For Those About To Question Authority – I Salute You



There are many people who, perhaps for the first time in their lives, are starting to ask fundamental questions about the nature of society and their relationship to authority. This runs contrary to everything they have been taught to believe and is an intensely uncomfortable experience. It takes courage to question your own values and belief systems.

We are all instructed, almost from the cradle, that to obey is good. Doing as we are told is always rewarded and disobedience punished. In part, this is a valuable lesson for a toddler. We need to obey our parent’s command or risk being harmed.  When a parent says “no” a child must obey. Parents love their children and exercise their authority to protect them. The child knows less than their parent.

As we grow we become increasingly capable of exercising critical thought. We learn to assess dangers for ourselves and, as experience builds, we develop into adults, able to exercise our own judgment. We have free will and take full responsibility for our own actions.

Yet, as we mature, the authorities demand that we never put away childish things. We must stay obedient, follow the rules and learn to accept the convention of authority. Rather than take full responsibility for our own lives, we are instead told that we have signed up to something they call the social contract.

The authorities do not love us. They do not exercise their claimed authority to protect us. They do not know more than we do.

This social contract, never seen or actually signed, is sold to us as essential for the “proper”functioning of our society. The authorities tells us that without it we would be little more than cave dwellers, incapable of spontaneous order. Chaos would reign, and it is only our willingness to do exactly as we are told, like well trained toddlers, that keeps us safe.


This invisible contract requires that we jump through certain hoops. We must not break any of the many rules that are imposed upon us. The list of rules is ever expanding and the regulations we must obey constantly change. It is virtually impossible to know what all the rules are but ignorance is no excuse for disobedience.

As part of social contract they say their rules have created, we must pay the authorities. We must go to work in order to offer them tribute.

They use the money we have to give them in a wise and efficient manner. As the authorities are free from corruption, and only have our best interests at heart, we can rely upon them to use the money they take from us to provide the things we need.

There are many things we need which, without the authorities, we would be incapable of providing for ourselves. We need health and social care, law and order, vital infrastructure and access to services, schooling for our children, public services, a tremendous amount of bureaucracy and more.

The authorities take our money from us so that they can pay private contractors to provide the things we need. This means the private corporations only need to appeal to the authorities in order to be awarded their slice of the social contract.

As the authorities are incorruptible, this is much better than us coming together as a community, drawing up our own contracts, and buying these services directly. Something we are too incompetent to do.

In return for taking our money, the authorities will always keep us safe. In fact they claim it is their first and most important duty. As long as we pay up and do as we are told, they will protect us, our families and our livelihoods.

Occasionally, in an effort to keep us safe, the authorities have to prioritise. It is often essential that they spend vast amounts of our money on bombs and proxy militias. These are necessary because the authorities have to attack other authorities sometimes. Of course, it is rarely the other authorities who are slaughtered in their beds. Mainly its people just like us who live somewhere else.

This causes all manner of dangers. In order for the authorities to protect us from the threats they’ve created, they need to invest big time. We simply can’t work hard enough to pay for all this protection directly. So, to make sure we stay safe, the authorities have to borrow the money on our behalf to pay for our security.

This creates staggering levels of debt which we have to work to repay, despite the fact that it is so large we never will. This debt is owned by tiny number of people who are not, themselves, subject to the same rules of authority that we are.

Unlike the rest of us, if they become insolvent, they are too big to fail. Despite having paid the authorities to maintain the things we need, we must sacrifice it all to protect those who are very important. This will keep us safe.

Even these dangers are insignificant compared to the existential threat we now face. COVID 19 is so dangerous that the authorities have decided we need to completely re-engineer our entire society and the global economy so that they can continue to protect us.

We must have a globalist controlled, biosecurity surveillance state to stay safe. It is essential that our businesses have rules imposed upon them that will make them nonviable. So onerous are these impositions that only a few, mega corporations, will have the means to survive. This has been done with safety in mind.

All our transactions, whereabouts, movements, the people we meet (if any) and the services we use, must be tracked and traced in order for the authorities to protect us. So lethal is COVID 19 that we have become a danger to ourselves.

The old society we once knew must be completely destroyed in order to build a new, centrally administered, system of global governance in which each and every one of us are potential threats to everyone else. We must distance ourselves from each other and treat our own loved ones as bio-hazards.

Because we are all now sources of infection, to stay safe, we have to unquestionably obey the new rules designed to protect us. The authorities must have unlimited power to incarcerate us, they must be able to commit any crime they deem necessary to maintain order and they must seek out, isolate and silence any who question their authority. For it is only by blindly accepting every command of the authorities that we can ever hope to remain safe.

If this sounds to you like the kind of protection racket Al Capone would have been proud of then you’re right, it is. It has never been anything other than that. The authorities, be they Kings, Queens, CEO’s, think tank leaders, Parliaments or Senates have always ruled through one mechanism. Fear.

They must keep us in a constant state of terror because otherwise we wouldn’t value their protection. So frightened have we become, that we believe ourselves incapable of managing our own society.

Without these fears, our need for the authorities evaporates. Their corrupt and inept rule, their petty regulations and total disregard for humanity rendered unpalatably clear.

We all know this. Who amongst us looks at the political class and the banksters with admiration? This is not to suggest that all of them are evil or even corrupt. We would be foolish not to support those among them who, perhaps uncomfortable with the emerging dictatorship, are willing to speak out.

However, neither are they a uniquely gifted or especially wise group of people. What on Earth makes us think that we are incapable of ordering our own lives while simultaneously imagining this group of people have special powers and can safely guide the lives of billions?

It is an absurd notion. And yet, like proverbial lemmings, it seems we cannot escape our deeply ingrained compulsion to follow. Even if COVID 19 were a plague capable of wiping out humanity, which it most certainly isn’t, how much of your life are you willing to give up in order to stay safe?

If you can’t be with loved ones when they need you, if you can’t experience the warmth and affection of other human beings, if you can’t gather, celebrate, dance and sing, if you can’t even make love without submitting the diktat of the authorities, why are you alive? Does your freedom, won through the blood sacrifice of generations before you, really mean so little to you that you will give it away simply because you are frightened?

We are not children. We are capable of taking responsibility for our own lives. We do not need to be told what to do, where to go, what to say and what to think. If the authorities disappeared tomorrow, would you suddenly decide to drive on the wrong side of the road? Would you start a fight just for the hell of it or punch an old lady and steal her purse? Would you renege on all your responsibilities and simply not bother anymore?

If the answers to these question is no, then take a good long look at the other people you see, trudging down the high street, heads bowed, muzzled and cowed, and ask yourself which of them would? What makes you so afraid that you think you need protection from them?

You are being brainwashed into believing everyone is a danger to you. They are not. They are your fellow human beings. They are immeasurably resourceful, witty, sad, experienced, naive, clever, stupid, calming, angry, certain and confused. They are just like you.

The prospect that we might shrug off our fears terrifies the authorities to their bones. That’s why they spend so much time, money and effort marginalising, belittling and persecuting anyone who criticises their policies and claimed right to rule. In response, we have become incapable of seeing the shadows on the cave wall. We actually attack those advocating our freedom in defence of those who want to remove it.

If a disease really presented an existential threat to you and your family, do you imagine for one moment that you would need to be “convinced.” You would see the evidence all around you. But where is it? On the TV?

For us to see that the emperor has no clothes we must overcome the years of indoctrination we have all been subjected to; our trained subservience to the few, who assume the mantle of authority we willingly give them. Who is it that teaches us that we must obey their authority?

Without our faith in the stories they weave and the nightmares they insist are real, the power of the authorities is nothing but the delusion of wannabe tyrants. If no one obeys there are no rulers. It is as simple as that.

If we decide that we will no longer comply, while the first to stand up will face their wrath, ultimately there is nothing they can do about it. Their grasp on power will be gone in less than a generation. It won’t be easy. Nothing worth doing ever is. But when the job is done, perhaps we can then discuss, like adults, what we want the Great Reset to be.

I know more people are starting to question authority and their relationship with government. That relationship is being changed, whether you like it or not, so all of us need to do the same. This can be a difficult and occasionally uncomfortable process.

To question everything we think we understand about the nature of our society, inevitably means we have to question ourselves. It isn’t for the fainthearted and, under normal circumstances, it is easier and safer not to bother.

These are not normal circumstances. Awful though it is for those who suffer it, COVID 19 is not the most pressing danger we face. Our mortal enemy is our own individual apathy. If we simply allow a new abnormal global society to be constructed by a minuscule gaggle of immensely wealthy power brokers, that society will serve them and enslave all of us and our children for generations to come.

To those who are starting to question authority, asking questions of power, I salute you. For those who aren’t I ask you why not? You have nothing to lose. You can’t, keep your head down and hope you will be spared. The new biosecurity State the authorities are building is for everyone. Resistance or slavery are your only options.



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