Hardships to Happiness with Barnabas Nagy& Lorenzo


Today I chatted with Barnabas Nagy on his Path to a Better Life.

We’ve all ‘boarded’ those ships, those hard-ships. Experiences built on pain, failure, uncertainty and the like. Perhaps even sneaking on board, at times, without even the ‘currency of the day’ to pay the asked for fare. Hiding, laying low, pretending to be someone we are not. Aiming towards a new way, a new life, knowing only it’s time for a change, but uncertain of where that will take you.


All of us are different, and yet, these types of journeys most are eager for can all be looked at in one way. I would say they are all challenges that, if faced in an intelligent manor, will allow any who choose to participate in them, to grow and develop a higher level of conscious awareness about themselves. Gathering potential, yet unclaimed personal abilities and attributes along the way, that will serve and benefit them, forever more.


Today I had the great pleasure of getting to know Barnabas Nagy a little better. It feels to me like, although we come from vastly different backgrounds and parts of this world, we have much in common. What is that you ask? Well, perhaps we share an intent to see our deepest dreams and desires becoming living realities, no matter the cost. He noticed ‘this was not his world’, and then, decided to do something creative about it.


Assuring his Happy Density is Unavoidable.


Cheers Lorenzo



Thanks for Joining us here today…
Cheers Lorenzo
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