fear of death drives men to leave their wives, to seduce and marry younger women. The rich and the powerful today insist that their females, who they see as trophies of their success and as property, remain young-looking so they won’t be reminded of their own mortality. Plastic surgery is flourishing in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga.

Can any amount of material possessions be worth sacrificing one’s independence for? Is the quest for the means of subsistence meant to consume one’s entire life? When did people come to value things more than their freedom, more than their dignity – more than love, kindness and compassion?

At some point the goal of life became the production and consumption of more-more-more — no matter what the cost to the environment, to people all around the world, and to the planet herself. The Earth apparently cannot sustain what the West has conditioned people to desire.

The trap is set and unlimited growth is the grail. Unlimited growth sounds more like a sort of cancer. Every day environmental scientists are warning that the planet will not sustain the ongoing impact of consumption. And yet these warnings go on – unheard.

When men begin to see beyond the choice between being a beggar and becoming a tyrant, and when once again we all begin to look within for insight, answers and an understanding of our relationship to the Cosmos, there will be hope on the horizon for the emergence of a higher consciousness, Love, and the soft golden light of the next cycle of time.

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  1. Susan Fergusonis the author of Inanna Returns,Inanna Hyper-Luminal; her own commentary on the Bhagavad Gita and the Shiva Sutras; and Colony Earth & the Rig Veda. Her website is Metaphysical Musing.

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