`Grounding`, Reconnecting With Mother Earth


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Ground Experiments

There are plenty of studies showing that grounding oneself has health benefits. Standing bare foot on the grass / dirt / beach is easy, and if you learn to sense the difference you will easily find that you feel more relaxed, healthy, energized, clear while grounded in this way.

Measuring electrical fluctuations that are induced in our poor bodies by virtue of being bathed 24/7 in the mains power grid and RF


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1) Plugging my grounding mat into the house ground plug gave a much quieter signal from my body than running a coax cable out my window to the dirt.

2) When I lie on the grounding pad the electrical oscillations of my body are much smaller. 

While inside, the only methods easily available are the grounding pads & sheets available from people like https://www.earthing.com/

But I have to admit, I have always wondered if it really is a good idea to be connecting yourself to the house electrical system. Admittedly, we are connecting to the ground wire. But how good is my house’s ground plug, and how much other noise is on that ground wire? It sounds better to run a wire out the window and attach that to a grounding spike. But, of course, better to make actual measurements to see which is quieter. I will be sleeping on this thing, so I do not want a bunch of EMF noise racking my body while I sleep.

Using a 50 ft coax. I drove a steel spike about 20 inches into the dirt. I left the extra length coiled up inside the bedroom.


Photo 1, running a shielded coaxial cable from the bedroom down to the ground.


Using the Tektronix oscilloscope, make some measurements to compare the electrical signals on the wire leading out to the dirt versus using the house ground plug in the wall socket.

It was clear that the coax cable is much worse. It is acting like a large antenna, even while connected to the dirt. The amplitude of signal was about 1500 mV. Compared to the house ground, which was about 50 mV. Too bad, it was a romantic idea to have a simple wire going out my window to the dirt. Better to use the house grounding plug than a cable out the window. 

Using the house ground from the wall socket, gather data comparing signals in my body in various conditions, like on the grounding pad versus off the pad.

First gather background signal.

Figure 1, the background frequencies, probe just sitting on the table. Horizontal scale is 50 Hz per division. You can see the 60 Hz mains peak clearly.

Then hold on to the probe to my skin, to measure the human body resonances with all the background stuff. Frightening how much our bodies pulse.

Figure 2, the frequencies measured from my skin, while just sitting on the bed. Horizontal scale is 50 Hz per division.


Now lie down onto the pad, still holding the probe in my fingers. Much quieter. Not sure why there is a 60 Hz peak and a 180 Hz peak, but no 120 Hz peak.

Figure 3, frequencies from my skin while I am lying down on the grounded pad. Horizontal scale is 50 Hz per division.

Raw signal holding the probe, no grounding. It always disturbs me to think that our poor bodies are subjected to this 24 hours a day. That is a delta of 1.2 volts. I wonder what things are like inside the body. And what are those sharp spikes? Those must hurt some process in our bodies.

Figure 4, Raw signal on my skin, not on grounding pad. Vertical scale is 200 mV per division. 

Below is the raw signal holding the probe, with my body grounded. Clearly the amplitude is reduced. The high frequency pulses remain clear.

Figure 4

I looked briefly at higher frequencies. There is a strong 1.2 MHz signal in my area. I did not see any obvious change in my skin oscillations between grounded and not-grounded. Will have to come back to the higher frequencies, especially since one of the main reasons to do all this is to reduce the cell phone / WiFi noise. For now it is clear that the lower frequencies are reduced.

Studies with EEG and ECG
Hook up my Backyard Brains voltage system to myself and compare on vs off the pad

… working on this …

Heart beat pattern – see no obvious difference. Top is ungrounded, bottom is sitting on the grounding pad.