Health Canada is Corrupt to the Core

Causes Endless Illnesses, Diseases and Premature Deaths

by J.G. Flynn, Captain

(Retired Canadian Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence Specialist)

Had mainstream media not agreed to David Rockefeller’s wish for them to remain silent on this issue – some 60 years ago – today’s ‘greatest-crime-ever’ could not be happening! [1] Health Canada’s (HC) stated mandate is: “to help Canadians maintain and improve their health.” Yet it puts the onus on the technologically uneducated public to prove that esoteric Industry technologies are NOT safe! [2] Adults in Canada will recall how well this same HC protected them and their loved ones from tobacco, asbestos, Thalidomide, leaded gasoline, etc.! For the past 50 years or so, HC’s Radiation Protection Bureau – whose job it is to protect the public from non-ionizing, electro-magnetic field “EMF” radiation, etc. – has allowed itself to become an integral member of what is now a corrupt U.S. Military-Industrial-Complex “M-I-C” (See below) [3] The danger posed by today’s ever-increasing non-thermal EMF radiation is impossible for most people to believe because they cannot see, hear, smell or taste the radiation – yet it blankets literally every community on earth! Incomprehensibly, in March of 2018, the U.S. government approved SpaceX’s plan to launch 4,425 broadband satellites into low-Earth orbit (to beam Wi-Fi to all regions of the planet)! This means that no living person – or thing – on earth can escape being irradiated 24/7/365 by hazardous pulsed, non-thermal EMF radiation! Other companies, such as Boeing and OneWeb, are lined up to do the same! [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

U.S. Military-Industrial-Complex
In 1961, then U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the American people: “to be on guard against the emergence of a corrupt U.S. Military-Industrial-Complex”. Tragically, too few people heeded him. Seven years later, in 1968, former U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson provided evidence that the M-I-C had become a reality. In his State of the Union Address, he pledged to “keep Americans safe in their homes … to protect them against hazardous radiation from TV sets and other electronic equipment.” [9] Three years later, in 1971, U.S. President Nixon’s own EMF radiation Management Advisory Council warned that the levels of EMF (non-thermal EMF radiation) in and around homes may already be biologically significant and that the entire population may be at risk”! [10] While history shows that President Eisenhower was prescient, the M-I-C he feared has morphed into a far more powerful, arrogant and sinister cabal of misguided officials than even he could ever have imagined! Today’s
M-I-C literally threatens all life on earth – and even planet Earth’s environment! [11] [12] [13] [14] [15]

World War II produced microwave technology, which helped the Allies win the war. But it also opened up a whole new vista of opportunities for high-tech industries to exploit this new technology! No wonder today we see a seemingly endless array of what are extremely profitable wireless radio products – not one of which has been properly and independently tested, to ensure that it is safe to humans! Each and every wireless product emits pulsed, non-thermal EMF radiation, which simply adds to the densification of what scientists say is an invisible blanket of ‘electro-smog’ now encircling – and threatening – planet Earth! Being the world’s dominant and only super power – and self-appointed global policeman – the U.S. Military depends heavily on the electronics ‘Industry’ to ensure that it always has ‘state-of-the-art’ technologies in its vast worldwide command and control system, its terrestrial and space-based reconnaissance and weapons systems (including some inestimable number and array of guided missiles), and in its huge panoply of strategic and tactical radars. Self-regulated, profit-driven and monopolistic electric power utilities benefit financially because they are always challenged to provide electrical power for the U.S. Military’s ongoing needs. Likewise, highly competitive, profit-driven, high-tech industries enjoy historic growth and profits by being members of the M-I-C. Companies are constantly employed doing the research and development, manufacturing and/or production needed to ensure that the U.S. Military always has ‘state-of-the-art’ technology. Tragically for mankind, neither the U.S. Military nor any of these profit-driven industries will admit – or even seem to care – that their technologies/products harm people and all living things! It is known that anything in which electricity is flowing and all wireless radio products / devices (see samples under Safety Code 6, below) produce / emit electric and magnetic fields which are known to be at least linked to, if not promote, or cause cancers and other humans disease epidemics (see below) – many of which lead to cruel, premature deaths!  

The M-I-C’s primary concern is to ensure that the U.S. Military always enjoys technological world supremacy. Secondly, it is to facilitate the growth and profitability of Western high-tech industries. Needless-to-say, all allied militaries must – if they want to work and be electronically interoperable with the U.S. Military – must adopt, defend and promote the latter’s egregiously high RF ‘safety’ Exposure Limit guidelines – which recognize ONLY the thermal effects of microwave radiation! By protecting this cruel lie, all members of the M-I-C are knowingly and consciously deceiving their own people! Adhering to this lie, makes it possible for the U.S. Military to undertake gargantuan projects, such as Project Sanguine, Project Seafarer, Project ELF, etc. and to build gigantic radar installations such as ‘PAVE PAWS’ – all of which require huge amounts of A/C electric power … and generate enormous amounts of dangerous non-thermal EMF radiation! And, as happened in the case of tobacco, by the M-I-C members perpetuating the lie, it staves off a while longer the inevitable tsunami of class-action lawsuits that loom ever-larger! In the meantime, though, this lie gives electric power utilities the ‘green light’ to erect overhead power transmission and distribution lines, electrical substations and power transformers dangerously close to homes, residential areas, schools, hospitals etc., which puts the health and safety of the entire unsuspecting and helpless nearby population at risk! Similarly, the ‘green light’ is there for telecom companies to erect cell phone towers in communities, on school grounds, near hospitals, etc. and to install Wi-Fi routers and myriad other wireless devices in – of all places – cancer clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, residential areas, etc.! This indefensible, inconceivably cruel lie saves the U.S. Military, electric power utilities and telecom companies literally billions of dollars in real estate costs they otherwise would have to spend in order for them to buy the additional ‘right-of-way’ land needed for them to provide the public with greater (safer) distances separating EMF infrastructure from the public. [16] [17]

Safety Code 6
Safety Code 6 is excoriated by EMF scientists and health care experts around the world. Instead of protecting people, it is responsible for many, if not most, of today’s disease epidemics: e.g., brain tumors, leukemia and most other cancers, autism, ADHD, Parkinson’s, Down’s Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, ALS, suicides, depression, miscarriages, heart problems, Sudden-Infant-Death Syndrome (SIDS), memory problems, etc. and has caused countless premature deaths.

Consistent with the M-I-C’s inhumane doctrine, HC’s SC-6:

  • Does not admit that there can be harmful non-thermal effects to RF (which includes microwave frequencies) EMF radiation! (This leaves Canada’s entire population unprotected against telecoms and other industries – who are permitted by HC – to produce and sell what has become an ever-increasing ocean of extremely profitable wireless radio products, all of which emit hazardous pulsed non-thermal RF EMF radiation: e.g., ‘smart’ meters, ‘smart’ appliances, baby monitors, cell phones, cordless phones, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi and WiMAX zones, Bluetooth, tablet and laptop computers, GPS and other satellites (military, scientific and commercial), radars, RFIDs, collision-avoidance systems in vehicles, self-driving automobiles, etc.
  • Does not even mention that ‘pulsed’ modulation is more harmful to humans and other living things than is continuous wave (CW) radiation, such as that which is emitted by microwave ovens. (All consumer wireless radio products emit pulsed non-thermal RF EMF radiation.)
  • Does not admit that Powerline or 60 Hz (also called Extremely Low Frequency or ELF alternating current (A/C) electricity non-thermal EMF radiation can be harmful to people and other living things! (This too leaves Canada’s entire population unprotected against electric power utilities – who are permitted by HC – to build their infrastructure dangerously close to schools, playgrounds, residential communities, hospitals, public spaces, etc.).
  • Does not admit that there is a legitimate ‘condition’ or illness, caused by EMFs, known as ‘electro-hypersensitivity’ or EHS (which can render some people completely incapable of functioning in the presence of EMFs! More than 10 years ago, conservative estimates said then that more than 3% of the world’s entire population suffer from EHS! The first ‘celebrity’ to admit she suffers from EHS is Gro Harlem Brundtland, MD, former Director General of the WHO and three-time Prime Minister of Norway)! [18] (HC thus leaves those suffering from EHS to fend for themselves, to cope as best they can. In countries around the world, those suffering the most from EHS end up being unable to hold onto their jobs – and even have to move out of their homes, because they can’t tolerate any EMF radiation!)

HC’s Corrupt Radiation Protection Bureau
Notwithstanding the shortcomings of SC-6, HC’s Radiation Protection Bureau itself:

  • It ignores the literally thousands of peer-reviewed studies done by eminent EMF scientists from around the world that consistently found that the non-thermal effects of RF EMR radiation do harm people, and therefore ‘safe’ biologically-based Exposure Limits need to be established! [19] [20]
  • Not once has it invoked the Precautionary Principle in order to protect the public from EMFs! [21] Not even when, on May 31, 2011, the WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified RF EMFs as “possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on an increased risk of glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer, associated with wireless phone use.’! [22] HC allowed Electric utilities across Canada to simply continue installing ‘Smart’ meters on every home in the country – whether occupants wanted one or not! Whether occupants were already suffering from some life-threatening illness or not! Those who attempt to refuse accepting a ‘smart’ meter simply have their power shut off!
  • Disgracefully, if not downright criminally, not one of today’s wireless products / devices – especially ‘smart’ meters – has had to undergo pre-market testing by competent, independent, EMF professionals to ensure that they are safe to be used by, on and/or around people of all sizes, of all ages, of all levels of wellness on an ongoing 24-hours-a-day basis!
  • Current and previous Heads of what is today called the ‘Radiation Protection Bureau’ are all known to have, or have had, close ties with industry, e.g., Drs. Maria Stuchly, Michael Repacholi and Daniel Krewski. And HC’s current lead author of SC-6, Dr. James McNamee, is also known to be ‘industry-friendly.’ Previously, HC and what was then Industry Canada (IC) each saw fit to select the same BC Cancer Agency’s ‘Distinguished Scientist,’ Mary McBride, to be their EMF ‘Expert’ – instead of selecting a genuine independent EMF scientist of stature. HC selected McBride to be its ‘Expert’ for a cell phone radiation study team. IC selected McBride to be its ‘Expert’ on the team it assembled to establish Canada’s cell tower siting policy. (It was CTV who uncovered that McBride was MSc-trained – NOT a ‘Dr.’ or PhD. as she had allowed others to call her and refer to her for so many years!) [23]
  • Unbelievably and indefensibly, IC allows today’s wireless radio products – including baby monitors and ‘smart’ meters – to emit their hazardous pulsed EMF radiation on what the U.S. Military stated are the most harmful frequencies known to man: 1-5 GHz, as they “penetrate all organ systems of the body and thus put all organ systems at risk … especially important is the central nervous system.” (My email to the federal minister responsible has never been answered – not even acknowledged!) [24] [25]

Not well known is that U.S.A.’s ‘safe’ radiation standards, for both ELF and RF EMFs, are set by a private sector organization, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), whose membership comprises primarily engineers – not biologists and/or medical doctors! Within IEEE is a committee called the International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety or ICES, which is an organization that is heavily influenced by former Motorola executives, who, in turn, are very influenced by the U.S. Military. [26] [27] Motorola sold its mobile phone division in 2009, and its former Chief EME Scientist, Dr. CK Chou, became – and still is – Chairman of ICES. Other former Motorola scientists who held or still hold senior positions in ICES include: Joe Elder, Joe Morrissey, Ken Joyner, Mark Douglas and Mays Swicord. HC’s former long-time EMF scientist, Dr. Art Thansandote, PhD., although he retired recently from HC, is still Co-Chairman of ICES subcommittee 4 (a position he has held now for at least 10 years!). This is THE subcommittee that determines for the USA – and its military – ‘safe’ Exposure Limits for RF radiation for frequencies ranging from 3 kHz to 300 GHz! James McNamee, PhD., another long-time key Health Canada EMF scientist is also an active member. So too was the notorious Dr. Michael Repacholi (see below).

U.S. Federal Communications Commission – FCC
The FCC is directed by a Chairman and four Commissioners, all being appointed by the incumbent POTUS. The FCC’s mandate is to regulate interstate communications by radio, TV, wire, satellite, and cable. Prior to Donald Trump’s presidency, Tom Wheeler was President Obama’s appointed Chairman. Previously, he had been Pres/CEO of the US Cable and TV industry, before becoming Pres/CEO of the powerful Cellular Telecom Industry Association. He is only person ever inducted into the Hall of Fame of both industry associations! A career-lobbyist, he is said to have raised more than $700,000 for President Obama’s two election bids. Informed people say that the FCC has been ‘captured’ by the very industries it is supposed to regulate! [28] A must see is Tom Wheeler zealously promoting – almost threateningly – “5G” (Fifth generation) technology at the National Press Club in Washington on June 25, 2016! [29]

The Infamous Dr. Michael Repacholi.
His BIO reads, in part: Head of then Health & Welfare Canada’s Non-Ionizing Radiation Program (’75-’82); Coordinator (or Head) of WHO’s 10-year, $250-million study on the effects of EMF on humans (’83-2006). While at the WHO, he helped form and became the inaugural Chairman of ICNIRP (’92-2006). It was he who established Canada’s first Safety Code 6, which proved to be very similar to those of the U.S. Military (1st adopted by the U.S. Navy in 1953, and by the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Industry and America’s allies in the mid-1960s). Incredibly, Dr. Repacholi played a lead role in having the U.S. Military ‘standards’ adopted first, by Health Canada, next, by ICNIRP, and finally, by the WHO! He has since admitted that during his time at the WHO he regularly received money from industry and that Industry funded a large part of WHO’s 10-year study! It was also he who said that: “The Precautionary Principle should not apply to EMFs! [30]    

One glaring example of today’s corruption can be seen by comparing what non-industry EMF scientists around the world say constitutes ‘safe’ ambient levels of magnetic field in homes and schools and for the general public, with what Health Canada, the WHO, ICNIRP and America’s so-called regulators (IEEE/ICES and FCC) say are ‘safe’:

Non-Industry Scientists say the following are ‘safe’ ambient levels of magnetic fields:
(units are in mG or milligauss or thousandths of one Gauss) [31]

0.1 mG – homes, schools and work          
1.0 mG – maximum for homes
<0.2 mG – maximum for schools
<1.0 mG – max for general public
>3 mG – causes leukemia in children
3 mG – current standard for U.S. Industry

Governments and Industry says these levels are ‘safe’:
2,000 mG – for the Public; 10,000 mG – for Workers (ICNIRP)
2,000 mG – for the Public; 10,000 mG – for Workers (WHO);
2,000 mG – for the Public; 10,000 mG – for Workers (U.K.)
9,040 mG – for the USA (both Public and Workers?) (IEEE/ICES)
No upper limited necessary – so says the U.S. Federal Government
No upper limited necessary – so says Health Canada, who endorse ICNIRP standards, which they also recommend to other countries! [32] [33] [34]

In conclusion, had Canada a bona-fide, independent Free Press, today’s ongoing surreal ‘crime-of-the-century’ would be impossible! A Free Press would have alerted the public to the first sign that an M-I-C had emerged! And an informed Canadian public would not tolerate HC’s current relationship (referring to the EMF community) with the U.S.A. and other corrupt Western EMF radiation regulatory agencies, such as the WHO, ICNIRP and ICES. Nor would they tolerate knowing that electric power and high-tech industries had ‘captured’ their governments – all governments – especially Canada’s Federal Government! A Free Press early-on might have noted and alerted the public to industry-leaning scientists, such as Drs. Stuchly, Repacholi, Krewski, Thansandote and McNamee thereby rendering them of little use to industry. An informed public would also know about the FCC and its relationship to ICES, how corrupt the FCC has become, and especially about its former chairman, the frighteningly corrupt Tom Wheeler. A Free Press would have ensured that the public better understood the significance of the WHO/IARC’s classification, in 2011, of RF EMFs as a ‘Possible Class 2B Carcinogen.’ This re-classification, in and of itself, should have immediately prompted HC to direct all jurisdictions in Canada to terminate and rescind their highly unpopular, government-mandated ‘smart’ meter programs then underway. (As an absolute minimum, a democratic, caring HC would immediately have imposed the ‘Precautionary Principle’ i.e., put the onus on Industry to prove that ‘smart’ meters are harmless to humans.) A Free Press would also have enabled an informed public to prevent telecom companies from installing ‘Possible, Class 2B carcinogens,’ such as Wi-Fi routers, in schools, cancer clinics, hospitals, etc., and erecting cell phone towers on or near school property, in or near residential areas, hospitals, etc.! An informed public would also have prevented electric power utilities from erecting / installing their overhead power lines, substations and other infrastructure dangerously close to schools, hospitals, residential areas, etc.! Finally, today, a bona-fide Free Press would facilitate the return to every home – however modest or grand – the sanctity, privacy and intimacy to which every occupant is entitled. ‘Smart’ meters, when activated, surreptitiously invade every dwelling to which they are attached – in effect, they are the quintessential Trojan Horse – stealing an occupant’s normal secrets while constantly irradiating them with invisible, silent, odorless and tasteless pulsed non-thermal EMF radiation 24/7/365 in perpetuity!  

In light of the U.S. Government’s (i.e., the FCC’s) recent Incomprehensible, indefensible decision to authorize SpaceX to ‘go-ahead’ with the launch of its 4,425 satellites – which will blanket every inch on earth with Wi-Fi (i.e., hazardous pulsed non-thermal RF EMF radiation) from space, informed people can conclude only that man has gone stark raving mad! Either that or it gives credence to those who fervently believe that this is all part of some grand, Orwellian plan to de-populate planet Earth!

If this letter does not prompt a thorough national criminal investigation by the RCMP into HC and its EMF colleagues across Canada and abroad, then, in my view, Canada can no longer call itself a democracy!

J.G. Flynn, Captain (Retired)
Bowser, B.C.

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