Freedom’s Calling You!

(Our New Video ‘Play and Work’ Series)


Presented by Cambell and Lorenzo





Living with a Productive Purpose. Making a Living Without Selling Your Soul. Reclaiming our Selves.

I know you’ve all made huge sacrifices to have the life you currently do inside the system.  The cost of success in the so called ‘real world’ is beyond measure. What one gets is a living, what one pays is one’s life.

Outside the system we have developed invaluable skills for seeing our way out of the servitude of the separate selfish self, and into a beautiful world where Life itself accompanies and guides us on our Journey of Return.

Our sacrifices were many, personal and shared, to become the beings we are, who choose to share their experiences so others through their own effort can live their lives free of fear, and hence are able to hear their higher selves as they continue on the path of regaining their totality.

A true family shares their gifts unconditionally. Nothing is too much for me to see how to help my wife to be happy, how to help my brother out of his pains. A paradox indeed, as I know we each have to help ourselves to our own changes, whatever they may be.

And yet, I have learned from, been encouraged by and supported by many. I am standing on the shoulders of countless others who have given their time, love, blood and shekels of the day, so I may shatter my shackles. Their sacrifices for me are priceless. As are the sacrifices Cambell and I are offering up to you, to see how we figured out our way to and towards our Freedoms.

No one can do the work for you but you, and that’s as it must be, for evolution to actually work, it must be earned, personally. No other way to do it, I should know as I’ve certainly spent enough time looking for an easier way, but that of course defeats the point, as the challenges of awareness remains before each and every one of us daring us to truly live, enticing us to perceive and claim the tools to use for our own deliverance and making Freedom our reality.

A fair exchange of energy is all any can honestly ask of another, in my opinion.

We intend to offer these videos at the lowest cost possible. Invaluable as they are, we are ready to put our best foot forward, our hearts on the table, our wisdom at your service so you can see your way out of whatever is causing you those pains you wish to heal.

If you have even a slight interest in learning more, in joining us for the 3-part series, of 3 videos each, 9 in total. All with potential ‘face to face’, ‘live/virtual’ time with Cambell and myself, and perhaps other ‘mysterious guests’. Feel fully free to contact us today to more details.

[email protected]  Please put ‘Freedom’s Calling!’ on the subject line with your name, phone if you wish, and time zone, so we may intelligently get back to you.

Cambell and I hope you enjoy this informational and introductory Video related to this upcoming Series.  Freedom’s Calling You!!!




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