Freedom- Multi-Dimensional- Action Strategies.


With Harald Kautz & Lorenzo!



I am super happy to be able to share this interesting, and I would say helpful, presentation with Harald Kautz.

I’ve watched, with fascination, many of Harald’s fascinating presentations over the years. Please see his bio below for a list of the topics he has explored and offered up in consideration to those of us who decided, as I did a long time ago, that life is much more amazing outside of ‘the box’ than in it.

Honoured that he took the time for this talk to share with us what he has been up to lately, as  he’s been recovering from some personal physical challenges,

Harald’s studies and explorations, deep into mystery, with an eye on personal paths of potential and powerful healing, growth and above all, movements towards an energetically sovereign life, are both simple enough to put into personal action and new to those who have recently come to their own realizations, of the need for action on making and activating their own Freedom Action Strategies.

Please forgive the video quality, we did have some connection issues, they do get fixed along the way, and if anyone misses anything said, and has some questions, please leave them in the comments below or email us, and I’ll be happy to offer clarity as possible.

We both seem to have enjoyed this chat, and so, I will certainly consider more of them as our schedules allow.

And so, with no more delays, I present to you: Harald Kautz.

We both hope You find some Wisdom for Yourself in this Metaphysical Dive of Delight.

Cheers Lorenzo.



Harald Kautz is a private researcher based in Germany, that has been rewriting the narrative of quite a few topics of interest over the past years, like introducing vortex science to free energy, decent scientific terminology to Wilhelm Reichs cloud busting and some background knowledge about transhumanism and black magic into the fruitless discussion whether these are chemtrails or contrails. Over the last year he has more and more focussed on the healing of our spiritual body, with the goal to undo the 25.500 years of social engineering of mankind we suffered from since our expulsion from paradise, to enable us to return to the divine blueprint humanity carries it itself since its creation. He is into media science and creative writing, medicine, quantum and scalar physics, shamanisms and clinical psychology, being one of the few remaining polymath of modern times.








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