Haunted by Madness –


Phantom Work – Episode Two


by Lorenzo



The taste of missed opportunities, lost chances, habits, old worn out promises, and the most bitter of all, regrets for actions taken, or worse yet allowed to slip away instead of ‘seizing the day’.


All of the above can feel like chains hanging onto our lives, our hearts; rattling behind, driving us crazier and lazier, more tired, apathetic, heavy and haunted, harder and harder to get somewhere ‘new’.


All experiences, consciously aware of them or not effect all of our choices.


Insanity(Madness): ‘making the same choices over and over while expecting a different outcome’


I’ve been in the pits of my ‘shits’ from poor choices more times than I can comfortably count.


But, as with fertilizer, I can use those ‘shits’ once claimed and examined to grow wonderful flowers.


Come along then, if you dare, and see what madness still haunts your days (daze).


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Main Images  by Patrick Ennis





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