Ebola Gate

First part – knowing some things
Second part – staying hydrated
Third part – viruses and poisons
Fourth part – gases


A pinch of knowing
One enema kit
A little nebulizer
Some sodium ascorbate – the gentler vitamin C
Now, Granny always thinks if you’re going to deal with crazy folk and bioweapons, it’s good to know what’s what and have a remedy ready.  You can rummage through your pantry and cabinets and pull out a few things that should do the trick.  If you’re missing something, go down to your local health food store or go on that computer thing and order it.

Do it soon.  These buzzards think they’ve mixed up some really nasty things and are all hot to try them out.  Get yourself ready to surprise them with good health.

The First Part of Granny’s home remedy –  what’s what or a pinch of knowledge

The blame government is playing games with viruses and things.  FEMA and DHS in the last couple of years have been down into all the subways doing who knows what all for terrorism drills.  Did they bring “drills” with them is the 64 dollar question because the government has sprayed people from the NYC subway, before, and other such nonsense.http://nypost.com/2010/03/14/did-the-cia-test-lsd-in-the-new-york-city-subway-system/


Then there was that swine flu pandemic hullabaloo about nothing.  It’s just shameful what they’ll do to sell their vaccines.  That ebola thing they blamed on fruit bats in Africa.  How’s that, again?  CDC has got the patent on it.  Do African fruit bats work in the labs in Atlanta, now?

And now Zika, Zika, Zika.  These people lie so much, they must confuse themselves.  They made those wicked GMOs and spray just tons of that horrible poison on it and hurt every living thing, including babies’ brains.  And now they want to say a virus did it  Yes, just like little Thomas said his friend Christopher was the one that took the cookies out of the jar – Thomas, what with the crumbs all over his chubby little face.

We have eyes the Lord gave us to see and that Zika thing, my word, that is a falsehood.  After it was Monsanto’s spray that made those babies so deformed, now they want to spray everyone to kill their own weird mosquitoes?  Who made that mosquito spray?  Let’s just guess.   And is Monsanto making the chemicals they are spraying on everyone from those airplanes, claiming it’s clouds?   Well if it is, those airplanes are shitting clouds.  Scuse my language, but really.  What else you going to call all that nasty poo coming out of the behinds of those planes?

Wasn’t it Monsanto that sprayed the Vietnamese and messed up their babies?

Oh, yes, let’s spray some more to save us from all that spraying before.  That makes about as much sense as giving someone who’s dying from aspirin overdose, aspirin to save them.

Zika is so they can spray the tarnation out of you.  And then they’ll turn around and say “Oh my, it ain’t enough, so we need to stick poisons directly into you with this here syringe.”  And here come the shots that you won’t know what’s in them but it don’t take a brain in your head to know it ain’t for your health because if they cared about that they wouldn’t be making those GMOs that give rats big ole tumors or be spraying you like a bug.

No, those shots are more of the same and then some, likely chips and I don’t mean potato ones, but the kind they can control after it’s in you and hurt you with it or put thoughts in your head or worse, if you know what I mean.

These are sick folks that have spent too much time down in some awfully dank basements coming up with stuff that would make  roaches faint.

I wouldn’t say they are just plain evil.  I would say they are multi-tasking evil.

They are certainly making nasty viruses and letting them loose on people.

Okay, now we’ve put in a pinch of knowledge for this remedy but we need one more piece before we can get this home remedy going so you’ll know hospitals which might be plumb out of the basics people need.

Where is it?  Oh, here it is.  Seems how the FDA has made a shortage of those medical bags you see in hospitals 

Lactated Ringer Bag

You know the kind they use for drips in your arm.

Now if you’re good at math because you haven’t had that common crap stuff Bill Gates is pushing on innocent kids, you should be able to put 2 and 2 together.  They are making viruses and if people get real sick, a lot will need fluids, and they been working to get rid of the fluid bags hospitals use.  You could say they’ve been doing preparedness backwards, un-doing preparedness.  They have been going the boy scouts one better – Be unprepared!  Well, that adds up to …. hell, you add it up.

Now, we  can get started.  They got bioweapons and they wanted to make sure we have squat.  Well, they can take their ole bioweapons and spray them on their own selves because we are going to mix up a batch of bio-remedy right here.

The Second Part of Granny’s home remedy – making sure everyone is always well-hydrated.  

After the knowledge comes the getting down to business.

The government has made sure hospitals are not going to be able to help you if you get terribly sick and dehydrated, from vomiting or fever or whatever, but the truth is you don’t want to go to a hospital anyway because it takes time to drive there and time sign in and wait and you’re heaving or passed out or who knows what all, and then even if they can find a bag of fluids in some back closet for you, those bags are slow.  So, it ain’t worth bothering with.

And besides what the government wants is all that chaos, everybody sick and crowding the hospitals and begging for help they ain’t got, and people dropping down everywhere.  Great for “news at 6” kind of thing  with big stories like “23 states reporting shortages of fluid bags and shutting their doors.” Great for scare-you-big-time.

Forget that.

Our little home remedy for dehydration is right here.  .  Emergency Re-Hydration Procedure via Enema

Enema/Douche Kit (Portable). For Travel and Home Use. 2 ltr.

Does anyone know what an enema kit is?  Or what you do with this tube and tip?  Well, you might be making a face about now because you do know the tip goes in your pretty little backside, and maybe you are thinking “Ewww” but God didn’t put your bottom hole there for no reason, children.  it’s there to save you from bioweapons.

You can get portable enema kits.  If you don’t have something and you need one quick, use what you got.  A plastic bottle with a jerry-rigged tube and something to insert that’s safe.


Anyway, you got your own enema bag or bottle and you just fill it up with water and a little bit of salt and sugar because you need those electric lights [some call them electrolytes] they give to the blood.  Plain water won’t do it.

Here’s what they say to put in for a 6 year old, so just do more for big person:

  • 0.75 liters of room temperature water
  • 5 tablespoons of real sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of real sea salt

Now, I have no idea how much a liter is but you can find that out on your own.  I am guessing real sugar means organic and real sea salt means none of that lousy table salt that Dr. Caldwell says is 1/3 salt, 1/3 sand and 1/3 glass.  Get sea salt.  Best to get these things in advance and have them on hand because if you’re puking or your family is hollering for help, it makes it easier if you’re part way ready to help.

Now, while some of you might be squeamish about using an enema, just remember it is much faster than a drip and nobody has to be on death’s door to get one, whereas a hospital emergency room ain’t going to give you a damn thing unless you are on death’s door and wiping your feet on the welcome mat.  But doing this at home means if anyone is feeling poorly, you don’t have to wait til it gets worse.

Now here’s what they say about giving it.

“Mix in enema kit until all is dissolved. Administer the enema. Have the patient hold the enema some 10 minutes. You can have the patient lie in different positions to let the enema go round and round the intestines. Distract the patient with television, movie, stories, games or anything so he can hold it. Then let him blow out in the toilet.”

The kids might even go along easier because they might like that last part and look forward to the big blow out.  In any case, you’ll know whoever gets the enema will be hydrated in just 10 minutes.  Because all along your mighty colon, the blood vessels are right there ready to pull in the water the body needs.  That’s why it’s good to all to know how the body works and that our bottom holes are a blessing.

Ten minutes, no car ride, no hospital, and you’ve made fools of the FDA.  That’s a treat.

The Third Part of Granny’s home remedy – making a monkey out of those nasty viruses and toxins

Bioweapons can be viruses or toxins.  So it makes sense to use something that kills the first and can take the sting out of the second.  And you probably got it at home already.  It’s plain old sodium ascorbate – buffered vitamin C in powdered form.

And guess what – you can put it in an enema and get it into your blood faster than the government can find another country to bomb.

The article tells you how to do it.  It’s simple as pie.  Can Vitamin C Cure Ebola?

Only this pie will kill ALL viruses and even take the kick out of ALL poisons.


How it Works

The mechanism of action of high dose vitamin C is known and understood. In normal healthy tissues it acts as an antioxidant. In other tissues, it generates hydrogen peroxide, the chemical that platinum blondes use to bleach their hair. This happens in sick and inflamed tissues, for example in a malignant tumour. The process is typically a form of Fenton reaction, generating free radicals. The oxidation and free radicals arising from the hydrogen peroxide kill bacteria and inactivate viruses. In other words, vitamin C acts as a targeted bleach and antiseptic.

Vitamin C is unique, because it has low toxicity and can be taken safely in massive amounts. Other antioxidants and supplements will not have a similar effect. Do not be confused and think that Echinacea, for example, will help. Yes, there may be supplements and herbs that provide a little immune system support, but this is Ebola we are talking about – get real!

Note, vitamin C is not some magical antitoxin ….Vitamin C nearly always acts by transferring electrons, as an oxidant or antioxidant.

People can understand that C can kill viruses but it’s harder to understand what it does to poisons or toxins.  Okay, say you drink a poison.  If you get enough C into the blood before the poison can get to the organs and destroy them, C will change the number of the poison’s electrons so by the time it gets to the organs, it’s not really a poison anymore.  It’s plumb flat.  No kick.  Just “stuff.”

Now, ebola didn’t turn out to be that deadly or spread that good (wonder if those at the CDC who made it got fired?) so they (the same cussed biotech Rockefeller fellers) went and added rabies to ebola …. after they had messed with rabies and made it worse and also airborne.

“There are other dangers inherent in genetically modified vaccines that make rabies baits pretty dangerous stuff. Splicing rabies onto other viruses can carry many risks that we are just recently becoming aware of. In Arizona and other parts of the US, rabies is starting to jump species. For the first time, we are seeing rabies jump from bats to foxes to skunks with no bite required. …. Maybe somebody should figure that out before they go splicing that virus together with other viruses, creating one angry mutant virus.

“Dr. Terje Traavik PhD (Centre of Biosafety), has written extensively about how genetically engineered viruses are creating new hybrid viruses through recombination. He cautions that the characteristics of some of these new hybrid viruses are similar to both of the parent viruses but also include traits from neither. Dr. Traavik specifically expresses concern about the stability of genetically engineered viruses. He notes that cases of rabies infected humans could be due to a return to virulence of the genetically engineered rabies virus with the pox viruses.  [Emphasis added.]

“In addition to the danger of jumping species and return to virulence, there is another frightening way for these new viruses to spread: aerosolization. It used to be that we could feel pretty safe about rabies because the chances that our dogs would trade saliva with another animal were pretty slim. Nowadays, thanks to recombinant vaccines, there is no bite required. The Center for Disease Control acknowledges that rabies can be spread via aerosolization so you or your dog need only be in close proximity to a rabies infected animal to be in danger.

“Despite these gaps of knowledge and frightening possibilities, the US alone continues to drop tens of millions of genetically modified, rabies/pox spliced vaccines into your backyard. What does this mean for you and your dog? It means the days of rabies being a simple but deadly virus with a simple mode of transmission are long gone. In their wake are questions of just easily how can these new mutant rabies strains be spread, can they just jump from one species to another and potentially jump to humans like West Nile Disease, and can the animals eating those baits actually get rabies? As we ponder these questions, the baits continue to drop by the thousands and new genetically modified vaccines are being developed at a maddening rate.”


A lot of vitamin C will protect you from their nasty VACCINES, too.  (No idea if it will affect any microchips in the vaccines.)
The Fourth Part of Granny’s home remedy – for fast acting poison gases.

Now, the only thing left to deal with is those gases that could kill someone fast (like sarin) when they are got out and go into closed in places like subways.  And there wouldn’t likely be time to take off your pants for an enema, and that might scare the ticket agents anyway.

So, what can you do?

Why, just get the vitamin C into the lungs where the poison is going, so it can grab that poison by its throat, mess with its electrons, and neutralize the sucker.

How do you get it into the lungs? you might be asking.  Think, children.  Don’t let your college education mess with your imagination cuz this is an easy one.  Spray the C in, too.

Carry a little ole battery-powered nebulizer with water and sodium ascorbate mixed together in it, and take some puffs if you feel bad.  The lungs, just like the colon, got all those capillaries right there – so whatever goes in there is a direct shoot into the blood It’s why the gases work so fast.  So, get the C in to gas the gas).   Is it a good way to get C into the blood safely?  Makes sense, says a vitamin C researcher.

And, of course  if people are falling down around you, give them puffs, too.  (If you can’t get a battery powered nebulizer, bring a small plug-in one and look for a socket.   Are there other ways to breathe in C?  Maybe.  Just be sure you use the soft kind – the sodium ascorbate.

This method is a great boon for getting C into babies and little kids fast, and for anyone who is passed out.

Here’s an example of a portable nebulizer but there’s others.  Worse comes to worse, use a small spray bottle or a cleaned out perfume atomizer filled with water and C.  What matters is to get the C fast to where the gas is.

  • Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer Handheld Respirator Humidifier Battery Operated

That’s the remedy.

Take a deep breath.  You go get a few things and you’re ready. 

Don’t let these cusses scare you. 

Zika?  Bosh.  High dose C through a pregnancy means healthy babies/

Given supplemental ascorbate, not merely from birth but also all throughout gestation, Klenner’s uniformly healthy, trouble-free infants were known by the staff as the “Vitamin C Babies.” (12)


It was a regular ole southern GP who found out what C could do.  You want to know how it works?  Might make you mighty happy knowing.  http://www.seanet.com/~alexs/ascorbate/198x/smith-lh-clinical_guide_1988.htm

Want to see an example of the kind of help it can give?  http://www.doctoryourself.com/vitaminc2.html
The Rockefeller cusses are who’ve kept you and the world from knowing.  Same ones running the World UN-Healthy Organization and saying all that guff about Zika.  Back in the early 50s, they stopped Klenner from letting the world know vitamin C kills viruses.  Instead, they went into making disease scares and vaccines big time and became theTrue Angel of Death.


Get your sodium ascorbate, share with your family and friends.  For on-going high doses of C by mouth, get you some liposomal C.
Look after each other.  Nurse each other.  Love each other.  
That’s the remedy for everything.
[Hat tip: Anne, thanks!]
By Elle