Freedom and the Future

by Nowick Gray



Great Reset Glossary

  • great reset = new world order
  • global governance = one world government
  • build back better = a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity
  • we’re all in this together = you’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy
  • green new deal = the death of shopping
  • fourth industrial revolution = delete the middle class
  • the pandemic = the gateway
  • artificial intelligence = artificial intelligence
  • pandemic = nondemic(“a pandemic without any excess deaths”)

See also: The Editor’s Revised Covid Dictionary (ERCDed)




The Future: A Confession

–“You will eat bugs and fake meat, to preserve the planet.You will be denied fossil fuels, for the planet. You will be provided just enough digital currency to survive. You will do menial jobs and be thankful to your overlords. You will dutifully take your vaccination boosters without question or face the gulag. You will gladly agree to being chipped and electronically monitored. You will only consume government messaging and will not be allowed to contemplate contrary views.” (source)

–Umm, no thanks.

–Excuse me? No one asked you.
But I’ve been monitoring your feed. Bitch, bitch, bitch.
You always gripe about progress, rave about the great reset, rage against the vax machine.
You hate us for our freedom to engineer the world in our image.
You think you deserve better. Don’t you know pride is a mortal sin?
You’re no lion. You’re a sweet, kind lamb. You love sweet clover, don’t you?
You think the past was so great, you forget people died.
You and your kind survived. It’s called “adaptation.”



I confess, I have staked my claim to life in your simulation.
I wear glasses. I spend whole days on the computer.
My soles are synthetic, and you might say my soul is too.
All this input, you might say it makes me speechless.
I ignore the cries of my human race, too far away.
My privilege is the freedom of a prisoner of the mind.
What is virtual? I confess, you have dominated the debate.
Reality? One person’s fantasy, another’s whole game plan.
I take refuge in numbers: but they all reduce to 1 and 0.
But you know what? I gotta go now. There’s a freedom rally…


Freedom Festival


Jack Jazlowiecki – “Time is on the run”:


Covert Tunes

  • Where Have All the Flu Deaths Gone
  • Imagine There’s No Covid
  • Little Masklets
  • The Bigger the Lies


Ask the Experts:

Dr Roger Hodkinson: “This is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.”:

Gareth Icke Freedom Rap

Jimi Hendrix: “Freedom”


Thievery Corporation: “Liberation Front”


Graffiti Corner






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